SOB/Union County Convergence

  • When:04/20/2019
  • QIC: Damascus/War Eagle

SOB/Union County Convergence

SOB and Union County showed up and showed out with 42 Pax getting their Saturday started with some work.

Damascus’s portion:

Disclaimer given, FNG, Cell Phone, CPR identified

Warmup – Mosey to corner of Ballantyne Commons / 521- 15 SSH IC- 15 Mountain Climbers IC- Downward Dog- Calf StretchThe Thang

  • Mosey to Durrant Blvd- 10 Jump squats at each light to the end (~ 10-12 lights) / Plank for 6
  • Mosey to Parking Garage- Partner Carries (switch as needed) to top / Plank for 6- Lunges to Top ramp w/Jump Lunges at each pillar (10)
  • Mosey back to Garage entrance w/ 5 burpees at the bottom of each ramp

Moleskin- As expected, a lot of grumbling with the announcement of partner carries, but everyone who was capable pushed through.

Proud to have the opportunity to lead such a great group of men

War Eagle’s portion:

  • Mosey from Ballantyne Village to the scenic part of the AO. Down Ballantyne Commons to the turn where the smaller Btyne Corp Park pond is. 6 cones around the pond with the Pax broken out among the 6 cones. Lap around the pond stopping at each cone for 7x the following exercises: Lap 1 = merkins, Lap 2 = single leg dead lifts, Lap 3 = Carolina Dry Docks and Lap 4 = Mary Catherine Gallaghers
  • Mosey to the Bull Ring for a round of Bear Crawl Banjo.

Moleskin – It was awesome having so many guys from SOB and WUC and really glad to meet a lot of the guys. Now I can put faces to names on Slack and Backblasts. YHC was pleasantly surprised by the turnout but seeing as the pond portion of the workout was already going to be tight because of the turf renovation, due to the large number the audible was made to break the Pax out among the cones. Lots of mumblechatter trying to figure out how to count off by 6 and go to a particular cone but once we got going the group naturally spread out and all laps were completed in a strong showing by all. There was too much time after the pond to head to launch. YHC knew the Bear Crawl Banjo with so many Pax was an aggressive bite to take but he knew everyone was up to the task and would thank him later (although I did watch my back at COT for a serious Loogie Smash). The Bear Crawl Banjo lead to a jail break back to launch and perhaps a minute or two over.

Welcome to our FNG’s, Vespa and Cartman. Vespa is Chopper’s nephew hence the name. Cartman is Chopper’s brother and if I connected the dots right he has a son named Timmy so he is now Cartman.


  • Sketchy cars creeping through the Vine parking lot so check your belongings.
  • Dredd on Q at Davinci next Saturday 4/27. 6:30 at the Blakeney Chick Fil A. Park at Best Buy/Petsmart
  • 2nd F event at Tuckfest next Saturday night 4/27 at the White Water Center.
  • Memorial Day convergence in WUC with a team Murph.
  • June 1st Man Up organization out of Pittsburgh partnering mentors with youth. Reach out to Olaf for details or look up on the web or Facebook.

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