Let The Competition’s Begin

Let The Competition’s Begin

20 Pax decided to skip Saturday morning sex with their wives to join me for a day of fun and games. I was hoping to add something different in today that would add a sense of competition to the workout and push the pax just a little bit harder. I put the call out that there would be teams of three….some decided to team up early and wear costumes…..more on that in the moleskin.

Shop was first to arrive and said he came because he knew we wouldn’t be doing 5 miles. I hinted to him that the opening mosey would be our longest run of the day and that the workout was filled with HIIT sprints. He smiled in approval.

6:28 DCCS Given

6:30 Mosey around the loop and up to the entrance of the middle school.


Stop off at the entrance and hold Al Gore while we wait on pax to fall in. Zinfandel coming in hot. Decided to do a longer warm up in order to let the “Jingles” of the day catch up.

Potato Pickers. Hold Center, Right, Left.

T Merkins in Cadence. Attempted to slow count the 2 in order to get a good burn in the back delts and back muscles, but the pax in my direct vision didn’t seem to grasp the concept so I assume no one else did either. Fast counted the last 5 for a total of 20.


Jack Web Carolina Dry Docks (counting down) and Bear Crawl/Crawl bear (Counting up). I wanted to take advantage of the sloping down and up hill there going to the school while also flipping the counting (one ascending and one descending) so that it hurt all the way through. We did bear crawl going down the hill to put extra load on the shoulders. We hit the valley right around 5 and 20 so I stood everyone up for a break and then changed the bear crawl to a crawl bear (again putting more load on the shoulders and changing the movement into a push backwards). Lots of grunts and groans. Honestly I couldn’t finish the crawl bear myself so hats off to those that did all 40.

Mosey to back of the school and team up in groups of three. I got this idea from Banjo at his Chiseled Q a few weeks back. I decided to tweak it a little bit by adding distance, adding merkins, and adding some competition to it.

Two partners spaced approximately 60 yards apart with a runner in between. 5 Merkins while you wait on the runner to tag you out. Once everyone has run 5 times, you are done. First place team does 0 burpee tuck jumps. Second 2 Burpee Tuck Jumps. Third – 4 BTJ. Fourth 6 BTJ. Fifth 8 BTJ. Sixth 10 BTJ.

Grab two slam balls and line up against school in two teams. Wall sit while passing 20 lb slam ball down and back, down and back for a total of 4 times. Losing team does 15 merkins. The losing team apparently had issue with my explanation of four times (a common theme with me is that I struggle getting whats in my head properly explained to the pax – it doesn’t help when my heart rate is coming down from 170.). Round 2 was a “sunshine” pass. Taking the ball from your side, over your head and back down to your side where you pass to the guy next to you. Again 4 times. The other team lost and did 15 Merkins.

Mosey to Playground for pull ups in your teams of 3. Partner one does 10 pull ups. partner 2 holds feet (if needed). Partner 3 does LBC’s. Rotate until everyone has gone 3 times for a total of 30 pull ups.

Separate again into two groups at either end of the parking lot with each Group getting a basketball. Someone rolls the basketball down the parking lot while two pax chaise after it. Losing pax (no ball) does 5 jump squats). Return ball to other group so that it moves in a circular motion. Once again, easy in my mind but didn’t get explained to the pax that well. We finally got the hang of it and I saw some hands on knees trying to catch breaths so mission accomplished.

Mosey to the equipment. One group does some variation of a curl using equpment (27 lb bar, 20 lb bar, 25 lb dumbells, 30 lb dumbells, 35 lb keddle bell, 20 lb slam balls). Other group runs to the school, does 2 burpee tuck jumps and runs back to switch out. Go until everyone has done a weight 5 times.

Round 2 of Equipment – shoulder presses, sunrises using 12 lb dumbells, 20 lb medicine ball toss against backboard, and triceps dips. The cardio side did 15 In/Outs. Switch when both you and your partner had done 15 weights and mountain climbers. (My shoulders were smoked at the end). Deadwood claimed lifting the weights was easier than the In/Outs, though that was early on. Both killed me.

T clamps (Top half of a SSH) as we walk to pick up my speaker. I asked pax to get 50 in. I only got 35. Several pax appeared spent so I audibled and called for a mosey back to the front.

Arrived with 6 minutes left…..Recalculating called it correctly as I asked pax to circle up. AC/DC Thunderstruck. Mountain climbers until you hear “Thunder” then do a merkin. Two short stoppages to do air presses in the middle before getting back after the mountain climbers & Merkins. Someone made the comment that they have never been so glad for air presses only to find they were hard after the shoulder workout. I agree. If I remember correctly its 33 “Thunders” in that song. About halfway into the song we picked up a new pax – Twinkle Toes, who arrived to run and saw the F3 flag and decided to join. He normally post with SOB but sounds as if he may join us for some workouts as he lives closer to nesbit.

7:30 – count it off.


A lot of “old timmers” today mixed in the the new guys. I always enjoy hanging with the guys that I started Commitment with back when it was at Weddington. Good to see Shop Dawg, Run Flat, Posse, & Dough Boy today.

A big thanks to Wolverine who offered up some additional dumbells last night and also returned to help me get my equipment cleaned up. May have also EH’ed him into a Chiseled Q. As hard as that dude pushes during workouts – I can only imagine how bad a workout let by him will hurt.

I think as we Q we all have things that we know we can improve upon. My Achilles hill has always been getting whats in my head out to the pax in a way that’s clear and understandable (though some may argue my real issue is relying on gear too much and not doing enough running). The usual suspects who always ask for clarification were not there today so I know it was bad Q explanation and not just pax not listening. Thanks for bearing with me. I know its a weakness and I will continue to try to improve.

Zinfandel, Deadwood, and Dana came dressed in a team costume. I can only describe it as the uniform I would imagine attendants at a gay bath house would wear (according to Dancing Bear – not my own experience). Cut off Flannel shirts with a jiz rag towel cape attached. Cudoz for going above and beyond and dressing up for the Q. Zin consistently goes all in on these types of things and I figured he had something planned when I put a call out to wear Large Lots shirts and he didn’t seem 100% on board. Nice work guys.

Love the addition of Honey Comb and Centerfold. Guys always show up with a great attitude and a smile on their face. They are solid “pick you up” guys. Lord knows we need those kind of men with the likes of myself and Recalculating around.

Large group and I got to get to baseball so that will be it for the moleskin. Solid work today from a great group of guys. Enjoy your Saturday.

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