All About the Briarcrest, Baby.

All About the Briarcrest, Baby.

I really shouldn’t be the one writing this backblast today. The master orators that are Fuse Box or Zinfandel should be as they were the main guys behind the new neighborhood & F3 approved large lot shirts and magical entrance we all witnessed this morning. They would write 6 paragraphs breaking down the who, what where when and why of today’s events. They would do their best to shame all other local neighborhoods for their puny showings today, with graphs and charts of calculations/ratios. Instead, they will likely meme you to death today on Group Me.

Briarcrest had it’s Spartacus moment, and unfortunately every single one of the Waxhaw PAX could not be there to witness it.  The Respects present all instantly became 20 years older and shook their fists in disgust, yelling “those dang kids”. Millbridge stood with envy, wondering why with 1000 homes that couldn’t be them.  The rest were just confused embarrassed for them.  But nobody from the B&C seemed to care about yesterday, or the day before that, the times when factsacking jokes about Briarcrest were commonplace. All that matters is today. So yes, one small neighborhood in Waxhaw/Wesley Chapel (not Mineral Springs, Moneyball) brought out all of their people and comprised 10 of the 26 total PAX, all excited to see temps in the 60’s and eager to work hard. Shampoodle (kotters) even flew back from Nashville to witness this glorious occasion. Even FNG Brandon, now named Glider because we had nothing left to give at that point ( he rode a glider once?), was taken aback from all the excitement. If he never shows up again, it would be due to the shenanigans today and obviously have nothing to do with YHC’s spectacular workout, described below for anybody that cares.

Since I wasn’t sure how many were going to be present (YHC has been missing some Impromptu workouts lately), my plan was pretty much to do what I prefer to do, which is run. The Weinke would be updated as we go, as usual. Disclaimer was provided over the strong mumblechatter.

Warm Up: Mosey through the parking lot Plank, MC x 15 IC , Merkins x10 IC, Plank jacks x 15 IC, Merkins x10 IC, Peter Parkers x 15 IC, Merkins x 10 IC (for some, most stopped counting at this point)

The Thang: Mosey to the path that leads to Transporter’s Home Away from Home. At each light, complete 3 burpees. Total 21. Plank work while waiting for the six.

Continue mosey to the end of the path. Partner up.

Uphill both ways-Partner 1 run to the top of stairs, 10 merkins, P2 to end of path and around circle, 10 merkins-When you meet, 4 burpees. Flapjack. Each time you meet, add another 4 burpees up to 16 total. Mary while waiting for the 6.

Mosey to alcove in side of HS- Plank work, Merkins x10IC, 6 inch plank jacks x 10IC 150 shoulder taps off wall combined as a team. P1 runs to other side of the street and back while P2 does the exercise. Mary while waiting for the 6.

Mosey to front of HS-10 burpees OYO

Mosey to back of Middle school- Derkins x 20 IC, Dips x 20 IC, 20 Step ups Derkins x 10 IC, Dips x 10 IC Mosey back to start

Moleskin: The Pax all brought it today. I think. I usually have a terrible habit of not noticing or paying attention to much around me But since nobody got in their jeep and drove off early, I’d say that sticking around is good enough for me. The goal as always was to keep the heart rate up the entire time and offer little to no rest in between exercises and while waiting for the six. And obviously do enough merkins and burpees to keep everyone honest. Saw many knees hit the ground on the derkins/shoulder taps, myself included, never an issue as long as all are doing the best they can. Despite the brisk movement, the mumblechatter remained strong today and those that know who they are never stopped talking the entire workout (it seemed to be a Briarcrest against the other PAX kind of thing)

To those who care, we logged a little over 2.7 miles. Not overly far, but we were constantly moving with a very fast Mosey (some would say run) throughout. Thanks to all who showed up today to make my 2.86 year anniversary Q Briarcrest’s shining moment a good one.  Lawson, we are all now waiting..


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