Flash-ing the Abs

Flash-ing the Abs

22 PAX got thrown a curveball with less running than normal for one of my workouts. With the Ignition crew off campus, we had the whole place to ourselves and as the famous Bruce Dickinson once told Gene from Blue Oyster Cult . . . “Explore the space, I mean really, EXPLORE the space.”


  • Mosey behind Middle School to picnic tables
  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Imperial Squakers x 10 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC


  • Triple Nickel – Part 1
    • Middle School portico: 10 6-count Wall Merkins
    • Picnic Tables: 1 “lap” bench plank walk with side plank at each end
    • 5 times
  • Triple Nickel – Part 2
    • High School entrance Benches: 20 decline hip slaps
    • Ramp Railing: Elevated plank walk up ramp, bear crawl down ramp
    • 3 times with Hot lap around island in between each set
  • Triple Nickel – Part 3
    • Tennis court fence: 10 balls to wall shoulder taps
    • Bunny hop to net
    • Bleachers outside court: 10 arm hang knee-ups
  • Various plank/ab exercises after each part
  • Finish with a few sprints


  • With Ignition and Asylum promising lots of miles, YHC decided to keep the mileage low and work on our #DanaAbs
  • Great to see some guys I haven’t seen in awhile: Finch, Double-Stuffed, Bullwinkle
  • Love seeing some of the young guns (My Pleasure, Flipper, UAV) mixing it up with the older muskets (Chainsaw, Recalculating, Xerox)
  • Thanks for bearing with me on my explanations of some of the different exercises. With pool season around the corner, it was time to work on some core.


  • Dash for Down 5K: Saturday March 23rd in Blakeney. Rubbermaid is Q for this event. Speed for Need will be pushing chariots. Great opportunity to bring out the family and run along side your F3 brothers and show your kids why you wake up so early . . . Not just about a workout!
  • Operation Sweet Tooth: Posse looking for volunteers to help him organize the virtual run for Christina Latini 8K on March 30th. Actual race is in Huntersville but we will be doing a Virtual Run in this area to show support for an F3 brother who lost his daughter at too young of an age. Visit www.operationsweettooth.org for more details or hit up Posse

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