Monthly Archive March 2019

Fun Run

Warm Up

Mosey to Novant Health

20 x SSH
20 x Imperial Walkers
20 x Mountain Climbers
10 x Merkins
Mosey From Novant Health to side parking lot of TARGET

Target wall
Arm raises 20

Partner up 2
Derkins 15 2x
Squats 15 2x

Donkey kicks 15 2x
Bear Crawl / Jog-back 2x

Mosey over to the main Target parking lot

Partner Run- Target Parking Lot
Opposites ways meet up do
LBC 10
Carolina Dry Docs 10
Hand release Merkins 10
Burpees 10

Neighborhood Fun Run- At each light on the Right
Squats 10
American Hammer 10
Merkins w shoulder tap 10
Burpees Hand release 10

Stop Sign
Run front
Run backwards between lights

Jail Break Run back to start –

Explosive Gas

PAX: Hops, Puddin Pop, Pop Tart, HIPAA, Clover, Champagne, Sprockets, McGee, Thunder Road, Ironsides, Semi Gloss, Orange Whip, Marge, Escargot, Hammer, Flojo, Mr. Magoo, Mermaid

Lots of chatter at Hawks Nest. Disclaimer given, not sure how many heard it though. Off we went.

Mosey through campus past SwimMAC. Huff some chlorine exhaust. Keep moving up to the parking lots next to Providence Rd. Circle up.


IW x 15 IC

Mountain Climber x 15 IC

Low Slow Squat x 15 IC

Merkin x 15 IC

10 H-R Burpees OYO

Heels to Heaven x 15 IC

Flutter x 15 IC

Mosey down campus thoroughfare. Left over bridge and up to the pavilion. Find a bench.

Bench Set: 10 Step up/10 Dip/10 Heels to Heaven

AYG down the hill to 1st speed bump. 5 H-R Burpees/10 Jump Squat

AYG back to pavilion. Keep repeating until QIC calls it. Most guys got 8-10 reps.

Mary/Core: High Flutter x 15 IC/Dolly x 15 IC/LBC x 15 IC/High Plank/Elbows/RAH/RLH/Swap/High Plank/Plank Jack x 15 IC/6 inches/RLH/LLH/Merkin x 10 IC

Mosey down through campus to the bridge leading to the football field.

People’s Chair. Hold.

AYG up the hill around the back of the field and up the 2nd hill. 5 H-R Burpees OYO. Mosey back down and hold People’s Chair. Group mosey back up the hill and right to parking lot next to launch lots.


Rosalita x 15 IC/AYG to end of lot

Flutter x 50 IC-AYG sprint to end of parking lot

Plank-o-rama. AYG sprint x 2.

Mosey back to launch.



I’ve been to hundreds of F3 workouts. Seen and heard quite a bit over hundreds of hours working out with the PAX. Nothing quite like the explosive flatulence produced by Puddin Pop today. Fairly certain it knocked Champagne over out of his plank. Or maybe he just shot up out of surprise in attempt to avoid the aftermath. Either way, it was scary. Well done Puddin.

McGee, Orange Whip, Hammer leading the way on the repeats. That little hill after a few burpees, several times. Gets the job done. Had some racing going on during the sprints. Above in the mix with Sprockets and Pop Tart showing some fast twitch.

Solid work by all this morning. Rain stayed away and conditions were pretty darn nice for a workout. Appreciate the opportunity to lead the men of Hawks Nest. Awesome group of guys every week.

Have to bolt out of the workout and skip COT. Not ideal, but have to get my boy to the bus stop by 7:00. Tried to keep track of the PAX for the list, but my threshold is 15, apparently. Sorry if I missed you in the list above.

Missed the announcements. Sound off below if you have something. Thanks men, have a great day.

wait….I am on Q?!?

There I was, minding my own business last night, when all of the sudden I was voluntold that I was the Q for ignition.  Screw you thanks bottlecap for so graciously nominating me for this honor.  I had no choice but decided to accept the challenge and pull a quick schedule together for the morning.  My goal was 4 miles and zero abs as a show of respect to Hollywood.  We got 5 miles and 10 LBC’s (sorry Hollywood).  I did get some negative mumble chatter (even from Wolverine who is a machine) during some of the exercises which was a sign that I was doing a good job. I knew Bottlecap would be there so I focused on upper body to try to help this guy out for beach season….Here is what we did:

Mosey around the back of the school around to the front of the high school and circle up.

Warm up

20 x SSH

20 x Imperial Walkers

20 x Mountain Climbers

10 x Merkins

10 x plank jacks

10 x six inch plank jacks

The Thang

Mosey over to bus lot.  Partner up.  Each partner runs opposite directions around the island where the buses park.  When you meet up with your partner do 10 hand slap merkins.  Keep running around the island until you have met up with your partner 4 times.

Mosey around front of high school toward the high school parking lot over near the football field.  Starting at the top of the parking lot complete 1 burpee at the 1st island.  Run across the parking lot to the second island and do 2 burpees.  Zig zag across the parking lot increasing by 1 burpee at each island until you reach the bottom of the parking lot. (you end up doing 10 burpees at the last island)

Mosey over to the side of the high school for a triple nickel.  At alcove one complete 10 mike Tysons then run over to alcove 2 and complete 20 donkey kicks.  Rinse and repeat 5 times. 

Mosey over to the round about by the baseball fields for a round of 7’s.  1 burpee at the top round-a-bout and 6 merkins at the bottom round-a-bout.  2 burpees and 5 merkins….and so on and so until you get to 6 burbees and 1 merkin.

Mosey to COT with 30 seconds left.  Quick 10 LBC’s.  Thanks Wolverine, Legal Zoom, Bottlecap, Rubbermaid, Foundation, Deflated, and Gerber for joining me on my Ignition VQ.  Appreciate you guys allowing me to lead for an hour and hope you enjoyed it.

Burpees with a side of Burpees at Flash

Always Pay It Forward! After Rockwell stepped up recently to lead at Dromedary, it was my turn at Flash. I didn’t realize how long it had been since I last lead at Flash, so I needed to make it memorable for the many new Pax who show up on Monday. Perfect 50+ degree weather, 20+ guys, and 2 fast teenagers proved to be a great recipe for a solid workout.


Here’s how it went…new playlist loaded, fast Mosey to front of school for:

SSH x 20…run to next spot

IW x 20…run to next spot

Plank Jacks x 20…run to next spot

Merkins x 20…run back to flags.

Directions given. At each of the (9) light poles down the path, do (3) Burpees until reaching the Shed/Transporter’s room. Donkey kicks as you wait for the Six (quickly realized this was a bad idea after 27 Burpees). The two 17-year old Gazelles set the pace and crushed it. Great job by the new, slimmed-down version of Jingles as he was right on their heels.

Now for some Strength Work…Grab a “Lifting Rock” (someone didn’t get the memo – not mentioning names – as I saw a pebble and thought it was a joke!). Circle up for:

(20) Curls, Run up the path, do (1) Burpee then return to the rocks. Find a new rock every time you return.

(20) Overhead Press/Run/Burpee

(20) Tricep Extensions/Run/Burpee

(20) “All-in-One” Curl + Overhead Press + Tricep Extension in Cadence. Finish. Drop Rocks. Run one last time. Return rocks.

I have since learned that some Pax found some Poison Ivy somewhere near the rock pile. Sorry, fellas. I had no clue that would be an issue.

Mosey To Stairs, Partner Up for some Core Work:

P1 – H2H (100)/ P2 Run down path, up the stairs

P1 – Flutter (100)/ P2 Run down path, up the stairs

P1 – LBC (100)/ P2 Run down path, up the stairs

Mosey To Front of Middle School for a combination ofStrength, Speed, and Core Work with same partner.

P1 – (150) Dips / P2 runs a 1/2 lap around lot

P1 – (100) Leg Extensions / P2 runs a 1/2 lap around lot

P1 – (50) Derkins / P2 runs a 1/2 lap around lot

Mosey back to the start for the final 5 minutes of work. More Burpees!

Burpee Ladder…starting at one curb, complete (1) Burpee. Run across the lot to the other curb and do (2) Burpees. Run across the lot and do (3) Burpees…you get the picture.

Many moans but little talking the last 5 minutes so we all know it was a challenge. Nice job by everyone for getting in as many rounds as possible. I believe (know) the high was (9) Burpees when the time expired and our brothers from Ignition joined us. Finish.


As mentioned, it had been a long time since YHC had lead at Flash. Flash was the first F3 workout I ever attended in 2016, and will always be a special AO and workout for me. It’s a great campus, very safe for the Pax, and there is so much do to there. I owed the Pax a solid workout, and I believe we accomplished that goal today. Nice work today, fellas, and I hope your hips and quads are as smoked as mine are after all those Burpees. There is no better full-body exercise. Thanks to Rockwell for asking me to Q, and for the Pax for allowing me to lead them today. It’s always an honor and pleasure to lead. Until next time…


Great job by Rubbermaid (R) in organizing the Speed For Need run this past weekend. Flawless execution from what we’ve heard. Nice effort by the Pax for pushing a chariot at a 7:00/mile pace. Wow.

3rd F at Five Stones, Sunday Mornings, discussing the Book of Ephesians this week.

Reminder that Sanctuary occurs every Monday night at Brooklyn Pizza, Wesley Chapel.

YHC took us out in prayer. Continue to be the Light in this often Dark world, fellas. Lift your brothers up, encourage others, and know that in all things God has a Plan and Purpose for our lives…including F3 as it is truly about more than just working out (and Burpees!).

Romans 8:28

How many rounds is too many?

I’m not gonna lie, I would have rather stayed in bed this morning with the temp just hovering around the freezing point. But 14 pax had a better idea and YHC had a marchmadness plan. With two FNGs in tow and a partially heard disclaimer we launched.

Mosey around the lot to pick up the visitors. Mosey some more around the parking lots. Pax thought YHC was lost but we wound up just where we needed to be. Circle up for some COP

Cop 8 exercises x 8 and 16 IC – SSH, IW, Mtn climber, Flutter, Merkins, Squat

Mosey to halfway between playground and pavilion. Partner up and run the first round of RockZero madness.

64 – 8 rounds. P1 runs to do 8 pull ups at the playground. P2 runs to do 8 dips at pavilion Run back and meet for 2 burpees each. Flip flop exercises and repeato till you get to 8 rounds. Should get you 4 rounds of PU (32), 4 rounds of dips (32) and 8 rounds of burpees x 2 (16)

Little plankorama to wait on the six and one phone call from the M. Mosey to the volleyball courts.

32 – 4 rounds 8 sand pushups/lunge walk/8 pushups last round bear crawl. #crowdpleaser

Mosey to pavilion ramp

16 – garbage can suicides – 16 assorted Mary at the top. Run to last trash can and back. That’s one. Repeato for all seven cans and stride out to the parking lot

8 – 2 corner to corner runs. 8 ccds to start and end. From soccer field corner run zigzag across field to ¼, ½, ¾ and to the end. Walk to the opposite corner and repeato back.

4 – 8 flutter on end line then sidestep to half field. 8 flutter and sidestep otherway to end. 8 flutter and backwards run across 1/2 field to 8 flutter and a stride to the end.

Mosey up to parking lot where we had one stop for people’s chair and a potty break. Mosey to middle parking lot.

2 – 2 out and back runs from light pole to light pole with 8 Merkins on each side

Mosey back to launch and down the lot to bottom. There were eight upsets from a 10 seed or lower in round 1.

1 – 8 burpees stride out to end of parking lot

Circle up for a round of American hammer IC x 16 and Heels2Heaven x 16

Moleskin: hard work by all today with a solid group of 15 on a cold day morning. T-claps for ductwork and chaos for bringing out some new guys. YHC thinks Geraldos hearing is going as he missed the whole disclaimer but was able to keep an eye on cadence and remind YHC that he is rusty. That’s what not posting for a month gets ya. Strong work from hammer, sprockets and brushback who were all out front. I gotta admit I think the garbage can suicide is one of my fav things to force pax to do. The sandpit is an exciting place as well. Last round bear crawl sub for lunge was a shoulder smoker. Our two FNGs were stride for stride with their sponsors. Mr. Jenkins and Pythagoras are great additions to the pax. Humbled to lead. Tks for the Q gents. Enjoy your sat and go Murray state. Cause Syracuse already stunk it up for me. Udder, who likes to do the flutter, out.

Announcements: There are many races in the near future. Pick one and get training. Crane relay V2 in July. Fng/welcome back Kotters day 3/30 at blakeney. Check the schedule for details. Ductwork with the eloquent outro prayer.

Impromptu Field Trip

20 PAX gathered at Cuthbertson Middle for a good ole fashioned field trip. One PAX actually got dropped off by his mom wife (oh wait, that was Centerfold at his VQ last night at #ClyentDinner). Speaking of children, the impatient Tupperware got a little ahead of himself by asking about YHC’s DCCS. Settle down young fella. I whip out the DCCS on MY schedule.


  • Plenty of CPR, Cell Phones, and Chap Stick and we even had some headlamps per YHC’s preblast (seriously, please start bringing these on a regular basis just in case)
  • Mosey along path and stop near rocks
  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Merkin/Mt Climber ladder
    • 10 Merks/10 Mts
    • 9 Merks/9 Mts
  • After we did 7, we moseyed into the new side of Lawson via a treacherous nice little path
  • Finished the ladder on the other side


  • At each lightpole along Surveyor General Drive – 10 hand release/shoulder tap merkins
  • Lucky 7s: At Paw Paw Road – 7 knee-ups at top of hill, 7 bomb jacks at bottom of hill . . . Rinse and repeat 7 times
  • CHARIOT TIME: Rubbermaid had a couple chariots ready with 90lbs of weight
    • 2 Indian Run lines: 2 PAX push chariot up front, last 2 PAX, do burpee and run to front
    • We did this 3 times up and back on Surveyor General
    • Return the chariots
  • Lightpole sprints with exercises
    • Sprint to each lightpole and hold Al Gore waiting for the 6
    • Exercises in cadence (mini squats, Bobby Hurleys, one legged dead lifts, slow jump lunges, Scorpion Dry Docks)
  • Return to Middle School path
    • Plank work
    • Jailbreak to COT


  • Thanks to Rubbermaid and Tupperware for having the Chariots prepared
  • Strong push by all on the Chariots . . . That pace on the Indian Run was FAST. Particular shout out to Ackbar, Foundation, Deflated, Dana, Rockwell, and Loafer for pushing the pace
  • Trojan, Gerber, and Easy Button were CRUSHING it on the Lucky 7s up the hill. Well done
  • Nails is getting faster . . . Rumor has it that he is itching to get back to his high school track times and squeeze into those short shorts
  • Much respect to GatorCub, Xerox, and Recalculating for not showing your age at all
  • Posse astutely pointed out to Finch that the length of the hill was about the length of a double in softball . . . Finch gave him a death stare and swore smiled and nodded
  • Mad Dog apparently sandbagged the first part of the workout cuz he had PLENTY of gas in the tank on the last jailbreak
  • Last but not least . . . Frack. I’m a little perplexed that Frack didn’t have any crotchety one-liners today. Did he not like the workout? Was he working that hard? Could he not find a punching bag in the crowd? Or has he finally softened up? #InquiringMindsWantToKnow


  • Dash for Down: Tomorrow (Saturday) at Blakeney. Come out and run/walk or just show up with a coffee and support from the sidelines with the family. THIS is when F3 is at its best . . . BEING the hands and feet in the community and helping others. Well done Rubbermaid for Qing this great event. Looking forward to it. Race starts at 8:30am. Runners get there at 7:30am to meet the Track Commanders (the kids that will ride in the chariots)
  • Next Saturday: At Commitment, we will be “Ghost Running” an 8k in honor of Christina Latini, daughter of an F3 brother who passed away a few years ago at 8 years old. Click HERE to register.

THANKS to Mad Dog for taking us out. Prayers for Xerox’s family as well as the Longo family. Have a great weekend!

The Hill Behind the End Zone

12 PAX for the weekly Friday edition of ultimate Frisbee

Diclaimed, quickly and mosey to the corner endzone of the football field. For COP

SSH x 15 IC (no one counted so not sure of the #)

LSS x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC Mountain Climbers x 15 IC

Alt thigh slap x15 IC

Alt shoulder tap x15 IC

Diamond merkins x 10 IC

THE Thang:

Partner up, P1 runs clockwise and P2 run counterclockwise on the track. When partners meet do 25 partner derkins EACH (legs on the back of planking partner). Repeat 4x through.

Mosey to The Hill Behind the End Zone for 11s: pull ups at the top, burpees at the bottom Several rounds of mary when finished Mosey back to the turf starting at the end zone: 25 yard bear crawl, 25 yard lunge, 25 yard broad jump, mosey to goal line and plan up Plank-o-rama of sorts and AYG back to opposite end zone. Repeat x2

Mosey back to The Hill Behind the End Zone (wish this had a name) and run backwards to the top. Head back to launch.

Moleskin: Close to a record turnaround time for me on a backblast. I felt a


Close to a record turnaround time for me on a backblast. I felt a considerable amount of pressure from Gummy who trolls reads nearly every BB and chimed in on my last Joust Q which he didn’t attend. I know, I know, he kids because he loves. Although this was 3 months ago, he has the memory of a sloth… or maybe he just reminds me of a sloth with his SSH form. Either way, he didn’t take kindly to my F3 geographic terminology and made that aware again last night on Twitter. Ductwork pleaded for him not to poke the bear and Header and Dollywood audibly followed up YHC’s instructions with “who made him so mad” comments. Blame Gummy for the pain this AM. I threatened to make it an all hill workout in spite, but remembered that if I don’t want to do it I can’t Q it. In all truthfulness, I always try to script a challenging workout that pushes you past your comfort zone. Otherwise, why else do we wake up several hours before the rest of the world? The camaraderie and perseverance we gain by pushing through difficult workouts together is second to none and I appreciate you all for getting after it this morning. When I first called out 25 durkins PER pax, much mumblechatter was heard and clarification needed. But everyone pressed on and little did they know that was the ‘easiest’ part of the workout.


We really should think about naming the hill behind the end zone. Opine below.

Dollywood is a beast

Header left early, mid hill 11s but told me beforehand and that it had nothing to do with my Q

Smokey was unrecognizable not wearing a Tennessee hat

Rookie mistake by Chin Music to not wear gloves – think it was 39 degrees

Baracas said it was the worst 2 miles he has done in a long time (I concur)

Thanks for partnering Funky – great work on the derkins and good luck to your M this weekend at her speaking engagement.

Red card, Sweeney todd, and Scully great work out there and to meet you. SYITG soon

Thanks to Ductwork for the take out and the opportunity to lead these men today!

Now that you’re done filling out your brackets…

On the opening day of the NCAA tourney, productivity comes to a halt at noon, and we overload ourselves with hoops for the next 12 hours. Some of us have skin in the game with an alma mater to root for, or most have a few brackets you filled out hoping to win some dough. It’s probably not going to take long before most guys’ brackets blow up, but just sit back and enjoy the upsets, that’s the beauty of the next three weeks. It’s one of my favorite sport days of the year and I’d probably prefer to have a beer in hand, but I’ve got my first Q to get ready for. I don’t want to disappoint, so I put in time planning, trying to get creative and throw in a few new exercises. Will I cover the 45 minutes, will I challenge the Pax to break a sweat and groan, we’ll find out soon enough. I’ve got hoops on my mind so I decide to integrate the tourney into the workout. We’re going to stick with numbers like 64/32/16/8/4/2 throughout the session.

On to the workout- The site Q probably has a backup plan as there is definitely some concern if I will be there on time- I have a little history of getting to Clyent dinner after appetizers have been served. I’m happy to say I made it on time, and yes, that was my wife dropping me and Cavalier (2.0) off, since we were short a car today. I hear someone say, “you might be the first Q to get dropped off at a workout by your wife.” another first to go along with my first Q….

DiCCS reviewed, and we are ready for the tip-off


Mosey around to the back of the middle school, Circle up for warmups:

16 SSHs IC

16 Imperial Walkers IC (sort of, I have some counting problems here)

16 Potato Pickers IC

8 Bobby Hurleys

Mosey around the school towards the front at the benches

Like a NCAA bracket, I break the next drill into 4 different regions- Merkins/Derkins/Carolina Dry Docks/Mountain Merkins

We start with 16 reps of Merkins then Derkins, Dry Docks, and Mountain Merkins. Repeat 8 reps, 4 reps, 2 reps. I audible on the mountain merkins (and do half the number since it has 2 merkins per rep)

Mosey over to the long sidewalk near parking lot

Eight light posts, at each post we do an Ab exercise IC, then run to the next post

8 x Flutters, Big Boy sit-ups, Rosalitas, LBCs, Heals to Heaven, Never Cross Dollys, American Hammers, Reverse Crunches

Mosey up to the High School by the wooden benches-

We are going to use the 30 second shot clock for this part-

30 seconds of an exercise (amrap), then 30 seconds of running so on and so on

Dips, Run, Squats, Run, Protractors, Run, Run, Step ups, Run, Bobby Hurleys, Run, Bear Crawl around triangle, Run, LBCs, Run, Russian Dips, Run

Mosey around towards stadium parking lot and back toward shed

Grab some wall, not much time left, have to audible

32 air presses, 16 donkey kicks, 8 Mike Tysons, 4 Burpees

Run back on long sidewalk towards parking lot, Jail break from the last two light poles to parking lot. Al Gores and SSHs to kill the last 45 seconds.



Bottlecap on Q for impromptu in the morning

Not to late to get involved in the Dash for Down on Saturday morning, lots of fellow Pax involved, should be a great day


My first Q- Just like a team who is making their first trip to the ‘dance’, they really just want be respectable and seem like they belong there. VQing is similar in way, you want to make sure you have a good game plan, challenge you fellow Pax and hope they broke a sweat. We didn’t get in as much running as I would have liked, 2.5 miles, not sure where all the time went. Maybe being focused on my weinke, the time went by quicker. The first chest exercises kicked my butt, on paper it did not seem like it would be nearly as hard as it was. I heard some groans, (maybe those were just mine), which put a smile on my face, maybe I did something right. I hope I don’t screw up posting my first BB as well. A lot of scrutinizing of format for BBs in Union Co lately. I’ve been at F3 now for almost three months, so still a relative newbie, I’ll get better but honored to workout along side a great group of guys. Great motivation, makes us want to keep pushing harder every day, not just working out, but in everything we do.

Go Heels! (As a UNC parent, I guess I do have a rooting interest) and yes, my bracket is already busted.

Step Up and Q

PAX: Purple Haze, Escargot, Torpedo, Brilleaux, Deadbolt, FNG (9-Mile), Frehley’s Comet, Snuka, Dr. Belding, Uncle Phil, Scabby, Lorax, Mermaid

Scheduled Q, Swiper, got pulled away by work obligations. YHC attempted to shift the schedule to find an alternate Q, to no avail. Bunch of guys running the P200 and on Spring Break. Deadbolt from F3SouthWake (Fuquay-Varina/Holly Springs NC) was in town and brought an FNG. Glad to have them. Thorough disclaimer given and the call given for a few men to step up and lead segments of the workout. YHC took the lead to start.

Mosey to Tartarus and up the ramps to the top. Circle up.


SSH x 10 IC

Imperial Walker x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Alternating Shoulder Tap x 10 IC

Alternating Hip Slaps x 10 IC

YHC asked for a volunteer Q. Scabby stepped up.

Mosey down the stairs to ground level, up through campus to the picnic tables at the front of school.

Bench Set

10 Jump Up/10 Dip/10 Derkin

We did this 3 times. Scabby lead plank-o-rama after each round.

Mosey North on 51 to the shopping center at Carmel/51. Partner up.

Partner Swaps

Partner 1 runs up stairs and over 2nd floor walkway. Down stairs and back to Partner 2.

Partner 2 does called exercise. 3 rounds.

  1. CDD
  2. Squat
  3. Merkin

YHC led Mary-Flutter x 20 IC/Dolly x 20 IC

PAX asked for a volunteer. Lorax stepped up.

Mosey out of the parking lot past the traffic circle down to McMahon. Take a right. Continue to rock pile. Grab lifting rock. Find partner.

Partner 1 runs up McMahon. Left up thoroughfare around traffic circle and back to Partner 2. Partner 2 does called exercise. 4 rounds.

  1. Tri Extension
  2. Overhead Press
  3. Curl
  4. Deadlift

Q back to YHC. Mosey down Little to launch lot.

Burp-N-Merk to close us out. Burpees with ascending number of merkins from 1-10.



Big welcome to Deadbolt and FNG 9-mile. Deadbolt was in from SouthWake. Usually posts Rock Hill when in town. Brought 9-Mile, who hails from the suburbs of Detroit, also in town on business. Glad to have them both join us. 9-Mile has a workout group up in MI. He notes that they do similar type workouts. He is in good shape.

Kotters to Uncle Phil. Good to see him in the gloom.

T-claps to Scabby and Lorax for stepping up to Q parts of the workout. F3 is a group of participant leaders. We all need to be ready to lead in the moment. Thanks men.

Glad to have Haze back out at a boot camp. He brought some mumblechatter, as usual.

Hops was HC yesterday. Coming off IR. My actual text string with him, in part:

Hops-Was going to wait and test knee on a run Saturday/Sunday; but I’m itching to get out there…

YHC: Post Centurion. Will make sure it is a good one. Can always stop if it hurts.

Hops: Will do

Hops: HC

YHC: Puppy is letting you HC these days?

Hops: Yep! Much rejoicing on that front

Puppy for the WIN. Next week it is, then. Glad he is ready to come off IR.

Strong work today men. T-claps to Lorax for the takeout.


Dash for Downs-TOMORROW-Blakeney. Speed for Need will have 6 chariots.

Serve opportunity in Metro. Local school has approached F3 and asked for mentorship through a workout for the boys. Torpedo mentioned this. Look to for details.

Escargot on Q next week. Former site Q takes the helm for the first time in quite a while.

The Humpty Dance

Ya stare, ya glare, ya constantly try to compare me
But ya can’t get near me

Started the morning off with a slight bit of confusion.  No assigned Q due to miscommunication, but YHC graciously offered to help.  Bam, time to go with a fast hustle past Camp Gladiator.  Looks like they are getting a larger crowd.  Maybe I should start charging for this F3 thing?


It’s WAMRAP so we kept it simple.  10 Derkins and 10 Supine pullups.  Run across parking lot stopping for 10 8-Count Body Builders.  Run up deck stairs for 10 Donkey Kicks and 10 Calf Raises.  Back to middle of parking lot for 10 full sit-ups.  AMRAP – adding 5 more reps to the derkins, pullups, calf raises and donkey kicks each round.

McGee posted on no sleep with the new two-week old at home.  Apparently she’s very chill and an avid pooper.  Based on Porta-Potty usage at workouts I know some PAX who could be described in the same manner.  I just hope McGee washed his hands before posting.  And by the way, if he can make it out all crappy and tired, what was your excuse to fartsack??

Speaking of McGee. At some point between the birth of his 3rd child and WAMRAP he heard “The Humpty Dance” by Digital Underground FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!!! Seriously. He didn’t know that literally the rest of us had heard this song countless times for years. His favorite rhyme:

My nose is big, uh-uh I’m not ashamed
Big like a pickle, I’m still gettin’ paid

I’d really like to see him weave that into a LinkedIn post on Universal Indexed Total Value Underwritten Term Life Insurance. I’ve read those posts. They sound smart but I can’t understand any of it.

Turkey Leg is getting close to the Boston Marathon again. WAMRAP was a rest/cross train day for him. I hear the weather forecast in Boston is supposed to be worse this year than last for the marathon. Something about choking levels of volcanic ash and a locust plague.

Squid maintained impeccable form. Even going up the steps. No skipping steps. He hit every last one. All this while his boy Pop Tart was waiting for huntin’ season in his “don’t shoot me” orange hat and attire.

Taco Stand kept bringing it like he does each week, although this week he failed to bring two 20-something FNG’s. I think they’re his interns.

Rachel and Purell led the pack as expected.

Thanks to Squid for the take out.