PreBlast – Swift – March Week 1

  • When:03/05/2019
  • QIC: Bratwurst

PreBlast – Swift – March Week 1

If you look at the Swift calendar for March, you will notice that Bratwurst has the Q for all 4 weeks. Swift has been hearing the feedback over the past year, and the first change we are going to make is giving a Q the opportunity to build an extended schedule. More to come on this, including a few posts on “how we make Swift work,” but the general idea is to give the Q time to connect workouts together.

Week 1 for March will be Time-based intervals.


  • 0500 – Early crew departs the Vine for more warm-up
  • 0515 – Group leaves the Vine for a 10minute relaxed warm-up down to the corner of Rushmore and Harney.
  • 0525 – Begin 5 minutes of dynamic warm-up exercises
  • 0530 – Begin ramp of “Interval-pace” intervals. Interval pace is your VO2Max speed, close to your 2mi Race Pace, and an effort of 8/10. Use a recent race result to plug into to get your target. If you don’t have a recent race result, use a realistic race goal, and you’ll get to test yourself tomorrow to see if it feels right. We’ll run the interval, then regroup on the recovery.
    • 1minute Interval, 1minute* recovery (all other Recoveries are 1min less than the Work interval)
    • 2 / 1
    • 3 / 2
    • 4 / 3
    • 5 / 4
    • start over at 1/1 and increase back up the ramp until ending back at the Vine at 0615
  • 0615 – COT at the Vine



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Thin MintPosted on12:13 am - Mar 5, 2019

This is awesome! Really excited to see what comes next.

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