F3Qs in a Week AKA Doing Something Different

F3Qs in a Week AKA Doing Something Different

Per the usual, I overscheduled myself and ended up with three Qs in one week. I didn’t even realize it until Bucky asked me about it on Tuesday. #liveinthepresent

Anyway, I decided to do something unique at each site. I would not repeat my typical routines or go to the same, well-worn spots. Spoiler alert – I did it! #patsselfonback

I’m going to provide an executive summary of the exercises and spotlight the uniqueness to each Q. (Everyone skims this part anyway.)

This was probably the most difficult of the three Qs. It’s the oldest AO and there are 2 workouts that meet here. Is there anywhere where haven’t been? Yes. South on Johnston Rd. The likely reason no one has traveled further south than Panera is the lack of sidewalk. Alas, it’s those wide strips of green gully are the perfect half pipe for myriad exercises. We ran 7s and 11s up and down turf alley. There’s even a fence that’s perfect for derkins and supine pull-ups. One down, two to go! 2.6miles

Rebel Yell
Another long established AO, but most Q are kept within the strip mall or the monsterous Murderhorn. Good stuff, but variety is the spice of life. We traveled to Indigo Lane for 10, 20, 30 & 40 squats and ‘mericans on the corners. Then we trekked to Chanticleer Holdings. The front of the building has a wall and fountain perfect for step-ups and derkins. Plus, the wide car free parking lot hosted a sprint session. Two down! 2.4 miles

The Brave

The Brave bills itself as S. Charlotte’s toughest AO. (Truth is, I’ve never seen anyone not complete a workout, but I have seen someone puke his face off.) I needed something difficult, but after two Qs and a 7.5 mile Long John Donut Run (Wed), I didn’t want to stack miles. Eureka! The 1000 rep challenge! Now the 1000 rep challenge is not unique to F3 and I’ve seen other AOs take on this motherhumper, but no Q at The Brave has throw down the big 1-0-0-0. The plan 4 miles (site minimum) and 10 stops for 100 reps per stop (10 x 100 = 1000 math!). To keep everyone honest, I called all the exercises IC. We mostly did different stuff – a mixing of ‘merican variations, Mary, squats and lunges, though we did 100 air presses at Regal Theatre and 100 mountain climbers the final stop. Cheers to Mario, Cheddar, Mic Check and Gumbo for keeping me company and being good sports. 4.1 milies

After more than 4+ years of F3, I’ve been awed by the adventures we take every morning. I absolutely love not knowing exactly where we are going or what we are doing. Thank you to each Q for adding you flavor to each workout. That said, just like there are only 88 keys on a piano, yet infinite songs to be played, we have many more adventures to create. Moreover, I appreciate the friendship and chatter that makes each Q or post unique. Remember it’s not just about the first F and we grow by connecting, sharing and laughing with each other.

There quite a few fellows battling injuries and serious health issues. I won’t name them here, but I do think and pray for wellness and recovery. Please do the same.

*If I missed someone who posted with me, send me a note and I’ll add you to the PAX list.

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BuckyPosted on11:02 pm - Mar 9, 2019

Always appreciate your effort to do something challenging and different, and definitely your “2nd F” friendship!

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