But I purchased sunflower seeds here once…

But I purchased sunflower seeds here once…

I arrived at #87 early to drop a few cones along N Providence St…little did I know one pax would drop the kids off at the pool and ruin a local store owners morning, not to mention his shi%*@&. My Q’s are pretty predictable, low reps/high run, but today I wanted to change it up. Informed that an FNG would be amongst us I decided to scale the running back while making the exercises a bit harder. With my track record, I knew the B & C presence would probably not exist. Banjo is on IR after being owned by a kid playing ultimate frisbee and Zin was on hiatus at a weak AO in ATL. Thank you, no modifiers today…but wait!

A large black truck rolled in and I knew it must be spring and hibernation was over, Dancing Bear in the house!! But will he smell pee during the merkins? Will he break the B and C stereotypes (it’s not a stereotype, its fact) and not modify? Can he give it 110%, not complain and get stronger? Hell yeah he can and he did!! Way to crush it DB!!

The Thang:

DICCS mentioned – Lets go!!

Mosey to the Dream Chasers


30 SSH

15 Crab Cakes

Merkins – R/W/D/R/6”

10 Burpees a Min for 5 mins

Mosey Down Noth Providence St. – 5 Cones

2 – Splinter Masters at each Cone down – (That’s with the bomb jack)

5 Merkins at each Cone on the way back

Mosey to main Street – Bear Crawl from pole to pole – 7 poles

BAlternate 10 Jumps Squat / 20 LBC

Mosey To Keith Jong Hill – Grab Wall on the way

10 Mike Tyson IC / 10 Squats OYO – 2 rounds

Top of Hill – 40 LBC/

Bottom 2 Burpees – repeat x 3

The Moleskine:

I have to say for an FNG Yeah Yeah killed it! He hung right in there with the running and I didn’t see him modify (I don’t police), nice work and welcome aboard!

Bottle Cap as usual crushed the work but Keith Jong Hill slowed the gazelle a bit. It did seem steeper today.

Easy Button and Moneyball talked about basketball or something as they moseyed behind me a while but pulled a $&@? And bolted by me in the last hill run…ummmhumm

It was good so see Deflated’s face although he was still bundled strong with it 53 outside! He’s an old soul and always cold. I’m sure when Foundation and himself car pull the heat is on blast! Do you have AC in your car..asking for a friend?

Foundation, hard worker as usual and a master fng namer!

Trogan is looking strong! The consistent posting, positive attitude and max effort is paying off. Well done!

As I am running up the KJH for the last time Damascus catches up with me and all I hear him saying is a weak raspy half dead voice is “I need carbs, I need carbs, I need carbs” haha.

Shake n Bake glad you could join us, strong showing as per norm. Get out here more and those burpees wont roast your Boston as bad! Nice work!

Last but not least lets discuss the incident that went down at Marathon Gas station on this fine morning and left one store owner wondering what he did to deserve such rancid smells in his establishment from a non-paying customer.

MB turned to me with a look of desperation, pain, and energy and said (very fast) where you going next?????? ha. I said we are grabbing wall on the way to KJH…Boom he was out! Like missing.

We are arriving at the wall and I see his running posture doesn’t look at painful as he is coming from the laundry mat. He then goes on to tell us that the store owner “shouldn’t go in there for 30-45 mins” and “someone needs to open a window”. The relived pax felt bad momentarily for not making a purchase after his deposit but then realized that he had previously purchased a (1) pack of sunflower seeds from the poor man months ago. I suppose a $1.89 pack of sunflower seeds give you the green light to do the work.

Well done men..no 6 today!!


Clyent Dinner was at 5:30 w/ Dasher

Fix it for Christ – June 18th – 22nd Volunteers needed for house renovations – 34 houses in the community need assistance. 14yrs and above must be supervised 16yrs can work solo.

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