New route

New route

11 pax came out for a venture through some new area. 

Mosey to brynwood


15 IW Cad 15

MC Cad

15 Merkins Cad

Thing. Go from there to colony. Doing 15 Merkins and 15 CDD alternating lamp posts. (Should be 10, it’s early though) lead runs back and picks up six

Partner work. One partner runs colony to lea rea road and then other partner runs summerhill ridge. Meet up

3 rounds Partner hand slap 15 Merkins Partner plank and sit ups (20) Partner derkins 15 Squats 20

Triple Nickel on Stonecroft – Merkins/jump squats

Run back to launch. 

Mary/Merkins – 30 Boone Crunch CAD / 15 Merkins CAD / 15 Dolly’s CAD/ 15 Wide Arm Merkins CAD 50 LBC’s CAD



Well it was the first q since the new board came on at Hydra. Lots of texting yesterday from Gummy asking me waaaaay too many questions. Calm down, it’s going to be fine. Got up early this morning in excitement and decided to try some new areas. I get tired of Summerlin and the rock work sometimes so it’s good to change it up. Thunder Road is a tracker, if you lose something reach out to him and he will find it. That was a strong find today man. One eye and sprockets decided to partner up, which makes sense because they are the fastest out there so no one could keep up. Lots of complaining coming out of everyone when the merkins/CDD/light pole call was made. It’s swimsuit season, your wives/girlfriends/whatever will be impressed with you not having the “dad bod”. Sleepy made it out, great seeing you and welcome back. HIPAA and one eye ran in, that seemed excessive, we did about 3.5 miles today, sorry about that. Not a mountain of chatter out there to note but please sound off. I’m excited to hear. Announcements – Brewery race/drinking/uber/limebike coming up. Get on Slack or pester Gummy Prayers being lifted for Red Rocks and Family.  

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HIPAAPosted on2:29 pm - Apr 4, 2019

That was a sneaky 3+ miles! Crept up on us.

Applaud the decision to stack up merkins and CDDs. Good punishment for the shoulders and general beachgoing organs.

Flojo also sporting some tights, Runstopper-style. He is looking seriously faster. When he gets back at it consistent, look out. Mark it down dude.

Thanks for your leadership out there today!

Chelms aka TatertotPosted on8:18 pm - Apr 4, 2019

I see the back blast is appropriate for millennials – “wives/girlfriends/whatever” #genderneutral

GummyPosted on1:49 am - Apr 5, 2019

This was BY FAR the best workout I went to today. Great work, Gloss. I think he got up at 3:30 to scout out that new neighborhood. We are definitely going to be on their NextDoor app: “Did anybody else see the middle-class people dripping their sweat and touching their hands to our roads this morning?” Gloss added a black hoodie to the mix. Good call. FloJo’s tights were disturbing. As Runstopper said, “The shorts over the tights are for you guys. I’m more comfortable without them.”

VoodooPosted on7:54 pm - Apr 5, 2019

Gummy is to backblast comments what Horsehead is to backblasts. Well done, sir.

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