Uncharted Waters (Anvil)

Uncharted Waters (Anvil)

8 brave souls gathered in the most overused phrase of 2019 in “the last days of winter.” Every time we seem to think we’re at the end of winter, something happens (like snow), and we’re back. The thermometer read that we were barely over freezing, and the PAX dressed accordingly in hats and gloves. Got to get running to get and stay warm. After a brief, but self-proclaimed satisfactory disclaimer, we were off.

The thang:

Brisk mosey to the courtyard on the far side of Calvary to start our warm-up and stay out of any wind that there was. Somehow, that area always feels like being inside to me, and as one who hates cold weather, YHC felt that was a good and appropriate place to start.

  • SSH x20 (for those that chose to partake; or just stretch (LB) or just stand (Gummy))
  • IW x20
  • Low slow squat x20

Time to relocate. Mosey to middle of the Calvary field towards the intersection of Rea & 51 and circle up again. This time:

  • Mountain climbers x10
  • Peter Parker x10
  • Parker Peter x10

Got to keep moving – it’s cold. Bear crawl halfway to the sidewalk along 51, lunge walk the other half. Regroup and then jog down 51 to the light, cross and head down Rea to Sundancer. Left on Sundancer to the top of the hill for instructions.

Partner up. Partner 1 runs to the right and does 10 LBCs upon reaching the cul de sac. Partner B runs to the left and does 10 squats upon reaching that cul de sac. Return, meet in the middle for 10 handslap merkins. Repeat, alternating running directions until 5 rounds (50 handslap merkins) have been completed. Repeat entire set with partner decline merkins replacing the handslaps, again for a total of 50.

Wait for the six (oh, wait, I was the six) then 3 mary exercises (dollies, rosalitas & flutters) to catch our (my) breath. Mosey back to the Calvary courtyard for 2 more rounds of mary (heels to heaven, LBCs). AYG back to launch. Done.

Nekkid moleskin:

Small(er) crowd out this morning. Not sure if was the weather, tax season (Lorax), or someone remembering YHC’s last Q. I’m going with the first 2. In looking at Google Maps last night, those cul de sacs must have previously been hidden by the clouds because they are too good not to use. Gummy thinks maybe he’s seen others on Strava roaming those haunts, but I think it was new ground for everyone in our group this morning. Besides the distance to get there (which wasn’t that bad, especially for those who have been/thought we were going to Five Knolls, I think it’s worthy of being in the rotation. Ickey said he was putting this arrow in his quiver.

Not a lot of chatter this morning. #niceguys Some complaining about doing COP in a field when we had just left dry ground, but getting a little wet and dirty is good for you every once in a while. #oldschool We had an even number in the PAX, and so the partner exercises went well, even if we did get split up a little on the runs. Fortunately, the cul de sacs weren’t too far from center and so we did stay mostly together. However, if there was chatter, I didn’t hear a lot of it.

Brilleaux and Snooka were out in front the entire time. Gummy and LazyBoy weren’t too far behind. Always a pleasure to have Bugeater out there, who partnered with Ickey, who incidentally had few words (and a totally confused look) when Gummy asked him what he thought of Auburn being in the Final Four. Great partnering with Magoo this morning – dude is fast and was carrying me on the main event. Also, we were the safest team sporting our high vis yellow tops.

We got a little over 3.2 miles in according to my watch. Not a Hops-approved bootcamp due to the distance, but I think everyone got their money’s worth and hopefully took a centimeter or so off the old gut. Thanks to the site Qs for the opportunity to lead at Area 51’s historic and maybe finest AO, and thanks to Gummy for the takeout.


  • Beer Run has been scheduled for May 18. Check the newly formed Slack channel for details.

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