Thirsty Thursday at Hydra

  • When:03/14/2019
  • QIC: LaZboy

Thirsty Thursday at Hydra

  • LaZboy, Gummy, Cotton Mouth, Harley, Jet Fuel, Sprockets, Leprechaun, Hannibal, Queen, Marge, Kirk, Pudding Pop, Bug Eater, Clover, Lewinsky, Tackling Dummy

‘Marge’ showed excellent leadership in volunteering me for the Q on delightful ‘dry’ Thursday AM- one problem…I wasn’t in the know – I was not on the email that notified me of my Q responsibility. Thanks to Gummy for watching my “six” and a light travel week gave me the opportunity to lead a great group of guys at one of my favorite workout spots. The Hydra clan missed some of the old timers and regular attendees like Hopper, Hops, Spackler, and Purple Haze. Cottonmouth came out to support a friend even though he had been taking care of sick family all week.

This was a rusty Q for this old guy… like my short game, the exercise intro and cadence is the first to go and was immediately targeted by the PAX as woefully deficient. I do think, despite my amateur Q status the Pax got their money’s worth and burned enough calories to warrant a few beers for the big time ACC basketball matchups to be played that evening. I was in my a zone… But there was plenty of mumble chatter to go around during the work out and Gummy provided plenty of hazards/warnings and clarifications to the workout regiment while running to and from Harris Teeter. Pudding Pop always provides irritable bowel symptoms and smells to spice things up…Jet Fuel (fellow Tar Heel) and I got to discuss our basketball hopes for the evening. Thanks Marge and my email is for the next Q!!! 🙂

Warm up

  • In cadence….
  • SSHX20 (except for Gummy)
  • PLANK- 10 count by Pax volunteer- Cottonmouth
  • Mountain Climbers x20-
  • PLANK- 10 count by Pax volunteer- Gummy
  • Imperial Walker x 20
  • PLANK – 10 count by Pudding Pop
  • Squat (low and slow)- x20
  • PLANK- 10 count (can’t remember)
  • Burpee 1X

The Thang

  • Run to Harris Teeter – .06 miles – collect pax and mosey to Donut Run launch point- Dunkin Donuts- .015 miles
  • Abreast on curb- Bear crawl 60’ /180 and bear crawl back 60’- 1X – (before dinner cocktail)
  • Begin Colony Place Restuarants tour – complete 5x of said exercise at each restaurant then “yog” to next restaurant – full course meal. Appetizer- Merkins 30x, 2nd course was Squats 30x, 3rd course, LBC’s-30x, and for dessert 30x of the “American Hammer”- approximately 1 mile earned.
  • Abreast on curb again – Bear crawl 60’ /180 and bear crawl back 60’- 1X – (before dinner cocktail) – 10 count
  • Burpee 1x X 5 on Q command
  • Return to AO (Old Providence) “AYOP” with 5x squats at every 2nd street light- collect PAX at launch- more time left than expected so the Q implemented his back up plan. .06 miles earned
  • pax jogs around the rear of school to the bus parking lot and to the contemplative “tree” with benches- PAX completes – Durkin’s 10X, Dips 10x, and decline Merkins 10x – jogs back same route to achieve 3 TOTAL MILES.
  • COT/cool down – Flutter 10x/ Dolly 10x- good for 10 count
  • Burpee 1X OYO
  • Huddle – ‘Sprockets’ did a great job closing out the Pax in prayer.

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SprocketsPosted on2:11 pm - Mar 18, 2019

LaZBoy, thanks for Qing with minimal guidance, instruction, warning, encouragement, or general support whatsoever. Points for creativity on the restaurant tour… I learned from the pax that morning that apparently I’ve been “living under a rock” since I’ve never dined at Brooklyn Pizza, and that “no one earth has ever dined at the Peruvian joint… or at least lived to tell about it.”

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