Beach Season

Beach Season

A balmy 60 degrees this morning has me feeling like it’s beach season. That and Baracus posting in his swim trunks. Just glad to have him and the other 6 men join me this morning. Where was everyone else? No rain, no cold, let’s get after it.

5:30 and PAX properly-ish disclaimed. Also let them know that “modification” to exercise works both ways – you can always add more reps.

Mosey around and circle up by the basketball goals for COP. Low Slow Squats, Peter Parker, Parker Peter, Wide Arm Merkins, Mountain Climbers.

Mosey to Hotbox for 3 rounds of: 15 Split Leg Squats (each leg) and 15 Derkins. Run to light in parking lot for 5 burpees and back.

Mosey to rock pile at front of Church and grab a lifting rock.

Round 1: 20 Curls, 20 OH Press, 20 Tea Bag squats – 3x through. Then run to end of lot, 10 burpees and back. Mary for a bit.

Round 2: 15 Front Raises, 15 Good Mornings, 15 Bench Press – 3x through. Then run to end of lot, 10 burpees and back. Mary for a bit.

Round 3: Run with Rock to end. 10 thrusters. Run back. 10 Thrusters.

Return rocks and back out towards the hot-box and the tree lined Boulevard in the parking lot. AYG to end of Boulevard, 10 burpees, AYG to cars.



Site Q’s were out today. Lorax is up to his eye-balls reviewing Trumps tax returns and Brushback was out of something: Out of town, Out of the country, Out of his mind? Who knows. We thusly proceeded without them. Not sure if that’s the right use of “thusly,” but I feel like it fits. We did have Hops and Mermaid as site Q alums for Calvary based workouts.

Snuka crushed me (and the rest of us) on the runs for the 2nd day in a row. The man is a solid Respect and crushing it. Might need to check his pockets for HGH, PED, and other acronyms.

Good to post with Coco and Clover as I have not posted with those men yet. And is it Cocoa like the bean or Coco like Ice T’s wife? If it’s the latter then I want the story behind the name.  

Brilleaux apparently had an alcohol induced excuse to miss my Centurion Q on Friday. He’s recovered and was smoking it out there this morning. Working hard to keep Snuka in his sites.

Thanks to Hops for the takeout.

Look for the DV Gummy vs. the Anvil Gummy Q-off next week during a Wednesday convergency at Calvary.


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MermaidPosted on2:58 pm - Apr 10, 2019

Good stuff Alf. Feeling it already. Just waiting for the remnants of the Good Mornings to kick in. Solid crew getting after it this morning.

HopsPosted on3:53 pm - Apr 10, 2019

Despite what could be construed as evidence to the contrary – I did not modify by adding reps this morning. I’m just really slow – my burpees are of the slow-motion variety. Perhaps my form’s too good?
#cobains for the Puddin’ Gloss I deposited during one of the rock sets.
Our N’antan (spelling?) lied when he said grab a lifting rock as we would not be running with them…Liar.
I’m hurting…hope that means it worked….as I said when I finally joined COT with the other 7 – “I should do more of this F3 stuff”.

CloverPosted on9:34 pm - Apr 10, 2019

You’re feeling the Good Mornings, Mermaid, or the Romanian deadlifts….?

I always thought Coco’s origin was based on the Disney movie. I think I may have had a hand in naming him to boot.

BrilleauxPosted on1:03 am - Apr 11, 2019

Nice beat down for sure. Snuka has another gear at the end which is impressive. I blame Margo for me missing Centurion on Friday.

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