He’s Got the Jack

He’s Got the Jack

Fifteen Pax showed up with the thoughts of rain and the hopes of shelter. As usual, No shelter is granted in a Doughboy workout. Fortunately, the rain held off for the workout and the only soaking the PAX received was from the continuous callout of Jack Web.

Let’s Mosey: We went for an easy mosey to the Target parking lot via the back side of Petsmart. The PAX circled up for 20 Side Straddle Hops, 10 Windmills, 20 Mount Climbers, and 20 Parker Peters. Let’s mosey into the neighborhood to the bottom cul de sac. The call out was for the traditional Jack Web with 10 Merkins and 40 shoulder presses. Zinfandel asked if we were really starting the workout with Jack Web until he realized the entire workout was Jack Web. The PAX moseyed to the top of the hill for a new version of Jack. The exercise consisted of up to 10 squats with up to 40 in and outs which felt very similar to a deconstructed Burpee to kill the legs. The PAX got a 10 count before moseying to the BBT bank for Lieutenant Dan Web work out. This consisted of 10 squats and up to 40 lunges. To be honest, it hurt to run the to next Jack station at the Target parking lot. The callout was our friend Bear Web which consisted of up to 10 dry docks and 40 paces of bear crawl. I am guessing there was some scat in places after this one or at least the feeling of it. Finally, we moseyed back to the start for a finishing session of Ab-Web. This consisted of up to 10 heals to heaven and 40 LBC’s. The PAX and I were all done.

COT: The PAX made it through a tough workout like a champ. I am sitting here sore from my own workout and know it wont be fun in the morning. Zinfandel and the group mentioned doing a Spartan race in July. We were joined by a Memphis F3 member, Halpurt, who is in town for work. Swimmers headlocked Tyler Hahn to the group from Kansas. Tyler made it off easy with the nickname Toto. Welcome to the group.

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