Loooong Suicide

Loooong Suicide

8 pax joined me for what would be a very redundant, yet effective Q. My goal today was to clock miles and not leave anyone behind and thats what we did, thats all we did!

The Thang:

Lets mosey! Intended on my normal .92 mile warmup route..AUDIBLE! Stop at Target circle up.

10 SSH


20 Merkins IC

Calf Stretch – Flap Jack

Mosey back to my truck for slam balls, thanks Bottle Cap!

BISR (Burpee Indian Slamball Run) .6 miles to a stop sign.

There were 10 houses and two sides roads along the .5 stretch.

Run to the first house and knockout 5 merkins, run back to stop sign.

Run to the second house and knockout 5 merkins, run back to stop sign. Each time you cross an intersection do 1 burpee.

As I was explaining things we see a shawdow moving at a high rate jogginh towards us..TRANSPORTER! Thanks for joining us!

I hit house #9 and time was running short, we still still had over half a mile to run back. We all met up at the stop sign and started the BISR back to the AO.

The goal was to get through all ten houses and we got close! Transporter was able to hit them all, go figure!

The Moleskine:

Pulling up at the AO at 5:13 seeing the pax that were about to embark on my Weinke I was a little worried, I wont lie. All age ranges and speeds but one thing was constant…they all came to work hard and work hard they did!! Well done guys we set a new site mileage record knocking out Ice 9 and Money Ball.

Shop Dog, Damascus, Zinfandel, Dana, Transporter, Swimmers, Akbar and Smokey are all animals and bring 110% each time they post and for that I thank you!!

Thanks Shop for taking us out


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New book starting at Five Stones 3 Sundays from now… 3/31? @7AM

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