A Large Flock

A Large Flock

A larger than normal turnout showed today for ignition, 14 people which is the same number that was at the usually packed Flash on Monday– Wonder why such a large crowd– was it they thought the Chicken would be a easy ? was it they thought the Chicken would pass out and need CPR or few extra hands to help carry is feathery ass back to the truck? was it the nice weather? one will never know but it was great leading this mixed group of Gazelles and Clydesdales although a few times it was like herd cats- The Gazelles were in normal form today waiting to be released to RUN…..

The Warm Up

Announce the DICCS and do not sue anyone ect…

Two laps around the island in the parking lot to get the juices flowing

15 imperial walks

15 low slow squats

Calf Stretches

The Thang

Mosey to transporter shed and complete 20 walking Lunges

Mosey to circle island near stadium and plank on island in incline position- 10 slide to your left merkins then 10 slide to your right merkins.

Mosey to benches near school and complete as many dips as possible until someone says stop or quits– we did about 40-50.

Mosey up to stop light across from Champion Forest and complete 20 walking lunges and come back for the 6

Mosey across the street NICE AND SAFELY AS A GROUP

Start with 5 burpees at beginning of road into Champion Forest and run to end of road in Champion Forest completing 3 burpees at each road- 4 roads in total. Got group in a circle for some more slide over merkins – 10 to left and 10 to the right

Mosey from end of street back to beginning of street with same format but add 10 squats at 2 lights poles in between each street.

Mosey across the street NICE AND SAFELY.

20 walking lunges then mosey back to island near stadium.

At the island plank in incline position and 5 slide over merkins to the right then 5 to the left

Mosey up to the bench’s near the school for more dips- 50, 30 and 30 yikes!!

Mosey to transporter shed for more lunges- 20 walking lunges

Now time to release the Gazelles— a sprint/ relax run – sprint to a light pole, relax run to next light pole and so on until we get to end of walkway then circle back for the 6.

Mosey to front of school for a few more dips 30, 20, and 20 and mosey back to starting point just in time with 15 seconds to SPARE– WHEW……


The run in Champion Forest was a bad idea the Gazelles had too much freedom to run here between pain stations and us Clydesdales almost died.. Needed more pain stations as you cannot herd a Gazelle if you are sucking wind about 3 blocks from them– Rubbermaid to the rescue– Chicken you need to modify, so we added pain stations on the way back .Everyone pushed extremely hard today as usual and I appreciate the large group on my first Q at ignition as the mixture of Clydesdales and Gazelles was just what I needed. I had nightmares days leading up to this that when I showed up I would only see Easy Button, Hollywood, Bottlecap, Dasher, Gerber and Deadwood starting at me waiting to start. I did have plan if that happened and it was to twist my ankle getting out of the truck, thank goodness I did not have to Flop so early in the morning.

Once again great job fellows and thanks for the support FYI we logged 4.75 miles- 5 miles is what I am being told… NICE !!

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