Take it from my friends in the Digital Underground. Do what you like!

You don’t have to be superman to post with F3, you just need to get out of bed. Four men proved it’s better to be present than perfect.

SSH x 15
MC x 10
IW x 15
MC x 20
LSS x 15
MC x 30

The Thang
Dragon’s Backside
Burps at top Heels-to-Heaven bottom

Johnny Bench
Using the bench, 20 step ups, 20 split squats & 20 single-leg deadlifts

Pull Yourself Together
10 pull-ups, lap
10 knee to elbow, lap
Monkey bars and parallel bar traverse

Wally World
On the wall – air presses, calf raises, shoulder rotation and flys

Curb Your Enthusiasm
Plank walk with hands on the curb, sprint x 4

Wow, when I took a show a ridiculous amount of woodchips were washed away.
Ringer and Cobbler both coming off bouts of injuries, but still pushed hard all morning. Cobbler did burpees for the first time in weeks. That’s cause for celebration. For me, it’s ok to modify just don’t stand around. Atlas put in 5 miles before the workout. He bolted early, but he still earns a gold star today. Cheers to everyone who posted today at any AO.

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