Burpees with a side of Burpees at Flash

Burpees with a side of Burpees at Flash

Always Pay It Forward! After Rockwell stepped up recently to lead at Dromedary, it was my turn at Flash. I didn’t realize how long it had been since I last lead at Flash, so I needed to make it memorable for the many new Pax who show up on Monday. Perfect 50+ degree weather, 20+ guys, and 2 fast teenagers proved to be a great recipe for a solid workout.


Here’s how it went…new playlist loaded, fast Mosey to front of school for:

SSH x 20…run to next spot

IW x 20…run to next spot

Plank Jacks x 20…run to next spot

Merkins x 20…run back to flags.

Directions given. At each of the (9) light poles down the path, do (3) Burpees until reaching the Shed/Transporter’s room. Donkey kicks as you wait for the Six (quickly realized this was a bad idea after 27 Burpees). The two 17-year old Gazelles set the pace and crushed it. Great job by the new, slimmed-down version of Jingles as he was right on their heels.

Now for some Strength Work…Grab a “Lifting Rock” (someone didn’t get the memo – not mentioning names – as I saw a pebble and thought it was a joke!). Circle up for:

(20) Curls, Run up the path, do (1) Burpee then return to the rocks. Find a new rock every time you return.

(20) Overhead Press/Run/Burpee

(20) Tricep Extensions/Run/Burpee

(20) “All-in-One” Curl + Overhead Press + Tricep Extension in Cadence. Finish. Drop Rocks. Run one last time. Return rocks.

I have since learned that some Pax found some Poison Ivy somewhere near the rock pile. Sorry, fellas. I had no clue that would be an issue.

Mosey To Stairs, Partner Up for some Core Work:

P1 – H2H (100)/ P2 Run down path, up the stairs

P1 – Flutter (100)/ P2 Run down path, up the stairs

P1 – LBC (100)/ P2 Run down path, up the stairs

Mosey To Front of Middle School for a combination ofStrength, Speed, and Core Work with same partner.

P1 – (150) Dips / P2 runs a 1/2 lap around lot

P1 – (100) Leg Extensions / P2 runs a 1/2 lap around lot

P1 – (50) Derkins / P2 runs a 1/2 lap around lot

Mosey back to the start for the final 5 minutes of work. More Burpees!

Burpee Ladder…starting at one curb, complete (1) Burpee. Run across the lot to the other curb and do (2) Burpees. Run across the lot and do (3) Burpees…you get the picture.

Many moans but little talking the last 5 minutes so we all know it was a challenge. Nice job by everyone for getting in as many rounds as possible. I believe (know) the high was (9) Burpees when the time expired and our brothers from Ignition joined us. Finish.


As mentioned, it had been a long time since YHC had lead at Flash. Flash was the first F3 workout I ever attended in 2016, and will always be a special AO and workout for me. It’s a great campus, very safe for the Pax, and there is so much do to there. I owed the Pax a solid workout, and I believe we accomplished that goal today. Nice work today, fellas, and I hope your hips and quads are as smoked as mine are after all those Burpees. There is no better full-body exercise. Thanks to Rockwell for asking me to Q, and for the Pax for allowing me to lead them today. It’s always an honor and pleasure to lead. Until next time…


Great job by Rubbermaid (R) in organizing the Speed For Need run this past weekend. Flawless execution from what we’ve heard. Nice effort by the Pax for pushing a chariot at a 7:00/mile pace. Wow.

3rd F at Five Stones, Sunday Mornings, discussing the Book of Ephesians this week.

Reminder that Sanctuary occurs every Monday night at Brooklyn Pizza, Wesley Chapel.

YHC took us out in prayer. Continue to be the Light in this often Dark world, fellas. Lift your brothers up, encourage others, and know that in all things God has a Plan and Purpose for our lives…including F3 as it is truly about more than just working out (and Burpees!).

Romans 8:28

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