PAX list never works right with TAGS. Missing: Escargot, Brilleaux, Titan, Champagne

12 men joined QIC for another installment of Centurion. Hops snuck quietly past the sleeping dog and backed in like a pro. Haze still made fun of him. Time to get down to business. Disclaimer given.


Mosey up Little. Right on McMahon. Cut through behind the bank and up to plaza at Carmel/51. Circle up.


Mountain Climber x 15 IC

Peter Parker x 15 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

LOW SLOW Squat x 15 IC

Werkin x 10 IC

Mosey over to the stairs. Partner up.

Partner Stacks

Partner 1 does a lap at plaza. Run up to second floor, length of plaza, and down stairs back to P1. P2 does called exercise. Continue to target number.

  1. 200 Squats
  2. 100 Merkins

Mary to regroup.

Mosey back down 51 onto campus to the base of Tartarus between Stairwell 1 and 2.


Start at ground level. Run up Stairwell 1 to level 4 and over to Stairwell 2. Stop halfway. 6 Burpees. Descend Stairwell 2 to launch spot. 6 Heels to Heaven. 6 repetitions.


AYG up Stairwell 1 to level 4.

People’s Chair. 50 Shoulder Press IC

Mosey down the ramps to launch lot.

Dolly x 30 IC



Even though Alf was not present, he dictated part of COP. The Mountain Climbers and Peter Parkers were essential to stretch out the hammies from Anvil on Wednesday. Thanks for that.

Titan changed his plans to post Centurion after visiting Twitter. He EH’d me 6 years ago. Thankful for that and the chance to workout together. He was out front. After pre-run and doing squats while waiting for the workout to begin. Dude gets after it.

Chelms was true to his Twitter word. He posted after tweeting he was 100% HC. Strong work today, as usual. Haze poked at form once that YHC saw. Solid response in the moment.

Speaking of Haze, consistent chatter. He sniffed out the set at Tartarus, but was not quite right. Yes, YHC is aware that the Triple Nickel is overplayed. Simple and effective. Tack on a rep you get the 666, another form of the Beast. The Chinese favor this number and equate it to something like simple and easy. Perfect for the 666 set today. Oh, and no low plank jacks today.

Champagne posted even though he pulled something in his hip. Brilleaux was doing his best to keep pace with Titan. Snuka continues to amaze with his speed. Flutter form, not so much, however. Escargot getting faster and stronger with consistent posts. Brushback in the house and working hard. Uncle Phil rolled in at the start buzzer, maybe a little after. Thunder Road steadily getting work done. Cheddar posted Centurion for the first time in a while. Didn’t get a chance to talk to him today, unfortunately. Glad he joined us.

6 years of F3. Not sure how many posts. 134 Q’s. First post was 4/13/2013. Dora on Q. Byron’s Birthday Bash was the name of the workout. Kicked me in the teeth. Wasn’t sure I’d be back. Wasn’t much of a runner and the number of squats was excessive. Was sore for a week. Made it back, thankfully. Appreciate the friendship and support, men. T-claps to Hops for the takeout.


General Hospital will be at Centurion next week 4/19. Paper Jam on Q. Walking, core, mary for those on IR.

Runstopper on Q next week.

4/17 Death Valley/Anvil convergence at Calvary 0530. Gummy on Q

Mountain Goat has Benny on Q next Friday. He will run the Mermaid Challenge. Start at South Charlotte Middle. Run south on 51 to CCHS. Goal is level 4 of parking deck. Return. 60 minutes. Did it once in 59 minutes. 7.5 miles at 7:45 pace, to give an idea what it takes.

Keep praying for Red Rocks. He is making progress. Long road ahead.

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Chelms aka TatertotPosted on2:47 pm - Apr 12, 2019

I’ll score that an 8 out of 10 on difficulty chart. The first half allowed for recovery while partner was running but the 2nd half was pure misery – 666 on the parking deck with burpees at top was as bad as it can get (at least for me). I smoked me pretty good.

Purple HazePosted on3:15 pm - Apr 12, 2019

Thankful for your leadership. Blessed by your friendship.

VoodooPosted on5:54 pm - Apr 12, 2019

Congrats on 6 years, Mermaid! It sounds like you delivered a solid beatdown in celebration. Thank you for your leadership within F3 and Area 51. We’re lucky to have you.

Chelms aka TatertotPosted on6:13 pm - Apr 12, 2019

Oh – And pretty sure the tagging issue is a user error. Just saying YHC has never had a problem and I’m close to pre-historic on the tech skill set chart.

HopsPosted on9:23 pm - Apr 12, 2019

Titan did not lap me! My sprint to the start line was the difference. Struggling but needed that. As Brushback noted, Cerberus “absorbs all your energy”. Strangest moment was when Cheddar asked me if I was going to sing…WTH? Apparently pax say strange things when in the pain cave. Incidentally, the song in my head at that point was somewhat of a funeral dirge

BennyPosted on12:25 am - Apr 13, 2019

Real question is Mermaid does your route tempt you to miss Centurion and come to Mountain Goat?

HIPAAPosted on2:11 am - Apr 13, 2019

Congrats on 6 years and sorry to miss it!

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