impromptu work out?

impromptu work out?

That was the text chain almost 4 years ago when Impromptu started. Funny enough if I remember correctly it was Frack, Doc, Dasher, Turtle and Silicon. In any case Culbertson middle was the place to be, Flash on Mondays, Impromptu on Friday’s, eventually Turtle got so sick of the text chains and buzzing at ten o’clock that we started Group Me app so that we could more efficiently communicate as we were coordinating gear and q’s for the week. Doc and Silicon made it official and started the site as Impromptu around 4 years ago. So today we pulled a simple q that was a blast from the bast. At least as best I could remember it.

Not sure why that popped into my head other then I looked around at a much larger group then we were in those days and excited about how it has done. The F3 Starfish mentality sure has worked.

WU: Mosey to gravel lot, 20 MC’s 20 Plank jacks DONE

The thang: mosey to the toilet bowl pick a partner, 300 Squats, 200 Merkins, 100 Supines alternate while P2 Runs the bowl. A litle mary for the 6 and done. Mosey to the lights 5,4,3,2,1 of burpees down the road. Then Forward facing 4 square with Air squats at each corner 12,11,10, ect.

Mosey back quick stop for some merkins then mary and wrap up with about 2.8 miles in for the PAX.

MOLESKIN: ChainSaw, leader, definition of success, always impressed to watch him push himself. Great group of guys everyone pushed, mumble chatter was to a minimum so I assume everyone got their monies worth.

Announcements: Joe Davis Run – still time to get in

Jingles is cooking up a great service opportunity, lets get behind him and use this muscle for some community service

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