Stoplights in Champion Forest?

Stoplights in Champion Forest?

Not everyone packed up their station wagon and headed out of town with their 15 kids like Rubbermaid and so 7 PAX showed up on a perfectly crisp 45 degree Monday morning of Spring Break week in WUC.

5:15 am DCCS reviewed. Time to move, lots of ground to cover


Mosey to front of high school and circle up for a quick warm up:

1. 15 x SSHs IC

2. 15 x Imperial Walkers IC

3. Calf Stretches each leg 15 second

4. 10 x Merkins IC

Mosey across Cuthbertson to entrance of Champion Forest.

Run down Waynewood to intersection with Dobson. At alternating stoplights…. stoplights in Champion Forest?!?…. maybe YHC meant streetlights…

• 10 x Merkins

• 10 x Squats

If you continue down Waynewood or Dobson they intersect again in about .51 miles. Pax pair up and one partner goes down Waynewood while the other goes down Dobson until they intersect. The idea was a hard steady pace that wasn’t a sprint but not a mosey either.

1. 10 hand slap Merkins with partner when you meet back up at the next intersection of Waynewood and Dobson

2. Mary and pick up the six so we can all start the next .51 repeat together.

3. Rinse and repeat opposite directions back up to the other intersection of Waynewood and Dobson.

4. Total of 6 x .51 miles repeats completed

Mosey back to entrance of Champion Forest to the actual stoplight. Pick up six and fast mosey back to AO. I think everyone got around 6 miles with some 6.5+


The goal of the day was to try to get everyone over 5 miles if not 6 while getting in some speed work that wasn’t on a track. Champion Forest is a practically perfect .51 miles from every intersection symmetrical neighborhood so perfect for this type of workout… and a not on a track.

Great to see Ice 9 post at Ignition, I think it was his first time posting at this AO and he was really pushing the pace. Hollywood out front as always and there is a reason why Legal has a “Zoom” after his name.

Fellow cresters Dancing Bear and Zinfandel are getting faster and leaner and I think both got in 6 miles. Cobbler back out for a second week in a row and really pushing himself, great job.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this AM.


  • Not sure, probably should read the Flash BB
  • Zinfandel on Q at Watchtower tomorrow

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