PreBlast – Race Week prep

  • When:03/18/2019
  • QIC: Bratwurst

PreBlast – Race Week prep

Swift will launch from the Vine Restaurant at 0515 on Tuesday. As this is Race Week (Palmetto 200 starts Friday), we’ll be doing some intervals to settle us in. Even if you’re not preparing for the race, it will be a good workout combining some Threshold Pace and Strides.

The Thang:

  • 0500 – Pre-run for those so inclined
  • 0515 – Leave the Vine and warm-up by heading towards N. Community House stopping at the back entrance to Brighthouse Financial (what we have known as the MetLife building).
    • Option 1 – use the Fitness trail to go past SPX for a 1.3mi segment covered in 10min (7:30/mi pace).
    • Option 2 – use the crosswalk at Johnston Rd through the Ballantyne resort for a 1.0mi segment covered in 10min (10:00/mi pace).
  • 0525ish – Start dynamic warm-up while heading through the back streets down to North Community House.
  • 0530 – Workout Part 1:
    • 1200m (cones every 400m) at Threshold Pace. This is a “comfortably hard” effort that translates roughly to a pace you could run in a race that lasts 60 minutes. For most, this is about 1:00/mi slower than your best Mile race time. Use the calculator here to be more precise –
    • Rest 2:00, crossing over to other side of the street to do the next interval coming back the other way.
    • Repeat for 4 x 1200m total.
  • 0600 – Workout Part 2 (which can be done on your way back to the Vine):
    • 4 x 100m Strides (or about 20 seconds). Recover by jogging back to the starting point. If you are doing this on the way back to the Vine, use a 40-60 second rest between each.
    • Strides are 20 to 35 second sprints at your mile race pace, or roughly 85 to 95% effort. Used to loosen up the legs and feel the speed without being over taxing.
  • 0615 – COT at the Vine



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