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Back to Business

17 Pax joined me for my first Q in a few weeks. I took half the week off last week and the majority of this week to get in some skiing in Utah and Im glad to be back?

DiCCS discussed – 1 minute.

The Thang

Long Slow Mosey to stadium

  • Circle up:1
  • 40 SSH
  • 10 Merkin
  • 15 IW
  • Traffic circle – 7’s
  • 1merkin – 6 speed skaters 2-5, etc.
  • 5 Splinter Masters OYO
  • Indian Run to top at Cuthberson Rd – 2 lines and back around to main lot.
  • One Burpee and on second turn do two burpees
  • Four Corners – Around and Back
    1. 5 merkins
    2. 10 SSH
    3. 15 MC
    4. 20 Jump Squats
  • Circle Burp
  • Burpee with increasing merkin
  • Indian Run back to AO
  • Burpee @ Back


The Molskine

All the Pax pushed hard today with zero mumble chatter, I honestly don’t think I heard anyone talk. If you’re talking, you’re not working hard enough or the exercise isn’t challenging enough. I was pretty winded and didnt take a lot of notes but we all now know that Posse is very fast for about 10 seconds. Thanks Zin the gazelle for picking up the six a time or two. We crushed over 3.5 miles very happy to see everyone progressing physically, keep it up!

Thanks Ackbar for taking us out.


See the news channel for Ackbars announcement.

Someone has shampoo but the CEO never shows up.

Deadwood on Q tomorrow at Commitment

Deadwood on Q Monday at Flash

Deadwood on Q Tuesday at Watchtower

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