Funky and hip

Funky and hip

After an extended session of “who’s on Q” earlier in the week, YHC realized it would be him. So with a Tweet and Slack #Run reminder to get stretched last night, I came to the Scout Hut ready to lead. Fortunately, a few Pax, probably hoping to see BooYah (scheduled Q), posted, so YHC didn’t have to get that “what am I doing???” #sadclown feeling.

Here’s how it went down:

Devo based on Job 33:4
The spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.

Vinyasa once together, then 2X OYO.

The Main Thang:

LEFT: Lizard 45s

Hammy stretch 45s

Lizard Quad 45s

Vinyasa 1X OYO


Vinyasa 1X OYO

Go to Table Top

Cat/Cow X5

LEFT: Bird dog/Cheetah 5X

Side Split 45s

Twist Side Hip 45s


Vinyasa 1X OYO

Malasana 60s

Vinyasa to Down Dog, then…

Step back into Pigeon:

LEFT 60s


Seated twist 30s L, 30s R

Prone shoulder flip 45s (L/R)

Cross shoulders 50s (L+R)

Neck stretch in toes pose 30s L, 30s R

Single knee hug 30s (L/R)

Supine twist 45s (L/R)

Dead pigeon 45s (L/R)

Happy baby 30s

Shoulder across chest 30 L, 30 R

Half Cow Face one leg over other 45s

Flapjack 45s


Announcements: (none… wha??)


T-claps to Chopper for demonstrating amazing form with the Lizard and Pigeon.

Hope the tunes didn’t offend. It was New Orleans Home Cookin’ on Amazon.

Thanks for coming to keep me company and hopefully getting some good stretching in for yourself, to boot.


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