Banjox? Fusjo?

Banjox? Fusjo?

Many of the horrendous nut job hollywood actors celebrity couples get crappy couples nick names. Brangelina. Beniffer. Ect. What will the pax call Banjo and I after our dual beat down Q at Chiseled. Banjox? Fusjo? Or perhaps just ass clown SOB’s great american patriots.

6 men decided they were too cheap to take their family to the beach for spring break and decided they might as well show up for a workout. Here is how it went.

Banjo led us off. I told him take as much time as he wanted and I would fill in the rest. Full disclaimer – I forgot most of what Banjo actually did so below is what I remember. Just know what ever I write doesn’t do it justice and it was a lot of lifting that sucked.


Short mosey around the islands stopping in the middle parking lot. No bible study so lots of open room. Some Plyometrics to get warmed up. Butt Kickers. Toy Soldiers, Slow Mosey, little bit faster mosey, and a faster mosey. I asked Banjo if we then had to do a faster faster mosey, but apparently not.


Mosey to Cinderblocks. 20 Curls, 20 Presses. Burpee Indian Run to Mt. Chiseled. Bread Bowl pushed hard during the Indian Runs.

20 Curls with weighted Bar. 20 Tricept press. I think we did this twice. Burpee Indian Run back to cinder blocks.

20 Thrusters. 20 Goblet Squats (maybe?). Burpee Indian Run back to Mt. Chiseled Bars for the worst thing ever. Jack Webbs with Burpees as the single count and a weighted press. If you think 40 air presses sucks…do it with a 20 lb bar. Luckily Banjo had mercy on us and he alternated the weighted bar exercise to throw in curls and triceps presses to give our shoulders some relief.

At about this time where my heart rate was peaking at 175 and I felt like my lunges were ready to collapse, Banjo informs me its my turn. Great. Quick Mosey around Mount Chisled so I can figure out what the hell I’m going to do, so I can catch my breath, I have no idea why we ran around Mt. Chiseled, just to piss Bread Bowl off.

Groups of 3 for Galley’s with my own personal touch to it. Tip of the hat to Bonhoeffer who introduced these at Outland last week. One person on the ground with other two partners standing on either side of them. Standing partners lock hands with the guy on the ground. Guy on ground does 10 rows (no assistance from standing guys, they just hold). After 10 rows, guy on the ground dead hangs while both standing partners do lawn mower pulls. Clear as mud? Once finished, run to curb and back and rotate until everyone has been in each of the three positions.

Quick Mosey to the back front side of Mt. Chiseled (where the slope isn’t as bad). Keep groups of 3. Partner 1: 25 Heels to Heaven. Partner 2: 25 Dry Docks. Partner 3: Crawl bear up the hill and bear crawl down the hill (always facing down hill). Rotate until you hit each station.

Galley’s again except no lawn mower pull. 3 rounds at each position for a final total of 30 Rows (40 if you count the original Galley/Lawn Mower combo).

Just enough time left for one more round of Heels to heaven, Dry Docks, and Crawl Bears.

3 Minutes left….what to do…..Grab weighted bars and run them to the cinder blocks. Got half way and my forearms were burning. Used Bread Bowl as an excuse to rest my forearms and called for pax to put down bars and Al Gore while Bread Bowl caught up. Back to weighted bar run to cinder blocks. Fore arms on fire…..bars down. 6:15.


Thanks to the guys that showed up today. It was a last minute thrown together Q by Banjo and I. Hopefully you felt it was a good workout. A couple new moves introduced by both Banjo and I. Anyone want to sign up to show us some more new things?

I’ve been really wanting to figure out a way to do more Supines/Rows at Chiseled. The railings there are not ideal for supines, though they can be done. I went so far as to attempt to build portable supine bars out of 2″ PVC, but quickly realized that while it worked for the 180 lb mens health model, it didn’t work as well for a 235 guy. Then I attended Outland and Bonhoeffer brought out the Galley’s. Wow. My back was sore for 3 days. Its a portable move that we can employ at any site. I love it! I decided to add in an extra lawn mower row. They proved to be more difficult that I had anticipated (and put more pressure on the back than I liked) so decided to nix them after round 1. Hopefully we will see Galley’s added in some more at other workout sites. Banjo sung high praises so if they get his stamp of approval, I’m hoping others liked them as well.

Swimmers becoming a regular at Chiseled (ready to Q?)

We found out who wears the pants in Shake N Bakes relationship this week (sorry Shake, I had to).

Proud of Bread Bowls push this morning. Especially the Indian Runs.

Xerox once again wants to kill me after a shoulder heavy workout at Chiseled.

While I lamented during warm ups that I wished I was Bread Bowls age again, we learned that Dough Boy (oddly enough) wishes he was a fetus. I suggested perhaps not a good idea in today’s age. We got dangerously close to a political discussion. Thankfully Banjo had us running fast and we all lost our ability to hold a conversation. (Pax don’t worry, no serious discussions were had or political positions traded).

Thanks again to all that came. Apologies to Banjo for not remembering half his workout. Again, just know it had me breathing very hard right at the time that it was my turn to take over.

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