That was fun

That was fun

Quick disclaimer to seasoned vets. Maaaaybe started at 5:16 thanks to the game going to OT last night.

Mosey south on Prodivdence, left on Raintree to former FT launch:

IW x 10 IC

Hillbillies x 10 IC

LSS x 10 IC

THE Thang: Mosey back to Raintree and Providence for quick directions as follows: Suicides on Raintree with the roads on the right. Ascending jump squats at the turn (start on 5 and increase +5 each time), ascending merkins at the start (start on 5 and increase +5 each time). Meet at the Raintree and Providence at 6:10 to head back to launch.


I knew this would hurt when I put the plan together last night. Big, frequent hills on repeat for the better part of an hour and fairly thick air as the kicker. Going to bed around midnight didn’t help either. Apparently this has been done before but it was a first for me. Props to the guys that made it out today and pushed through this, it wasn’t fun. Strong work by ultra-guru Enron, pushing the pace all AM. Great to see HIPAA out at FT and nice push the whole way making it to Windbluff in the closing minutes. Ductwork and Gummy used the buddy system and when I asked Ductwork if Gummy did all the merkins he said yes. I’m assuming that means Ductwork did Gummy’s share too. Utah was mulling over the option of posting to Hawk’s Nest or FT and made the right choice especially given that Haze didn’t leave the water logged lax field for 45 mins. Retread is always putting in the work and validated this as a good BRR training run. Gummy declined my invitation to write my BB but promised he would comment…

Thanks for sticking it out today and pushing through fellas! Legs are definitely toast and probably won’t feel much better tomorrow.

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DuctworkPosted on10:05 pm - Apr 9, 2019

Punishing plan this AM, Purell. My legs will defintely feel that one for the remainder of the week. My arms are all swole too from doing Gummy’s merkins.
Hard work put in by all… and there seemed to be a smaller number of cars speeding up on the runners, which is nice.
We also tried to EH a couple of RainTree locals for FT but they wanted nothing of it.

GummyPosted on11:59 pm - Apr 9, 2019

You stole this workout from Chelms, and his backblast was better:

It sucked again this time. Mercy. Who decided to build a neighborhood there? HIPAA hung with Enron for a couple of laps, then faded hard. I felt bad for him. Ductwork is on the juice. He’s been noticeably faster the last couple of weeks. More slow guys than fast guys today, which was nice. I was still in the back half of the pack, but I was also occasionally in 4th place (while Ductwork did the exercises I was skipping).

PurellPosted on3:45 pm - Apr 10, 2019

Chelms’ BB was definitely better. Maybe you could hold a Backblast 101 class sometime. I feel like the attendance would be really really strong. After reading the BB from last Oct in which HIPAA commented that workout is why he doesn’t come to Fast Twitch, I’m really glad he got to experience it yesterday. I will say that is why I ‘stole’ the workout… blame it on HIPAA’s attendance.

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