1.44 miles, a visit to Sharon Towers & a M.A.S.H. unit of 1

1.44 miles, a visit to Sharon Towers & a M.A.S.H. unit of 1

Not sure who was first in the parking lot, perhaps it was Mr. Magoo? Magoo is due for his VQ very soon. YHC was 2nd to arrive (could be a record for me, especially when Q’ing). But I was ready after putting the finishing touches on my Weinke while taking care of some early morning paperwork. The pax began to arrive in their 4-wheeled chariots – saw some unfamiliar faces at Anvil. Baracus posted, and if memory serves – he was one of the original site Q’s at Anvil. Fact check me on that. Was Young Love the other original site Q? Don’t think he’s been back since. Cottonmouth posted as well, and offered to laminate my Weinke next time. WTH? After giving a paltry disclaimer that, as Lorax pointed out, did not include anything about legal action against F3, the AO or YHC; we launched another humpday assault on what I still think is the finest AO in all of Area51.

Paper Jam, who has wisely started something called F3MASH (nee F3GeneralHospital – Purple Haze aptly renamed it) for those coming off injuries, surgeries, etc., was there. He did not have to triage any other pax as he was the only one admitted to the MASH this morning. Good to have you and love the concept.

So we did, in fact, do some exercises this morning. I’ll list them in paragraphical form with some Moleskine interspersed. COP consisted of slow squats, windmills…which from now on will forever be known as Sharon Towers (thanks to Ickey and the pax of F3Diamondhead for that nomenclature), slow flutters, H-R burpees.

We then moseyed over to the hill at the end of the pitch for some 11’s comprised of jump squats and H-R merkins. Haze wrongly accused me of stealing Gummy’s Weinke from last week at Anvil. Lie. Not only do I not pirate another’s Weinke, I never really have one of my own. YHC was last to finish these. Full, perfect form takes time, fellas. Some were faster, some cheated and some flat out refuseniked most of it. #5’s Lorax led some plankorama while the pax waited on YHC and a couple others.

Mosey over to the well-lit concession stand…but we didn’t use it. I was afraid Puddin’ would leave Puddin’ Gloss all over the place and Anvil and RockZero would be gone forever. We just did some People’s Chair with overhead press on the outside wall facing the castle, I mean church. Now run over to the rock pile near the ballfields and grab a lifting rock. We did 3 sets of exercises with the rocks with some AYG runs, lunge walks, backwards runs, Mary, etc. in between. Rock sets were squats, overhead press & thrusters primarily with some tricep ext. and bicep curls…useless as they are. We also worked in 10 more H-R burpees. You’re welcome Puddin’. Pretty sure LaZBoy did 4 of the 30 or so H-R burpees YHC called. Our WD Snuka was well out front on all the sprints. No surprise there from the ageless wonder…though he does look 57, he doesn’t move like he’s 57. WB Mailman, at the tender young age of 28, was doing yeoman’s work as well.

After the rock work, we karaoked and ran our way back to the launch lot for 6 MoM, consisting of high flutter, Dancing Chilcutts, Plank shoulder taps, Dolly’s and 5 more H-R burpees for the finale.

Hard work put in by all…or by most anyway. We really only went 1.44 miles…justifiable cause for excommunication from some AO’s, but considering the Q – no one was surprised by the low mileage. Disappointed perhaps, but not surprised. Anvil is a bootcamp workout, after all. Hopefully all the squat work will make your legs feel like you went further.

Thanks to Puddin’ for a great prayer to take us out. Please remember to keep praying for Red Rocks and his family as he recovers from his stroke. And please be alert to men around you at work, neighborhood, 2.0 athletic contests that need F3. We all need it. Don’t be selfish and keep it to yourself. Give away what you’ve found, men. Somebody did it for you.

Grateful for this fellowship, men. Grateful.

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CloverPosted on8:11 pm - Apr 24, 2019

What was the origin of “Sharon Towers”…?

CloverPosted on8:11 pm - Apr 24, 2019

What was the origin of “Sharon Towers”…?

Ickey ShufflePosted on12:59 am - Apr 25, 2019

There’s a retirement community on Sharon Road just south of Fairview naked Sharon Towers, and windmills are the type of exercise that the active seniors there do.

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