Hard to Handle

Hard to Handle

8 men joined QIC for a 60-minute Rock Zero heavy workout. Gummy and Alf HC’d last night and site-Q Hoover as well. Glad to see the rest of the crew ready to put in some work. Disclaimer given and off we went.


Mosey out of the launch lot to the several adjacent lots of the vast Calvary AO. Circle up three or four lots down.


Merkin x 15 IC

MC x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Mosey across campus to the Rock Pile. Grab a solid lifting rock. Mosey to lot 1 closest to 51. Line up.


10 Curl/10 Press/10 Tri Extension. Run 3/4 length of lot to last overhead light. Turn around and run back. 9 Curl/10 Press/10 Tri Extension. Run. 8, 7, 6…1.

Mary. Flutter x 50 IC. Dolly x 30 IC

Pick up your rock.

Rapid Fire Rock Set

All exercises to 10. Civilian cadence. Curl/Squat/Press/Curl/Squat/Press/Press/Squat/Curl/Curl/Press/Squat/Curl/Squat/Press/Hold over head/10 counts

Bring rocks back to pile. Mosey to Hot Box.

Bench Set: 10 Jump Up/15 Dip/15 Derkin.

Run to light post in parking lot. 5 H-R Burpees. Run Back. Repeato until Q calls it. 4-5 reps.


Burp N Merk

Burpee with 1 merkin. Burpee with 2 merkin. Up to 10 merkin.

People’s Chair. Knee taps x 33 IC. Air press x 55 IC

Mosey across cmapus to top of Entrance 4 lot.


AYG to launch



Posted Centurion yesterday exactly 2 weeks since last post. That one hurt. So did this one. Nice to have time off but tough getting back after it.

Alf was absolutely crushing it this morning. He gave a few shameless plugs for WAMRAP. 45 minutes of redline. Can’t wait to try it.

This crew put in a solid 60 minutes of work. Thankful for the fellowship this morning. Great way to start a weekend.

Almost forgot, Runstopper had tights on. and a long sleeve shirt with a t-shirt over that, with a hoodie over that. Attire elicited commentary.

Title comes from text correspondence with Purell. He told me he would see me Saturday a few days ago, then said he was going to smartsack last night. Needed some rest. No doubt about that. I think he Q’s about every other time he posts. Anyway, cracked me up when he texted the following: “Can’t handle your kind of beatdown that’s for sure.” I don’t often laugh out loud, but I did when I read that.


Beer Mile-ask Gummy

F3 Beer Release. Wednesday at Stumptown in Matthews

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GeraldoPosted on2:20 pm - Apr 27, 2019

Solid Q Mermaid, thanks for the beatdown. We definitely got our monies worth.

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