4th and final installment of this AMRAP

4th and final installment of this AMRAP

13 Pax braved what is hoped to be the final frost of the spring. It may not be the last but it is the last of this AMRAP, that’s right folks we are changing the course for May. As 5:30 rolled around DICCS was given and we were off to the rock pile.


To refresh the “old” AMRAP course, consisted of 7 stations and timed at 30 minutes. The stations looked like this:

Station 1 – Derkins x (20)

Station 2 – Donkey Kicks x (20)

Station 3 – Jump Squats x (20)

Station 4 – Tricep Extensions x (20)

Station 5 – Bicep Curls x (20)

Station 6 – Overhead Press x (20)

Station 7 – +(1) Burpee per Lap Completed


The Pax worked hard and we had a personal best by the one and only Grease Monkey. There was a lot of groaning going on this time and the rocks were unusually large. One Star shot out of the gate like a cannon trying to keep up with the 2.0. A few Pax went backwards on the first lap to hit the rocks first (smart thinking fellas), then flipped as the Pax strung out. YHC may or may not have bit the dust running up the hill. It was dark if no one witnessed did it happen?

Here are the results:

The Grease Monkey – 5 Laps

Garbage Plate – 6.3

Boitano – 5

Johnny Utah – 5.3

Rockwell – 5

Legalized – 4.6

Pocahontas – 6.3

Soft Pretzel 5.1

Das Boot – 5.3

Lazy Boy – 6

One Star – 6.2

Fiji – 5.5

Dana – 6

Made it back with a few minutes to spare for some of the Pax favorite exercises till time was called.


Fiji has his VQ this Saturday at Da Vinci Saturday

YHC took us out.

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