Chatter Head Kotters Party

Chatter Head Kotters Party

Wow, where to start. Well, let’s start in the corner some people would call, “TMI”. I had a very active dump this morning. Probably wouldn’t fall into the category of “seat belt on toilet” or anything, but a really good full body release. Hmm, what would be the cause of this? Probably the many Dos Equis (plural?) I had watching the Heels dispatch Louisville (fake ACC), and then stayed up for Zion’s eighth dunk in the first six minutes, and hit the sack. Random thought #1, why Dos Equis? I’ve been watching Bloodline on Netflix, and it seems that they are drinking Mexican beer in every scene. They got me hook, line, and sinker…good marketing.

Why am I telling you this? Well, the primary and secondary defecation (in the same sitting) caused me not to leave the casa untilt 5:17, which puts me coming in hot on two wheels at Covenant Day. Day prior I had called out for all chatter heads to come on out for a standard Fun Friday at Kevlar. Upon dismounting the vehicle in time for the disclaimer, some of Area 51’s finest were in attendance. Heck, even Tiger Rag and Young Love dusted off the crusty F3 shoes to post this morning, more on this later. I knew from the start we were all in for a very special one this morning.

Mosey from lot, pick up a late arriving Joker and head down to the courtyard in between a bunch of buildings.




HRM (I love abbreviations)

Pick a guy that you don’t want to talk to for most of the workout.

P1 stays in courtyard to perform exercises (R1 merkins, R2 LBC, R3 CDD)

P2 runs around the church

Plank for the six, then mosey to the benches in front of pre-school? Get back up with that guy.

P1 does exercises on benches (R1 dips, R2 step ups, R3 inclines)

P2 runs up and around the grassy knoll

Gather everyone and mosey to upper lot by the grassy hill, get back up with that guy.

P1 does exercises a base of hill (R1 dollys, R2 rosalitas, R3 jump squats)

P2 runs hot lap up around hill and back down steps

Mosey up to rock pile, grab one lifting rock between you and that guy.

P1 does exercise with rock (R1 curls for TR, R2 overhead press, R3 tea bags for Bulldog)

P2 runs down the entrance hill to the church and back

Mosey twenty yards to the street sign, Gummy 10 count, then AYG back to launch.

3 mins of Mary



Backscratcher (the finest oblique exercise this side of Yorkshire)


Chatter Time

My goodness, the chatter was amazing this morning. If you weren’t there, you wouldn’t understand.

Sucks that we really had two groups of chatter the whole time, but that’s the way the cookie crumbled. Guess we could’ve done a Bulldog Bro Gym workout, but I’m too lazy for the setup that has to happen for that (and remember how long my dump took?).

Anyways, things started during COP when, at the end of an exercise, Horsehead asked me if I had my shorts on backwards. Umm, yes, I had to look, and no, for the record, I had it right.

On our first run (group 1), Alf and Joker were lamenting about their Hokies getting Criminoled yesterday. You always need an active dude on the inbounds play on defense, they deserved what they got IMO. Right before round 2 was called, Cage shot himself out of a cannon, almost like he knew what I was thinking. #strange Right about now Joker was asking if there was a porta-potty around, or anything of the like. I can attest (from my Defcon1 episode here about a month ago) that, in fact, no, no there isn’t. Just stop and hold. He seemed to have worked it out internally (I don’t have that power) as he and Rhapsody were leading most of the way. Most of Group 1 was doing zero of the exercises.

Upon arriving to the second loop site, Spackler decided to defect from Group 1 to Group 2, as he thought he could definitely finish first in every run. #vetmove

Bulldog and Manziel got into a little race back to the rock pile. We all know Bulldog’s capabilities, but Manziel has some wheels! Uphill no less. And, they are both Tottenham Hotspur fans. #cute

Great to see TR and Young Love back in the fold. TR let us know after ball o’ man that “go ahead and get your jabs in now, before too long, you’ll know who your daddy is”. Yes fellas, the OG A51 Nantan is back. Young Love has been spending time gallivanting the US, looking for a wider client base. Who knew attorneys go on sales calls? I didn’t. Go forth and prosper young (love) man.

I’m sure there was a lot of chatter in Group 2, please inform us in the comments. Like Gummy for example, he and I were partners, and I’m sure the he talked a little, probably about nothing, which I always love.

Differences in GPS devices had us anywhere between 2.75 and 3.13 mileage today. BLC commented to me afterwards, “dang Puddin Pop, wasn’t expecting you to run that much, dude!” All good in the hood. Speaking of…Random thought #2…satellite radio selection sucked when I was on two wheels heading to CD, but heard Let Me Ride by Dr. Dre on the way home. Top 10 hip hop song for me of all time, so good on so many levels. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Thanks to Bulldog for taking us out in prayer this morning.

No Announcements

Thanks also to Fault Line and Orange Whip for the ability to lead, great times this AM.

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GummyPosted on5:27 pm - Mar 15, 2019

Topics from Group B’s chatter: Setting the over/under on Cottontail’s family vacation (37 kids) to Disneyworld, guessing the contents of the lunchbox left on the bench near the playground, Fault Line’s majestic performance at Fast Twitch earlier this week, updates on TR’s and my college daughters (fun fact: they were guests at each other’s 1-year birthday parties).

HIPAAPosted on5:33 pm - Mar 15, 2019

#SlowClap Niiiiiiice work here, PP.

SpacklerPosted on6:44 pm - Mar 15, 2019

The Disney # was $15K. They ALL stayed in the van to save money and now all the kids are scarred. Don’t come a knockin when the van is rockin.

JokerPosted on7:41 pm - Mar 15, 2019

Wow, this is a beautiful piece of rambling prose. And a strong opener. I mean, “I had a very active dump this morning.”… ranks up there. Dickens and Vonnegut knew how to pull in a reader, but Puddin you have s gift.

I must have been in group 1 because I know I did very few of the called exercises. I’ve really latched into the “modify as necessary” mantra.

I’m still waiting on the British-American translation on Bulldog’s prayer. That Brit accent was pretty thick this morning.

Very good to see YL and TR this morning.

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