Mountain Goat Runs The Mermaid

Mountain Goat Runs The Mermaid

18 strong pax avoided the fart sack this morning and attended one of the most hyped Mountain Goat Runs in Area 51 History. After a though disclaimer given the pax were off at 5:15, tackling a new challenge for Mountain Goat. This challenge has known back in the old days of Fast Twitch The Mermaid created by our past Area 51 Nantan Mermaid himself.

The Thang:
The objective was simple: make it to level 4 of the Charlotte Catholic Parking Deck and back in 60 minutes. Route, left on Strawberry, Left on 51, Cross at the Carmel 51 light down to Catholic, follow the path to level 4 of the parking deck and back to launch. Get as far as you can then turn around the 28ish minute mark back to launch. Today’s mileage ranged from 4.5 to 7.5 miles


Although YHC chose to pick this route, this is Mermaids Brain Child. I’ve ran this route now 4 times, and have only made it to Level 4 of the Catholic Parking Deck once while doing a 9 mile tempo run from Ghost Runner Launch. This isn’t an easy challenge, its a you against you run with 60 minutes of solid work by everyone.

YHC took off right away, having already been warmed up for a pre run with Fleetwood. Purple Haze, Hairball, Tiger Rag and Rock Thrill came up about 3/4 of a mile later and weren’t found again till we returned to launch. Purple Haze and Hairball made it to Level 4 of Catholic and back in 60 minutes. Rumor has it Hairball and Haze were asked to do Merkins during Runstopper’s Centurion Q in the parking deck? Only they know if they did merkins. Tiger Rag and Rock Thrill made it in an Overtime Finish. All other primarily turned around the intersection off 51 and Carmel back to launch. Excellent work by every pax, hopefully The Mermaid will now become a Mountain Goat favorite going into BRR Season.

Thank you Slim Fast and Retread for allowing me to lead today, it isn’t often I’m able to make it to Mountain Goat. However, with transitioning out of my current job visits will begin to occur more often. Although I didn’t make it to my goal of making it to Catholic, I appreciate the support from all the pax since February 2018. Legs fully healed now it’s getting back into shape to be able to tackle the upcoming race schedule, as well as a potential 2nd installment of The Mermaid at Mountain Goat during BRR season.

-Mountain Goat has a backblast for the first time since December of 2018! Even in a running workout, backblasts are great to see following workouts. I’m one to occasionally forget to write a backblast.
-Thank you Tweetsie for the solid takeout

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