Happy Birthday to YHC! Hope you like bricks.

Happy Birthday to YHC! Hope you like bricks.

Launch Conditions: 39-ish degrees (Some disagreement on this point. Spackler informed us that he had to ditch WeatherBug when it caused a foot of snow one time, so now he relies on AccuWeather. I’m a Weather Underground guy, but I’m not convinced of its accuracy, either. Suffice to say that it was not freezing or raining or windy.)

Pax: HIPAA (QIC), Spackler, Scabby, Prohibition, Puddin Pop, Champagne, Mermaid, Brilleaux, Clover, Moana, Snowflake, Jet Fuel, Lorax

Mileage: 1.83 miles

Difficulty: Hugh Glass on the Herman-Willink Scale. Just short of a full Jocko due to relatively low distance.

9 - Hugh Glass

Disclaimer: Given and legally accurate.


After the birthday confetti and streamers had been cleared from the dance floor, all that remained was 13 Pax who were full of swoleness and comradery (but still hungry for cake). More on that later.

The Thang:

Warmup saunter

Oh, what’s that? Someone has thoughtfully arrangement a crapton of brick pavers near Ye Olde Rock Pile? Grab a coupon.

Saunter back to launch.


IW x 20
LSS x 20
Merkins x 20
Mountain Climbers x 20

Mosey to tree-lined Avenue.

World’s Worst Merkins (w coupons) — 10 trees x 2 reps tree.

Plank for 6.

Heading Back = 5 trees x 2 WWM’s each..

Hang a Ricky. Partner one does lunge walk-press to other side while partner 2 does curls. Partner 2 launches when partner 1 reaches end.

Hang another Ricky. Partner one bear crawls to end while partner 2 squats. Partner 2 launches when partner 1 reaches end.

Run it back.

Finish out the WWM set with final 5 trees.

Mosey back in general direction of launch.

Catch me if you can. Give all coupons to one partner. Second partner does 5 burpees and then tries to catch Partner One. When, caught, 5 burpees and flapjack.



Thank you to everyone who joined for my 40th birthday extravaganza and thank you to Lorax and Brushback (in absentia, but with us in spirit) for the opportunity to lead these fine men.

The inspiration for the workout was kind of juvenile. Thought process went like this: 40 years old → 40’s → Birthdays Past → Edward 40 Hands → Bricks → Edward Coupon Hands. The concept, if unfamiliar, is as follows. Edward Fortyhands involves duct-taping a 40oz beverage to each of your hands and you can’t remove until finished. This is a real thing because Wikipedia and Youtube. I don’t recommend anyone do this ever. Googling this also yields some interesting results. Like this guy (NOT a Pax):

So basically we had coupons in our hands the whole time. Fun.

A Fishing Hole-like sub-2 miles today, but made up for it in max swole/pump. World’s Worst Merkins aka Worst Merkin Ever is really tough.

Worst Merkin Ever 1 Wide Arm Merkin, 1 Regular Merkin, 1 Diamond Merkin performed in succession with no break in form = 1 Worst Merkin Ever.

Prohibition and Mermaid sniffed out the Strava art attempt fairly early. Let’s just say it was not a good attempt. It was “s’posed ta” look like “4 0” but instead it kind of just looks like a twisted stethoscope.  

Some of the vertan Pax turn the coupon bear crawls into hairburners. #innovation

Spackler is faster than I thought. Made the mistake of partnering with him on CMIYC and almost didn’t catch him. I think he slowed down for me a little.

#kotters to Champagne who has been on the shelf with some sickness/general crud the last month or so. Good to have you out and hope it was worth your time!

Fitting that we had 13 Pax on the 13th. Also was my number in sports growing up. #NoCoincidences

Thank you to Clover for the kind words about YHC. I owe you a few beers for that. Also, it was Clover’s Mom’s 72nd Bday and would have been his grandmother’s 102nd Bday.

I just wanted to say thank you to all of the HIMs, PAXs, QICs and men of F3 for the past year. Friday is my one year anniversary of my first post and I have never looked back. More on that on Friday. Every day I am grateful for the support, fellowship and common bonds I’ve formed with you guys. I am always amazed (yet never surprised) at the encouragement and support (and accountability!) everyone provides to their brothers. Here’s to 40 more!

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MermaidPosted on1:18 pm - Mar 14, 2019

Glad to join on your Bday Q. Worst Merkin Ever’s didn’t sound that bad when you explained, but were pretty awful with repetition. Not a big fan of bricks so thanks for that aspect of the workout. Glad you found your way to F3 and have brought others into the fold. Appreciate your leadership and presence HIPPA. Looking forward to your Centurion Q for 1-year. Aye

LoraxPosted on1:57 pm - Mar 14, 2019

A workout inspired by Edward 40hands, got to say that is a first for me. But I did like the variety with the bricks, world’s worst merkin lived up to the name. Hairburners with them weren’t bad either until I hit the rubber cracks and almost ate it. But thanks for the Q, excitement around it, and let’s do it again Friday.

Chelms aka TatertotPosted on2:31 pm - Mar 14, 2019

FYI – Centurion has a stash of bricks and milk jugs filled with sand behind the bushes on west side of lot we park in.

HIPAAPosted on3:32 pm - Mar 14, 2019

@Chelms – Where do you think I got the bricks from? Thanks @Margo

@Lorax – Thanks for the opportunity. This site has been special to me ever since Clover coaxed me away from Doughtnut Run on fateful day last fall.

@Mermaid – I stand on the shoulders of giants. Credit goes to all who came before us and who have built this amazing thing we call F3. As with all things in life I’m just trying to leave things better than I found them and hope I can share with others a small part of the joy and fulfillment I have found here.


CloverPosted on3:58 pm - Mar 14, 2019

Wait, was the the first time you had been to Anvil that fateful Wednesday when I suggested we go to “God Stadium”? If so then yes, all credit does go to me. Fun Fact: Bugeater was our Q, and Hurricane Florence was just about to make landfall. Per the GPS happy 400th birthday!

BugeaterPosted on2:39 am - Mar 15, 2019

Looks like I missed a doozy. Happy 40 HIPAA!

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