Me winning isn’t. You do.

Me winning isn’t. You do.

15 men gathered in a church parking lot this morning. Due to a scheduling glitch, I had the Q at Death Valley and Anvil. The DV guys caved quickly and agreed to a convergence at Anvil. Neither DV Site Q was at Anvil, so I’m pretty sure they still met at SCMS to catch up on the private school soccer goings on with Header. Interesting PAX list this morning – Flutie continues his spring vacation in Charlotte before heading back to the winters of New Hampshire; I brought an FNG (Crippler); and everybody’s favorite Olympic Silver Medalist, BOG, among other A51 all-stars. Prohibition was there too.

We ran around and did some stuff. There were rocks, islands, running, hills, sprints, people’s chairs, and what not. I thought it was a pretty well thought out plan. I love my weinke. The guys were quick to start giving back all the chatter that I normally give, so that was fun for them. They got started during the disclaimer (it did go off the rails a little), continued through COP (abbreviated), into the main event – lots of concern for how we would get the rocks back to their homes. Relax. They didn’t like the patio. They complained about getting wet on the grass and about the possibility of ant hills. My goodness. Stone Cold was offended when I called for HR Merkins on grass. Ickey took one last shot at the end when he noted that it was the lowest attended convergence ever. That may be true. It’s ok. Still, we got 2.5 miles, lots of merkins and jump squats and ended right on time. You may call the parking space merkins a time killer, Puddin Pop, but it was right there in the weinke.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead. I enjoyed the heckling and look forward to returning it for each of you.

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ProhibitionPosted on11:25 pm - Apr 17, 2019

The low slow jumpsquat in cadence was a new one. I don’t like them low or slow and certainly not together. Nice work, Bryan.

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