This is crazy!!

This is crazy!!

My focus lately has been on the Murph challenge coming up the end of May and a Super Spartan race the end of July. Myself and about 10-15 other guys have embarked on a very tiresome pull-up challenge that Zinfandel managed to talk us into with his salesmen wit.

My thought is that a lot of Pax will attempt the Murph even though they have not committed to the pull-up challenge. So, since I am a caring guy and want all my brothers to be their best, I have decided to make every Q as hard as possible and focus solely on areas that I know will prep them for success on May 27th!

The 1st F isn’t meant to be fun or enjoyable! I don’t get up at 4:30 (if I prerun) to hang out with dudes and miss my sleep. I get up and do what I do to progress physically and mentally while pushing others in the same direction. Some of you like a push, others of you like to talk and give it 75% and that’s fine, I’m merely telling you how it is for me. There is a time to joke around, before 5:30 and COT and there is a time to bust your a$&, 5:30-6:14.59. If you are talking and doing a 2-mile burpee run then you are giving it about 50% and cheating yourself and the person that has to listen to the mumble chatter. Or you’re in Hollywood/Wolverine shape and can do it, which none of us are.

I challenge all of you to pick someone in your range of physical ability that is just a little or a lot faster than you and bust your tail to catch them each time you post! For me, I chase Dasher, Bottle Cap, Gerber and the other Gazelles you all know. Sometimes I beat them, most of the time I don’t but I always try to. I challenge you to push other pax that you know to have more and can dig deeper. I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and become faster and stronger. If you are happy where you are, great, I’m glad you made it. But like Will Ferell said in Talladega Nights, “If you’re not first, you’re last”. If you’re not first you still have room for improvement. I know I do!

DiCCS given

Warm up

Run around Pet Smart to target – Circle up

The opening mosey I kept super slow so I would not lose anyone. I don’t have names and only saw bodies but half the group stopped about 20 yards from the circle and walked up. Guys we ran .25 miles SLOW and I lost you. Hence the reason I started before the circle was formed. Let’s get the energy up!! We are men of F3, we are supposed to be in top physical shape or at least push ourselves to get there!

10 SSH

10 IW

10 Merkins

Calf Stretch

The Thang:

  • Captain Therkin – Web
    • 1 – WW2/ 4 – Back Scratchers/4Merkins
    • 2 – 4 – 2
    • 3 – 8 – 2
  • Triple nickel – Pax saw ridge – Burpees
    • 1 T, 2 B
    • 3 T, 4 B
    • 5 T, 6 B
    • 7 T, 8 B
    • 9 T, 10 B – AUDIBLE let’s stop at 9. Killer job Easy Button on completing them all. You came to work today!!
  • 4 corners x 4 – 5’s – AUDIBLE – I think we recovered on the start of the 4th round. I wanted everyone to experience the Compass that Zin introduced a few weeks back, its a killer.
    • Plank hip slap
    • Merkin
    • WWII
    • Dry Docks
  • Compass W/ 2 merkins – about 6 sets with a couple sets IC

Back to COT – Done!

Well done guys! I don’t normally say my workouts are hard or talk about them to the group but today was hard and yesterday was just as bad or worse. It killed me and all of you. Keep pushing! When you want to quit go a little more and when you get there go just a little more. My abs were on fire during CT but I powered through! Mentally I knew I could and I will have Dana abs one day because of it.

Everything I said above is not to be a DiCC. I just know all you men have more to give. A lot of you have huge hearts and will do anything for anyone, are strong in your faith, are good fathers and give good advice, so I know if you want to you can push your self to another level. I enjoy being a part of this group and building relationships with all of you. Thank you for following my lead today.

Even though I don’t see (see what I did there) your struggles and know what you’re going through I see you show up so I know you must want to improve. Let’s improve together!! #TheSwarm

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