A jog around Lakeside

A jog around Lakeside

13 Men posted for Fast Twitch. It was 50 degrees. Joker wore tights and a woolly vest, but happy to have him either way.

5:15, disclaimer that you are not required to do what the Q says. It’s only a suggestion. Gummy took this very literally. Off we went and guys were dragging out of the parking lot at a 9:00 pace.

Down to Lakeside to the intersection of a hilly road and another hilly road. Partner up.

P1 Runs out and back up the big hill. P2 runs around the Alpine Circle loop with 2 medium hills. Upon return complete 4 Burpees per partnership. Flapjack and add 4 burpees. Keep going adding 4 Burpees each time. After about 30 minutes I was sensing mutiny. So down and back another road – with hills. Then one more trip up the big hill and around Alpine Circle.

Run Home. A bit late, sorry about that but you know, we were waiting on Purell and Rachel per usual.


There is a few veterans, you know who you are, who have just plain given up on the burpee. It’s a shame. They are terrible and you should do them because they are good for you. Sort of like eating vegetables.

Gypsy decided he doesn’t like all the hills on Fast Twitch and wants to go back to the salt flats in Matthews.

It was dark out there but lots of guys just put their heads down and powered through it. A full 10K+ more than 600 feet of climb and some burpees. That’s a good morning.

Thanks to Haze for reminding me of my Q on Saturday otherwise it really could have gone sideways.


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GummyPosted on2:12 pm - Mar 13, 2019

I feel like I need to comment to show my support for an actual Fast Twitch backblast. #leadership

One way to say it is that I didn’t do any burpees. More accurately, I chose my partner well – the instructions were that the partnership had to do the required number of burpees. Purell and I did all the burpees.

    VoodooPosted on1:10 pm - Mar 14, 2019

    That’s a veteran move, Gummy. You know Purell will probably be done with the burpees by the time you’re done running. Alf is also capable of that, but he would have pushed you to “improve” and “eat your veggies” and wouldn’t do them all even though they’re at least 50% easier for him with his little T-rex arms.

AlfPosted on4:00 pm - Mar 14, 2019

Let’s just say, for once, Gummy followed the Q’s actual instructions versus making modifications.

And with these arms and a center of gravity of about 18″, burpees are way more than 50% easier.

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