Impromptu Field Trip

Impromptu Field Trip

20 PAX gathered at Cuthbertson Middle for a good ole fashioned field trip. One PAX actually got dropped off by his mom wife (oh wait, that was Centerfold at his VQ last night at #ClyentDinner). Speaking of children, the impatient Tupperware got a little ahead of himself by asking about YHC’s DCCS. Settle down young fella. I whip out the DCCS on MY schedule.


  • Plenty of CPR, Cell Phones, and Chap Stick and we even had some headlamps per YHC’s preblast (seriously, please start bringing these on a regular basis just in case)
  • Mosey along path and stop near rocks
  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Merkin/Mt Climber ladder
    • 10 Merks/10 Mts
    • 9 Merks/9 Mts
  • After we did 7, we moseyed into the new side of Lawson via a treacherous nice little path
  • Finished the ladder on the other side


  • At each lightpole along Surveyor General Drive – 10 hand release/shoulder tap merkins
  • Lucky 7s: At Paw Paw Road – 7 knee-ups at top of hill, 7 bomb jacks at bottom of hill . . . Rinse and repeat 7 times
  • CHARIOT TIME: Rubbermaid had a couple chariots ready with 90lbs of weight
    • 2 Indian Run lines: 2 PAX push chariot up front, last 2 PAX, do burpee and run to front
    • We did this 3 times up and back on Surveyor General
    • Return the chariots
  • Lightpole sprints with exercises
    • Sprint to each lightpole and hold Al Gore waiting for the 6
    • Exercises in cadence (mini squats, Bobby Hurleys, one legged dead lifts, slow jump lunges, Scorpion Dry Docks)
  • Return to Middle School path
    • Plank work
    • Jailbreak to COT


  • Thanks to Rubbermaid and Tupperware for having the Chariots prepared
  • Strong push by all on the Chariots . . . That pace on the Indian Run was FAST. Particular shout out to Ackbar, Foundation, Deflated, Dana, Rockwell, and Loafer for pushing the pace
  • Trojan, Gerber, and Easy Button were CRUSHING it on the Lucky 7s up the hill. Well done
  • Nails is getting faster . . . Rumor has it that he is itching to get back to his high school track times and squeeze into those short shorts
  • Much respect to GatorCub, Xerox, and Recalculating for not showing your age at all
  • Posse astutely pointed out to Finch that the length of the hill was about the length of a double in softball . . . Finch gave him a death stare and swore smiled and nodded
  • Mad Dog apparently sandbagged the first part of the workout cuz he had PLENTY of gas in the tank on the last jailbreak
  • Last but not least . . . Frack. I’m a little perplexed that Frack didn’t have any crotchety one-liners today. Did he not like the workout? Was he working that hard? Could he not find a punching bag in the crowd? Or has he finally softened up? #InquiringMindsWantToKnow


  • Dash for Down: Tomorrow (Saturday) at Blakeney. Come out and run/walk or just show up with a coffee and support from the sidelines with the family. THIS is when F3 is at its best . . . BEING the hands and feet in the community and helping others. Well done Rubbermaid for Qing this great event. Looking forward to it. Race starts at 8:30am. Runners get there at 7:30am to meet the Track Commanders (the kids that will ride in the chariots)
  • Next Saturday: At Commitment, we will be “Ghost Running” an 8k in honor of Christina Latini, daughter of an F3 brother who passed away a few years ago at 8 years old. Click HERE to register.

THANKS to Mad Dog for taking us out. Prayers for Xerox’s family as well as the Longo family. Have a great weekend!

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