Are there Bears in Fiji?

Are there Bears in Fiji?

Disclaimer!!!I am not a professional, you cannot sue me, f3, or Chick-fil-A!!(But you can sue UNC Athletics….)
Let’s Mosey across street into Blakeney towards 131 Parking lot.
Warmup:Ready position, in Cadence on my count!! Exercise!- 20 Imperial Walkers in Cadence- 20 Low Slow Squats in Cadence- 20 Side Shuttle Hops in Cadence- 20 Mountain Climbers in Cadence 

The Thang:Mosey over to the Target lot. Final 4 Weekend, Dean Smith 4 Corners200 Merkin 4 CornersStart with 10 Merkins, Run to corner 2. 10 Merkins. Run to corner 3. 10 Merkins. Run to 4. 10 Merkins. Back to 1. 10 Merkins. 20/4 corner round. 4 rounds=150 Merkins.’

Mosey through Blakeney to the staircases at the Little Gym and Unlightened Yoga23 Steps , 6 UNC Titles

Start at ground. Run up stairs to middle of building. 3 Jump Squat. Run down opposite stairwell and back to launch. 2 Burpees.  6 reps.

Props to Auburn: Momma Said Knock You Out
Mosey to fountain area by Brixx. Partner 1 runs to the fountain by Banana Republic and does 5 Mike Tyson’s against wall while partner 2 starts the 1-2-3-4 exercises. Rotate upon finishing each Tyson combo. 
100 Derkins as a team100 Step Ups as a team100 Dips as a team100 Heels to Heaven 
Mosey across AK Road to CEENTA medical park
Island HoppingUsing 4 Islands, do 1 Jump Squar at island 1, bear crawl 1/2 way to Island 2 then run and 1 Jump squat at island 2, repeat till back to Island 1
Mosey back to CFA lot and wrap up, call our PAX to Mary

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