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Maybe it’s easier to just eat less candy?

Mosey lap around parking lot while LIFOs file in.

SSH x 20, Squat x 15, IW x 15.

Run out to Strawberry Lane, and down 51 to Davie Park.

10 Diamond Merkins IC.

Low Slow Squat x 15 IC.

Into playground; One Legged Burpees. 6 each leg.

10 Chin-Ups OYO.

10 Derkins IC.

Rinse and repeat, with decreasing Burpees second and third rounds.

Mosey out to main park road. 10 Merkins at each light post, AYG between lights. Repeat to back lot.

Coming back, 25 LBCs at each light post, AYG between lights.

Run back to AO for Mary.


Okay; so this was a little run-heavy for the day after Easter. Especially for Bug Eater, who ran in, and Jello, with a pre-run. Lorax and Spackler didn’t notice, from the front of the pack. And Magoo was a beast.

Good work by all! Thanks for letting me have the keys –

Quad You Say?

17 Men put in some serious work on their largest muscle group. Here’s how it went down.


Quick lap around the cars and down the long path to Transporter’s Shed Rudy’s Refuge. Path is .25 miles long poles to poles. About 500 yards in YHC glanced back towards cars and saw three men running to catch up. 10 SSH upon their arrival…and mosey on. 100 yards more then 10 Squats. 100 yards more then 10 merkins. Mosey on to the Refuge.


Time for a burpee mile, Flash style. .25 mile run back up the path and 12 burpees. .25 mile back and 12 burpees. Up and back 2x. 1 mile and 48 burpees. The minors speedsters (great work Sprinkles and Flipper) circled back for the six and were joined shortly thereafter by Dasher and Easy Button. Once the sixes began to arrive at the last stop, the “gazelles” were volunteered for burpee contributions. 5 or 6 of us did 5 more burpees to make up for whatever the pax had left.

Grab some wall. 1 minute wall sit with jabs then 30 monkey humpers. Then another minute with 30 jump squats after that. Let’s mosey. Quads are heating up. At this point we headed towards the stairs. Dasher thought the gate might be open at the football field and that we could get some bleachers in. Since Damascus wasn’t with us, it seemed like a safe audible. Pax got a bit spread out on this mosey, so YHC stopped for some Mary and Dasher went to check the fence situation. American Hammers and LBCs (10 and 20 I think). On your feet and mosey again towards far end zone. Met Dasher there, he said it was locked. Audible back the way we came to the cul-de-sac by the suppine rails (the place where Foundation likes people to grab the fence and do squats like they’re in a Janet Jackson music video).

7’s- Squats at the bottom and Monkey Humpers at the top. Then we moseyed back towards the Refuge to grab some more wall. 1 minute with 30 seconds jabs and 30 seconds air presses. 5 minutes left.

Back up the trail. 10 single count speed skaters at each light pole. Made it to the end at exactly 6:15 on my watch. From what we could gather, Gerber was on Hooch Standard Time as the Ignition boys rolled in about 3 minutes later. It seemed like Zin and Dancing Bear came running from a completely different area. I’m guessing they were replacing the bikes they’d stashed in the woods in preparation for chasing Gerber through Champion Forest for an hour! All jokes aside, if you need motivation, just talk to Zin. His transformation is remarkable. And Dancing Bear…Dude showed up 7 times all winter. Now he’s been to 7 consecutive workouts!? Welcome back man. One day I’ll let you catch me…at this rate, you’ll do it on your own in no time flat.


Great work by the Flash crew. Dasher said he recorded 3.65 miles and other reports from pax sounded like everybody got at least 3.5. Thank you, Rockwell, for the opportunity to lead. Oh, and great job on the 7’s. You crushed that! Good seeing Finchy back out with us. He battled hard today. I love the “no quit” attitude. That workout sucked and you just kept coming back for more. Well done, man. The minors are like Lucky at the greyhound track. You run as fast as you can to catch them only to never actually catch them. Good job Sprinkles and Flipper. I do think Dasher got awfully close at one point, though. Easy Button- glad to have you as a running buddy. It seems like regardless of where we post, we wind up side by side. Thanks for the push to finish out those 7’s. Very limited mumblechatter from the pax today, though I did catch a “Let me guess…let’s mosey” from somebody. That was funny- and accurate as that’s exactly what we did a lot!

Final disclaimer- please exercise caution when getting on and getting off toilet today and tomorrow morning. The handicap stall with handrails is a 100% acceptable choice!


Sanctuary tonight at 7:30 at Brooklyn Pizza

Thanks to Mad Dog for taking us out.


I changed up my Q style a bit today mainly because I had on a 20lb vest and wasn’t sure if mileage would kill me or not. I should have stuck to my guns and put in more mileage and less reps on the exercises!!

Warm up:

Arrived at 5:14, threw out a short DiCCS (Insert joke) and we were off. Lets mosey!

0.97 opeing mosey and circle for 6 which would soon be me!

Warm up:


10 IW IC

10 Merkins IC

Calf streatch – flap jack

10 Peter Parker IC

The Thang:

10 burpees a minute for 5 minutes

4 Corners around target- Increase reps x 5 each lap

1st lap:

10 WWII situps

10 Merkins

10 V toe touch

10 Peter Parkers

Circle burp – Increase merkin x 1 after each burpee

Circle of pain – Each pax calls out exercise while they run around the circle

Jail break back for COT


I’m not going to lie, I felt like I was running with Shake and Bake 7 months ago and almost puked a few times. Running with a vest on is way easier than doing 25 merkins and 50 burpees! I will be taking Zinfandel’s and Damascus’s recommendations and will be dropping to 10lbs for a few weeks.

The pax killed it today! Damascus is a gazelle again and was up front all morning with Kid Rock, Smokey and Swimmers – way to push guys! Dana was moving along well but not his normal speed. I think the Easter ham slowed him down a bit! Loafer and Shop Dawg pushed hard and kept me company at the rear. Shop Dawg spilled a bit of Merlot on the last round, I was very close!! Well done today men!! Mileage was low today – 2.45 – 3.0

Thanks Shop for taking us out.


The Murph challenge continues – Loafer and Transporter are looking for partners…maybe they just partner up?

Help Damascus figure out a way to raise attendance at Asylum

Stoplights in Champion Forest?

Not everyone packed up their station wagon and headed out of town with their 15 kids like Rubbermaid and so 7 PAX showed up on a perfectly crisp 45 degree Monday morning of Spring Break week in WUC.

5:15 am DCCS reviewed. Time to move, lots of ground to cover


Mosey to front of high school and circle up for a quick warm up:

1. 15 x SSHs IC

2. 15 x Imperial Walkers IC

3. Calf Stretches each leg 15 second

4. 10 x Merkins IC

Mosey across Cuthbertson to entrance of Champion Forest.

Run down Waynewood to intersection with Dobson. At alternating stoplights…. stoplights in Champion Forest?!?…. maybe YHC meant streetlights…

• 10 x Merkins

• 10 x Squats

If you continue down Waynewood or Dobson they intersect again in about .51 miles. Pax pair up and one partner goes down Waynewood while the other goes down Dobson until they intersect. The idea was a hard steady pace that wasn’t a sprint but not a mosey either.

1. 10 hand slap Merkins with partner when you meet back up at the next intersection of Waynewood and Dobson

2. Mary and pick up the six so we can all start the next .51 repeat together.

3. Rinse and repeat opposite directions back up to the other intersection of Waynewood and Dobson.

4. Total of 6 x .51 miles repeats completed

Mosey back to entrance of Champion Forest to the actual stoplight. Pick up six and fast mosey back to AO. I think everyone got around 6 miles with some 6.5+


The goal of the day was to try to get everyone over 5 miles if not 6 while getting in some speed work that wasn’t on a track. Champion Forest is a practically perfect .51 miles from every intersection symmetrical neighborhood so perfect for this type of workout… and a not on a track.

Great to see Ice 9 post at Ignition, I think it was his first time posting at this AO and he was really pushing the pace. Hollywood out front as always and there is a reason why Legal has a “Zoom” after his name.

Fellow cresters Dancing Bear and Zinfandel are getting faster and leaner and I think both got in 6 miles. Cobbler back out for a second week in a row and really pushing himself, great job.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this AM.


  • Not sure, probably should read the Flash BB
  • Zinfandel on Q at Watchtower tomorrow

SOB/Union County Convergence

SOB and Union County showed up and showed out with 42 Pax getting their Saturday started with some work.

Damascus’s portion:

Disclaimer given, FNG, Cell Phone, CPR identified

Warmup – Mosey to corner of Ballantyne Commons / 521- 15 SSH IC- 15 Mountain Climbers IC- Downward Dog- Calf StretchThe Thang

  • Mosey to Durrant Blvd- 10 Jump squats at each light to the end (~ 10-12 lights) / Plank for 6
  • Mosey to Parking Garage- Partner Carries (switch as needed) to top / Plank for 6- Lunges to Top ramp w/Jump Lunges at each pillar (10)
  • Mosey back to Garage entrance w/ 5 burpees at the bottom of each ramp

Moleskin- As expected, a lot of grumbling with the announcement of partner carries, but everyone who was capable pushed through.

Proud to have the opportunity to lead such a great group of men

War Eagle’s portion:

  • Mosey from Ballantyne Village to the scenic part of the AO. Down Ballantyne Commons to the turn where the smaller Btyne Corp Park pond is. 6 cones around the pond with the Pax broken out among the 6 cones. Lap around the pond stopping at each cone for 7x the following exercises: Lap 1 = merkins, Lap 2 = single leg dead lifts, Lap 3 = Carolina Dry Docks and Lap 4 = Mary Catherine Gallaghers
  • Mosey to the Bull Ring for a round of Bear Crawl Banjo.

Moleskin – It was awesome having so many guys from SOB and WUC and really glad to meet a lot of the guys. Now I can put faces to names on Slack and Backblasts. YHC was pleasantly surprised by the turnout but seeing as the pond portion of the workout was already going to be tight because of the turf renovation, due to the large number the audible was made to break the Pax out among the cones. Lots of mumblechatter trying to figure out how to count off by 6 and go to a particular cone but once we got going the group naturally spread out and all laps were completed in a strong showing by all. There was too much time after the pond to head to launch. YHC knew the Bear Crawl Banjo with so many Pax was an aggressive bite to take but he knew everyone was up to the task and would thank him later (although I did watch my back at COT for a serious Loogie Smash). The Bear Crawl Banjo lead to a jail break back to launch and perhaps a minute or two over.

Welcome to our FNG’s, Vespa and Cartman. Vespa is Chopper’s nephew hence the name. Cartman is Chopper’s brother and if I connected the dots right he has a son named Timmy so he is now Cartman.


  • Sketchy cars creeping through the Vine parking lot so check your belongings.
  • Dredd on Q at Davinci next Saturday 4/27. 6:30 at the Blakeney Chick Fil A. Park at Best Buy/Petsmart
  • 2nd F event at Tuckfest next Saturday night 4/27 at the White Water Center.
  • Memorial Day convergence in WUC with a team Murph.
  • June 1st Man Up organization out of Pittsburgh partnering mentors with youth. Reach out to Olaf for details or look up on the web or Facebook.

Dips Facing the Sun

7 PAX toured the rarely visited east end of the site: Smokey, Lumberjack, Fuse Box, Chastain, Arsenal, Bonhoeffer, and welcome FNG Polo (Brandon Hunt).

The Warmup

Warmup run to the flux capacitor sidewalks by the tennis courts.

  1. Sidestraddle Hop X 29
  2. Sumo Squats X 23
  3. Arm Circles X15 forward/backward
  4. Merckens X 10

The Thang

  1. Run to the painted rock at SVHS.
  2. Partner work … one partner does sliding squats against the rock (Smokey really wanted this called “Rubbing the Rock” … I’m not sure why) while the other partner rolled the Fun Dice for an exercise.
  3. Ran to front of SVHS … stopped at each pole to do 5 merckens.
  4. Partner work … Ran a 1/2 lap around front parking lot while partner rolled Fun Dice
  5. Ran through back parking lot to stadium bleachers. Partner work … stair climbs while partner rolled Fun Dice
  6. Raced the back Rainbow Road (Mario Cart style). We stopped at “every pole” to do a crazy awesome new workout Bonhoeffer invented. See, he’d been hearing laments about the lack of back workouts, so he’d been pondering ways to create a mobile back workout. Now officially called “Galleys” after all those guys in the hull of the boat rowing, all PAX line up side to side, every other PAX standing up and lying on back between. Then the PAX on the ground do pullup rows while the two PAX on either side of him grip his hands to keep him off the ground. To rotate, simply move down the line toward the sun.
  7. Run to the small track behind SVMS.
  8. Partner work … run a lap while partner rolled Fun Dice.
  9. Run to awnings. 30 stepups, 30 merckens, 30 dips, roll the Fun Dice.
  10. Jailbreak to launch.
  11. Mary > Freddy Mercuries, Boxcutters, Pacmans, American Hammers (lots of PAX mumblechattering about the 30 seconds they thought the Q was going over.)
  12. El fin.


FNG Polo crushed it for his first time out. Well done, Sir! You against you, and you won!

Smokey and Chastain led the constant mumblechatter over what the name of this backblast should be. Finalists were “Rubbing the Rock,” “Dips Facing the Sun,” and “His Wienke Is on Vibrate.”

Smokey is still working to understand what “modify as needed” means. I think he really just wants to Q some more workouts because he changes everything the Q plans and does his own thang. Sign him up, Chastain!

Some PAX seem very self-conscious about their manhood and feel uncomfortable rubbing their backs against a painted rock to do low squats. Note to self: Plan more rubbing of things for Smokey.

El fin.


  1. We forgot to ask for announcements. #NotaProfessional

Mountain Goat Runs The Mermaid

18 strong pax avoided the fart sack this morning and attended one of the most hyped Mountain Goat Runs in Area 51 History. After a though disclaimer given the pax were off at 5:15, tackling a new challenge for Mountain Goat. This challenge has known back in the old days of Fast Twitch The Mermaid created by our past Area 51 Nantan Mermaid himself.

The Thang:
The objective was simple: make it to level 4 of the Charlotte Catholic Parking Deck and back in 60 minutes. Route, left on Strawberry, Left on 51, Cross at the Carmel 51 light down to Catholic, follow the path to level 4 of the parking deck and back to launch. Get as far as you can then turn around the 28ish minute mark back to launch. Today’s mileage ranged from 4.5 to 7.5 miles


Although YHC chose to pick this route, this is Mermaids Brain Child. I’ve ran this route now 4 times, and have only made it to Level 4 of the Catholic Parking Deck once while doing a 9 mile tempo run from Ghost Runner Launch. This isn’t an easy challenge, its a you against you run with 60 minutes of solid work by everyone.

YHC took off right away, having already been warmed up for a pre run with Fleetwood. Purple Haze, Hairball, Tiger Rag and Rock Thrill came up about 3/4 of a mile later and weren’t found again till we returned to launch. Purple Haze and Hairball made it to Level 4 of Catholic and back in 60 minutes. Rumor has it Hairball and Haze were asked to do Merkins during Runstopper’s Centurion Q in the parking deck? Only they know if they did merkins. Tiger Rag and Rock Thrill made it in an Overtime Finish. All other primarily turned around the intersection off 51 and Carmel back to launch. Excellent work by every pax, hopefully The Mermaid will now become a Mountain Goat favorite going into BRR Season.

Thank you Slim Fast and Retread for allowing me to lead today, it isn’t often I’m able to make it to Mountain Goat. However, with transitioning out of my current job visits will begin to occur more often. Although I didn’t make it to my goal of making it to Catholic, I appreciate the support from all the pax since February 2018. Legs fully healed now it’s getting back into shape to be able to tackle the upcoming race schedule, as well as a potential 2nd installment of The Mermaid at Mountain Goat during BRR season.

-Mountain Goat has a backblast for the first time since December of 2018! Even in a running workout, backblasts are great to see following workouts. I’m one to occasionally forget to write a backblast.
-Thank you Tweetsie for the solid takeout

This hill needs a name

Let’s start with the kudos – cheers to Mary Kay (2nd Brave) and Taco Stand for ditching Cerebus for South Charlotte’s toughest AO. Last but not least, Frehley’s Comet absolutely crushed the last sprint of the day outracing men 10 years (or more) his junior.

Here’s the play-by-play –
From the Gibson’s lot we ran to the Brighthouse Financial lot for COP
20 Steve Earls (Copperhead squat & Hillbilly combo)
10 Mountain climbers
10 Hip slappers
20 Mountain climbers
10 shoulder taps
30 Mountain climbers
Wheel-O-Merkin (60 in push-ups)

From there we ran to the corner of Ballantyne Commons & Ballanytne Corporate for instructions. The plan is to run from the base of the hill to the top starting at a jog and accelerating to a sprint. Your pace and heartrate should be pushed faster as you get closer to the hilltop. (The goal is to NOT slog up the hill at the same pace.) Most of us made it up 4 times. (Frasier got to the top five.) That hill needs a name.

We finished with a final sprint in the Gibson lot and a few minutes of Freddy Mercury.

No gloves necessary, that ain’t no old-time asphalt.

Posted on behalf of Olympic silver medalist, BOG

10 PAX heeded the call of spring and braved YHC’s semi-virgin Q (VQ was Hydra also, but I was last minute sub).  Weather was spot on perfect at 64 degrees and

The Thang

Mosey around school to CoP for warm-up in newly paved, smooth parking lot

20 SSH

20 Imperial Walkers

20 Mountain Climbers

20 LSS

10 Peter Parker and 10 Parker Peters

Native American Run down Summerlin to Abbotswood

7s up and down Abbotswood hill

Burpees and Sister Mary Catherines (Started as 11s, but YHC called audible)

Native American Run to Abbotswood /Windyrush corner

20 Speed Skaters (Should we call them Eric Heidens, Bonnie Blairs, Dan Jansens, or Apollo Anton Ohnos?)

20 Wide Arm Merkins

20 Jump Squats

Native American Run to Benches at OPE


15 Step Ups

15 Dips

15 Derkins

Run to Dumpster

Mosey to Launch

Bear Crawls/Crab Walks across newly smoothed out parking lot


15 LBCs

15 AmHammers

15 Freddy Mercury

And that was a wrap!


Look for F3 Beer at Stumptown Station in Matthews

Shovel Flag Lager and Side Straddle Hops by Suffolk Punch Brewery

Puddin Pop prayed us out, helping us all to be thankful for the Ultimate Sacrifice many of us celebrate this week.

The Chattah:

With Flutie Flakes visiting from NH, there was a lot to catch up on, including the proper spelling of annals.  Even though there was disbelief that ESPN had a 2 hour special on NFL schedule release, there was quite a bit of chatter about which games would be attended, consensus:  The Big Easy fo sho.  Lots of Bama Swagger about Triple Crowns, Heisman/Nattie etc so we will have to see how that works out.  Also, YHC learned quite a but more than I’d hoped to about ping pong and Thailand – had ta be there.  Truly enjoyable group everyone, thanks for the opportunity.

Bi-Lo, High Five

Men across the land woke early this morning with a primal urge to do something manly: the high five. Men in Canada woke with the urge to play hockey. For 14 PAX, Rebel Yell combined both of those urges into a big ball of workout today to celebrate National High Five Day and the 20th anniversary of Wayne Gretzky’s final NHL game.


  • Nancy Kerrigan x 20
  • Steve Earle x 20
  • Plank Jack x 20
  • Peter Parker x 20


Mosey to the main Elm entrance to Stonecrest and partner up.

  • Run down Elm toward Ballantyne Commons, stopping at each small walkway light for 5 hand clap merkins, but the hand claps need to be higher than normal to celebrate the high five.
  • Continue the mosey to the (formerly) Bi-Lo parking lot for 19 merkins in cadence. Total of 99 merkins. #GreatOne

At the (formerly) Bi-Lo parking lot, the PAX split into 2 groups and one group circled the vertical pairing of islands/parking spaces while the other group did Bonnie Blairs. Just like a complete line shift, once the entire group was back, the other group ran the same area. This went on for the length of the parking lot, or 8 vertical lengths. The middlemost parking area has a double-sided double shopping cart return and PAX were encouraged to jump the cart return either OCR-style or like entering the ice from the bench.

After completing the first length of the lot, repeato but with Angry Al Gore air punches instead of Bonnie Blairs because someone asked when the fighting part of hockey would come into play.

Mosey (or haul it) back to COT.


YHC has not posted often at Rebel Yell but thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate manly things with manly PAX. Now more PAX know that YHC likes a good theme to a workout, digs deeeep into the Exicon for a change of exercises, and is a poor judge of time, as evidenced by running the workout long by 2 minutes and still only getting through half the Weinke.

YHC started off by tossing out the number 2,857 — the career points total of The Great One — and setting that as the merkin target. The groans indicated that YHC was also relieved from such a stupid goal in a 45-minute workout.

The PAX were open to new exercises today and everyone agrees that starting off with Nancy Kerrigans at 5:30 AM is a little early for a test in balance. One Star must have played some serious Blades of Steel on NES or is a huge closet Cutting Edge fanboy because he has serious Bonnie Blair skills and entered the ice on the shopping cart return like he was the one who laced up the skates 1487 times in the NHL. Boitano had some strong punching moves, but no one wanted to ask if he was a goon in his pro days. And Wild Turkey beat out Happy Meal as the one who had the most fun surmounting the shopping cart return. Turkey rolled under and even took the highest route possible over the 8-foot signage railing, giving YHC a momentary fear of a Jim Cornette-Starrcade ’86 situation. Fortunately, that was not the case.

Good times at Rebel Yell and maybe YHC can finish the Weinke sometime soon.


  • Saturday SOB/UC convergence 4/20 at Stonehenge @ 6:30 AM. Double pre-run options available.
  • Church on the Street (COTS) is available first Sunday of each month. Fantastic experience. Contact Billy Goat or Strawberry.
  • Olaf welcomes anyone looking for a church to attend on Easter. Reach out to him on Slack.

Thanks for the take out, One Star.