Good morning at the Peak

Good morning at the Peak

Editor’s Note: Lois posting on behalf of Sensei

8 smart dudes took advantage of the cool-ish weather this morning and posted at Peak 51. It is March, so at best we have a few more weeks before the temps and/or humidity starts to rise. No FNGs, so the standard disclaimer was given and we took off and did the following …

Mosey around the front of FBC to the side parking lot.

  • SSH x 20
  • Hillbillies x 20
  • Merkins x 10
  • LSS x 20
  • Forward arm circles x 10
  • Backward arm circles x 10

Gather at the bottom of the church parking lot and partner up. P1 runs suicides to the other end of the lot, while P2 does called exercise.

  • Round 1 – LBCs
  • Round 2 – CDDs
  • Round 3 – Flutters
  • Round 4 – Lunges

Mosey 20 feet or so to the bottom of the paved hill behind the church for counting exercises:

11s on the hill, Merkins at bottom and Squats at top

Everybody on their 6 for Mary!

  • Dolly x 20
  • V-Ups x 10
  • Freddie Mercury x 20

Longer mosey to the wall for some PC — 2 rounds, 50 air presses each

Mosey over to the bus parking lot for some AYG sprints … we got in 4 total

Head back to launch and time.

Moleskin and Observations:

  • This was a fantastic morning. Perfect shorts and t-shirt weather without stupid humidity.
  • Great to see Beaver at Peak. Come back anytime.
  • The chatter during Hillbillies is always worth the price of admission.
  • Apparently Slim Fast does not like, or approve of CDDs. Something to do with naming rights and how they have nothing to do with actual dry docks.
  • The 20 feet mosey offended Tweetsie, duly noted sir.
  • V-Ups were as awful as expected, and candy bars / cookies are not a good pre-workout meal when V-Ups are on the agenda. I didn’t catch who offered that advice, but I do concur.
  • Everybody always loves sprints at the end of the workout, so you are welcome.

That’s it, as always it is an honor to lead the good folks at Peak 51.

Tweetsie with the strong takeout.

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