A WUC (SWARM?) Record

A WUC (SWARM?) Record

14 men won the battle over their bed this morning and joined me at Chiseled though one pax had an especially long fight and showed up 4 minutes late.


Informed the group that today’s workout would be weights intensive and very low mileage. Bread Bowl with a rare smile from ear to ear – I believe I’m his new favorite Q.

5:30 – short mosey over to 10 & 12 lb dumbells already laid out.


10 In/Outs over the weights

8 Merkin/Row/Row with dumbells

6 Frog hops over weights

4 Burpees with a side jump over weights

2 Man Makers (Merkin, Row, Row, Stand Up, Curl, Press, Lunge, Lunge)

Run to Curb and Back

Repeat for time (initially said 5 minutes but it ended up being about 8 minutes). I think most got in 2 rounds. A few of the gazelles may have reached 3 rounds.


Circle up with small dumbells for a deltoid burn out. 20 front & side raises. 20 sunshines (might have been 15, it was burning). 20 rear delt flys. Repeat for round 2 with lower reps (15, 12, and 12 I think).

Bicep Star Fish – 4 bicep stations with 10 In/Outs in the middle. If there is a log jam – merkins until equipment free’s up. Stations:

20 Hammer Curls with dumbells (25, 30, and 35 lb)

30’s (modified to 21’s) with 27 lb bar. Bottom half curl, top half curl, and full curl.

20 Curl press with 20 lb slam balls.

20 Reverse Curl with 20 lb bar.

Tricep Star Fish – 10 Merkins in the middle. Merkins while waiting for equipment.

30 Dips on curb

20 overhead ticep press with heavy dumbells (25, 30, and 35 lb)

20 45 degree presses (works more shoulder and bicep than tricep)

20 overhead tricep press with slam ball.

Grab small dumbells for quick tricep burn out doing two rounds of tricep kickbacks. I think we did 15 and then 12 reps

Four Corners – 20 Shoulder Shrug with buckets, 20 Military Press with heavy dumbbells, 20 Curls with 27 lb bar, and 20 slam ball with…the slam balls. Merkins while waiting for equipment.

Bread bowl finished early and led Mary. I believe it was Posse (or perhaps Jingles – you know they look similar) that decided that after the 40 heels to heaven, perhaps bread bowl shouldn’t lead mary again.

Back to the small dumbells to finish out the workout.

Military Press Ladder down along with a hold ladder up. 10 presses, 9 presses and 1 hold, 8 presses and 2 hold….

20 Up Right Rows. 15 Up Right Rows.

Posse lead 20 Thrusters since he chose the exercise.

30 seconds left – closed it out with 20 merkins on your own.


Peak heart rate of 164. Average heart rate of 122. 524 calories burned. So whats the record you ask? We did all that without hitting a mile. Yes, for the first time (that I know of) WUC history a workout was done where a mile was not reached. Now some of you may scoff at that achievement – and perhaps may not call it an achievement at all; but I for one am proud to have been able to burn over 500 calories in 45 minutes while only hitting .94 miles.

Site FNG and new WUC member Open biscuit came out for his first WUC workout. He got his name while on a lake retreat with Bottle Cap, Mayhem, and Old McDonald last weekend. Open Biscuit because he works in IT (Open Ticket) for Bojangles. Once I learned he worked for corporate Bojangles – I began sucking up hard in hopes for dollar off BoBerry coupons – but alas it didn’t work.

Mayhem out for the second time and dragging Open Biscuit with him. Nice job.

Xerox just about took a 27 bar to my knee when I called out the final 20 merkins. Sorry for all the Merkins from one bad shoulder guy to another.

Posse rolled in 4 minutes late having barely won the fight with his snooze button.

Nails having lost the alarm clock fight several times in the last couple weeks finally over came and showed today.

Recalculating gave a grunt of displeasure during one of the star fishes which I took as a badge of honor. Good push today. You were one of the faster guys during the warm up.

Tupperware rolled in without head lights and without Rubbermaid. Perhaps the gif jokes were true. Whats the over under on number of workouts Rubbermaid misses now that Gavin has his license – 2.5 per week?

Jingles dropping my motto smoothly today. “If you have to ask, do the harder one”. Nice to see I’m rubbing off on you Jingles.

I love having bread bowl out to workouts. I don’t know why, but I do. I think its both seeing a young man push to be better and grow right in front of us mixed in with the fact that he has the comedy chops of a seasoned vet. Good work today. I believe we can all agree that we hated your 40 heels to heavens.

Rudy stepping into his site Q duties quite well. Arrived early and stayed late to help load/unload. Thanks also to the rest of you guys that assisted. Lots of help today which was much appreciated.

The Chicken was rocking the large lots shirt. I can’t wait to see what Lawson has in store for us as revenge. Good work today.

40 Pax across two sites today. Very impressive. I can remember (and not that long ago) being at a dromedary workout (before there was Chiseled) where there were only 12-14 guys. Now Dromedary is consistently hitting 20-25 a week with Chiseled numbers growing as the weather gets warmer (apparently some pax don’t like holding metal weights during below freezing temps – I will keep your names anonymous). Keep pushing and EH’ing friends and neighbors to come out.

And with that – I’m out. Enjoy your day fella’s.

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