No man left behind

No man left behind

Commitment started out like any other Saturday morning but there must have been something in the air. One Pax was injured during a mosey, one pax left early, two pax got missing…apparently searching for keys, 4 pax Q jacked during an IR.

The Thang:

Di Cell Cpr Safety

Mosey around block back to the school – 1+mile


10 SSH

10 Crab Cakes

5 Reg Merkins

5 Wide Merkins

5 Close Merkins

6” Plank

Partner up – Triple Nickel

5 Merkins – 5 Pullups – End of Lot and back. 5 x’s

A few pax surprised me with your ability to knock out the pull-ups. Hey Zin, the Murph might not be that bad…bull *#&$

Mosey to Traffic Circle – Failure to Launch

10” Al Gore to Jump..Back to Al Gore… Failure

Mosey to Club House – 7’s

1 Burpee – BC across –  6 LBC Runback – 2 Burpee- BC across 5 LBC etc.

Mosey back to School – 11’s

1 Merkin – 10 pullups Flap Jack

Circle Burp

1 burpee – Increase Merkin each time – When we hit 10 merkins we switched to Squats.

Mosey back for COT. Done.

The Moleskine


Fuse must have had a late night watching NC State baseball because he was tardy. I didn’t want him to be MIA all morning so my first audible was a U-turn to scoop him up.

I noticed a few pax running in super late then I hear Zinfandel tweaked his back on the opening mosey and Posse lost his keys, did this happen? Big thanks to Rubbermaid for bolting to Zins grocery getter and picking the crippled pax up.

After the clubhouse 7’s I called for an IR back to the school. I should have made two lines based on speed. Wolverine, Dasher, Centerfold, and Gerber rolled out in their own form of an Indian Run but did circle back.

The workout was hard, no one likes pull-ups except maybe Wolverine, but everyone at least looked like they were attempting them. Nice job by all.

If you plan to partake in the Murph on May 27th you might want to jump into the challenge Zinfandel put together. Its starts Monday 4/15 and its no joke.


Tomorrow Fuse will be baptized at Weddington UMC @ 9:30

Poker night at big lots. Leave now!!!

Rubbermaid thinks there is a Convergance next Saturday but doesnt have any details. He will be out of town. Damascus may have details

Thanks Mad Dog for taking us out.

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