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White Men Can’t Jump

13 men for an upperbody smoker in almost perfect conditions. Truly, the weather was amazing, you should have been there…

Here we go:

Mosey with the “packages” to near lot for COP, mumblechatter given early, yet promptly ignored.

  • SSH x 25
  • LSS x 10
  • Merkins x 15
  • Mountain Climber x 15
  • “Up down” pax run in place till one pax calls “down” and jump into burpee form, repeato until everyone has gone.

The thang:

Mosey with weights to far lot..

Move weight to front parking lot. Once there P1 Lunge walks with weight, while P2 runs around whole thing, meeting back with P1. They exchange weight and swap lunge walking and running. Continue until partners have lunged walked all the way around islands.

Time to get chiseled

Round 1: P1 – Bench Press, P2 – runs out an around 3 islands. Flapjack till you get to 200 presses.

Round 2: 100 curls

Round 3: 100 Flutter kick presses

Mosey over to hotbox :

Grab a seat on the wall, move medicine ball back and forth till YHC gets tired and everyone starts to refusenik, then did 10 toe tap BTW IC

Mosey over to the courts for what YHC was really excited about…then he slowly learned that he himself was the only one who had not “peaked” yet…hehe.

Pax get in a line,

made layup=5 Merkins, missed=10 merkins

made jumper=2 burpees, missed= 5 burpess

made from beyond the arc=no punishment, missed=10 burpees

let it just be known, there were a lot of burpees and merkins being done…myself included. There were also a fair amount of “rejections” going on, but only by the rim:)

Had enough time to get through around 3 rounds before time expired


Good work by everyone out there, meant to get some other stuff done but YHC had too much fun watching his fellow pax “ball out,” so naturally, that took the priority.

Lots of mumblechatter on the lungewalks, especially by Flipper, but YHC is used to tuning him out.

Hoover was a little butthurt I didn’t use his 6000 pound log that he probably took down with his bare hands in his backyard, but YHC knew that might be a little much for us “mere mortals.”

Shout out to Hammer, the “silent assassin”, and Scabby, with the gorgeous stride.


Rock Zero needs Q’s for upcoming months, so DM myself, Hoover, or Geraldo to get on the list.

Crane Relay, which is somewhere around the corner.

Thanks to Flip for the takeout.

Truly an honor to be surrounded by a solid group of men,


Back In The Saddle

It has been several years since my last Q, but it was fitting for my return to be at The Centurion.  I hope everyone enjoyed the blast from the past AKA pre-parking deck workout.

The Thang:

Mosey to the original Centurion parking lot.

Imperial Walkers x 20 YHC had was a little rusty calling cadence but warmed up after some well-earned commentary.

Merkins x 10

Mountain Climbers x 15

Mosey to the cauldron and pair up.

Partner one does a lap while partner two does 20 Merkins Flap Jack

Partner one does a lap while partner two does LBCs Flap Jack

Partner one does a lap while partner two does squats

Mosey with a detour to the Aquatic Center

Bear Crawl to the top and mosey back

Crab Walk to the top and mosey back

Burpee Broad Jump to the top and mosey back

Mosey to the other side of the stadium and rail walk down the ramp.

Mosey to the school entrance for the trifecta of pain.

Wall Walk, Bear Crawl, Lunge Walk x 3

Mosey to Wells Fargo for Mary

Mosey to Carmel Commons

Partner one takes a lap while partner two does Merkins

Partner one takes a lap while partner two does LBCs

Partner one takes a lap while partner two does Squats

Mosey back to launch for COT

Mole Skin;

Great work everyone, it feels great to back!  I welcome all of the accountability I can get to keep me in the gloom.

Keep M Runstopper and family in your prayers for continued healing.   Red Rocks still needs everyone’s prayers as he overcomes a significant setback but continues to recover.

Aye! Escargot

Bad Idea™

Started off the morning with a little substi-Q action. Woody had to go down range so YHC decided to throw a few bad ideas together and subject the PAX to it. We had a little mini convergence with the Monroe troops because “allegedly” there was a 5k some others were helping out with. So with a PAX of 6 we headed into the not-so-gloomy gloom and proceeded with some Bad Ideas™.

Warm Up

  • Disclaimer: Check
  • Cell Phone: Check
  • CPR: Check
  • Safety: Check

Mosey around the sidewalk next to Wesley Chapel Rd throwing in a few SSHs, Imperial Walkers, and Goofballs (standing Mountain Climbers) along the way. Right back where we started and finish out our warm up with some plank stretching and 10 burpees OYO.

The Thang:

Mosey to the cafeteria seating and find a bench. 20 step-ups (total), 20 dips, 20 supine pull-ups on the handrail then take a lap around the parking lot. Reapeato. Then repeato. Cheers all around from the PAX to their beloved Q. Definitely a crowd favorite. </sarcasm> Finish up with a little wall action, some air presses, and some calf raises on the sidewalk then a quick mosey to the hill. Folks, the Bad Ideaswere just beginning.

Partner exercises next: Partner 1 does Merkins at the bottom while Partner 2 runs the hill and does 5 Bobby Hurleys at the top. Back down to the bottom and switch places. Once the team hits 100 Merkins then plank until all are finished. Repeato but Merkins -> LBCs and Bobby Hurleys -> Low (and slow) Squats. Up the number to 150 then plank until all are finished. Repeato! This time (against YHC’s better judgment) suggestions were solicited and round 3 became 100 lunges at the bottom with 5 Monkey Humpers at the top. Thanks to Smokey, the residents of Indian Trail were subjected treated to the following:

Smokey, Bonhoeffer, and The Wall putting on a show

Following that Bad Idea a 10 count-down was requested. Thanks (again) to Smokey and his super-fast count-UP, a 3 burpee penalty was decreed and all PAX were thoroughly remorseful and chastised.

Pushing on with a cheese weave, all PAX wound up in circle for a Bad Idea AMRAP. For those readers unfamiliar with the AMRAP, it means As Many Reps As Possible. The mumblechatter picked up pretty mightily at this point. With a fancy-schmancy app that YHC downloaded last night calling the shots, one minute each of the following exercises were called: Plankjacks, Jump Squats, and Burpees. It is entirely possible that YHC set the interval timer to 1:20 each instead of 1:00, but the PAX (mostly) pushed through. The goal was 5 rounds of AMRAPs, but an audible was clearly needed and we stopped at 2 rounds instead.

It didn’t get any better though, because the next Bad Idea called for an Outland classic with some rock lifting. Each PAX grabbed a hefty boulder and proceeded to grind out 10 curls, 10 chest presses, and 10 tricep extensions followed by a quick run to the end of the parking lot and back. This time it was YHC that was penalized, this time for poor Q form for failing to properly signal the appropriate verbiage and beginning of each of the exercises. Burpees all around. Another round of rock lifting and then a jailbreak to the starting parking lot for some cooldown Mary.


As always, a great group of men showed up, worked hard, burned a lot of calories, and fellowshipped with their brothers.

I was glad to see Shepherd and The Wall join us for the mini-convergence since several of the Monroe PAX were supporting the 5K run. It would have been easy to stay in the fartsack but all were better for their participation.

That’s all I’ve got. Apologies if you’re still reading at this point. Just for funsies:

Better late than never


Mosey to the middle of the parking lot for :  SSH, LSS, IW, Merkin x10

Mosey to St Matthews church where we grabbed a rock and a partner.  Partner 1 did the called exercise while partner 2 ran to the end of the parking lot.  The called exercises were:  curls, overhead press and triceps extension.

Next, we did a little catch me if you can around the church.  Partner 1 runs with the rock and Partner 2 does 5 merkins before dashing off to catch Partner 1.  We put our rocks back where we found them. 

Mosey over to Pearlz restaurant and conducted the following circuit:

Wheel of Merkin x 10 followed by a run around the buildings to the benches where we did dips x10.  This circuit was completed 3 X.

Peoples Chair by Michaels

Mosey back to the launch for some Mary.

Great to see everyone out there.  Lots of men pushing it hard and making themselves better bright and early.  Thanks to War Eagle and Billy Goat for the opportunity to lead.

The Return

It’s been over a year since my last Anvil reunion… so I was thrilled to have another opportunity to lead at the best Area 51 Wednesday morning AO! YHC pulled into the parking lot with no time to spare (supposedly). Snowflake ran in from home, I gave a quick disclaimer, and we were off to the races.

Mosey to the parking lot for COP

  • SSH x25
  • IW x 20
  • LSS Squats x20
  • Merkin x10
  • MC x20
  • Peter Parker x20

The Beast (6 exercises / 6 sets / 6 reps – with running in between

  • Squats
  • LBC
  • Merkins
  • Lunge (3 each side)
  • Flutter
  • Burpees

Partner Work at the shelter 

  • Decline merkins / peoples chair: Partner 1 in peoples chair / Partner 2 does 25 decline merkins with feet on partners knees
  • Sit-ups / Plank: Partner 1 planks with hands on Partner 2 feet / Partner 2 does 25 sit-ups
  • Shoulder press / Plank (on seat of picnic table): Partner 1 planks with hands on bench / Partner 2 sits between Partner 1 legs, facing away, and will lift Partner 1’s legs (by the shins) over head.

Partner Rock Exercises (One runs / One works, flapjack):

  • Bicep Curls
  • Tricep Extension
  • Overhead Press
  • Squats

Mosey (quickly) back to launch for COT


Great early spring morning for a workout…still a little chilly, but not freeze your nuts off cold. Philosophical question: are GPS watches chronologically accurate? Cause when I arrived at the launch point I thought I had at least two minutes before go-time, but everyone looked at me like they had somewhere they needed to be. Side note…My M actually sets her car clock ahead by 5 minutes… I have no idea why. She gets some strange sense of satisfaction when she thinks she’s running late and then remembers that she has another 5 minutes and feels a sense of relief. Just don’t get it, but I think Mermaid may do the same thing… I started late and ended late. Sorry Mermaid… we need to sync our watches. On a positive note…everyone got their money’s worth.

Thanks Brilleaux for putting up with your partner… sorry for the name mixup… YHC has very poor memory. I blame the alcohol.

Ickey – nice job with the burpees..October is a long time from now. This is they year the Bengals arrive.

Champagne kept calling out YHC for leaving the six behind, although I don’t see how you can do that when you stay in the same spot. Sorry – I’m not Q-ing as much as I used to and I’m out of practice. Good to see you brother!

Snooka and Scabby were big fans of the partner exercises… particularly the shoulder press exercises. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Uncle Phil and Lorax were looking good out there’ll. Lorax is looking to replace the Anvil shovel flag that is hidden somewhere in Lobster Roll’s house…what better way than with a shovel branded “Anvil”.

Good to have some Metro guests… Boondoggle came south to support YHC and Little Pig ( a recent F3 convert that lives in Matthews) came with. Thanks fellas! Boon… you killed it out there! Lead the way the entire workout.

COT: Keep praying for Red Rocks

The Pumper

16 of F3’s finest, minus Bananas, TR and Radar, posted for their weekly sh*t show known as Kevlar, or for today’s purposes, The Pumper.

The Thang

Disclaimer adequately pronounced

Ran around worst dirt track in Meck County x 2. Circled up for warm up. The norm.

Mosey to Aggasi Court hot box. Partner up. One runs the other does work x 4. Dips/DMerkins/Step Ups/Burpees

We each grabbed schmedium rocks and went down to hill for 11’s and then 7’s. 11’s consisted of The Pumper/Merkins. 7’s – push press and Dry Dogs.

Put rocks back and then Indian ran around school. Finished with partner ab work and sprints.

Bareback Moleskin

I know everyone is on the edge of their seat. WTF is The Pumper? Calm your mammaries. Before I go there, I need to tell a quick happening that occured a couple weeks ago. Goes right along with The Pumper theme. So Puddin and I have a mutual friend that throws a huge chili cook-off each year at his house (Think Animal House but with attorneys, insurance salesmen, Vets, hippies, a band and plenty of MILF’s). Quite the scene. So my neighbor and I decide to show up fashionably late and one of the first people we see is Puddin. Well I take that back, first people we saw were doing something sketchy on the front stoop – neither here nor there. Ok so I see Puddin and we are pumped up, doing chest bumps and the sort. We head inside to meet some other folks when an attractive women walks up and Puddin says, “Hey Spack, meet my wife”. To which I politely let her know how much I am a fan of Puddin, giving high fives etc. Next (and maybe last) words out of her mouth were, “He’s a great lay too”. 100% the truth. Jaw dropped. Drop of the mic. DAMN RIGHT PUDDIN. Need I say more??

The Pumper – whilst holding an object between your two hands and out in front of you, positioned roughly waist high (today being a rock), squat down to 90 degrees and thrust yourself back to upright. Form is important but your thrusting technique is of ultra importance. Great workout that many of us certainly don’t get enough of – minus Puddin.

Really there was almost too much commentary today for me to remember. Which was why I politely asked HH to write the backblast but he refused #selfish. Then again, he wouldn’t have known about the aforementioned party. Epic. So go ahead and chime away in the comments. As stated yesterday in my BB, I’m an F3 veteran. Different requirements for us. Go find that in the lexicon qu**Rs. This guy is done for the week. 2 Q’s in 24 hours with completed BB’s – check.

See you guys in a month.

When’s the new deck open?

Big crowd of 19 at Cerberus today with a solid cross section of all 3 regions and ages. Teens, Twenty’s, Thirty’s, Forty’s and Fifty’s all represented and working out together. #ISI. 5:29 – disclaimer given.

5:30 Mosey.


Start and stay in plank for: Mountain Climbers, Merkins, Plank Jacks, and Low Plank Jacks. Recover.

Imperial Walkers and Low Slow Squats.

Head to Parking deck: Round 1: 5 HR Merkins at bottom of ramp. 5 2-Hand touch Jump Squats at top. Add 5 Reps each ramp until we are at the top. Down stairs and to the start. Peoples Chair while the 6 comes in.

Round 2: Same thing but replace with Romanian Deadlifts and Full Situps.

Head to backroad and time to steal from Rachel. 3 Burpees and 5 jump squats at each light. 3 lights out and 3 lights back. 20 Flutters when done. Repeat for 3 rounds.

Head to bottom of hill. AYG to top of hill mosey back down. Repeat for 3 rounds.

Head to launch. Finish with 10 8-Count Body Builders in Cadence.



Solid group out there and everyone dug in to finish each set of the workout. Job and Goodfella were out in front with Mario out to crush some sprints up hill. Astro appeared to be getting slower after giving up Fast Twitch. Too many burpees for One-Star and Krusty to chatter thankfully! The newly minted Dr. Cheddar joined us as well.

Hopefully the 2nd parking deck opens soon and takes away a lot of the construction traffic. That deck and back road get a lot of traffic with those guys starting at 6am. Plus then we will have TWO PARKING DECKS to use.

As usual there was some guy on a dreadmill in the apartment complex staring out the window looking at us crush some burpee/squat combos. Not sure how to EH those guys, granted they do get the occasional female but our bootcamp has way more trash talk than the elliptical. Need to just bum rush the apartment gym and pull the guy out kicking and screaming I guess.


Sign up for Christina Latina memorial race tomorrow and if you can’t make it North the Western Union County guys are doing it virtually by running 8K on tomorrow morning. Get some.

FNG/Kotter day tomorrow at Davinci. 6:30. Chick-Fil-A is ready for the crowd. BYOB – Bring your own bagel.

5 Men joined for Q Source to discuss Shield Lock. Aye – Get after it men.


Beach Bodies Here We Come!

The old trick knee was feeling better for a Q at Chiseled this morning after an Ultimate Frisbee mishap a couple of weeks ago. It was balmy 38 degrees this morning but the boys were bundled up minus Recalculating in his shorts and short sleeve shirt and ready to go. My goal was to prove that you can have a gear workout and keep the heart rate up with very little down time for explanations of workouts.

Warm Up:

Mosey to front entrance for Five Stones and back for circle up


10 Merkins

15 Imperial Walkers

10 Merkins

Stretch right and left legs

10 More Merkins wide grip

That Thang:

Mosey over to Mt. Chiseled and partner up.

P1 20 overhead presses with weighted bar and P2 20 upright rows with dumbells, switch equipment and 20 each again. They run opposite each other around Mt. Chiseled for 5 hand slap Merkins. Rinse and repeat 3 times.

After completion let’s do 10 burpees in 1 minute

Mosey to Parking lot and circle up behind cinder blocks. After each Rep Cycle rotate to next spot, one person on rope each cycle.

20 Merkins

Then grab cinder blocks for next Reps:

20 Curls

20 Presses

15 Squats

15 Tricep Extensions

20 Curls

15 Presses

Mosey over to Mt. Chiseled again to grab dumbells and weighted bars and back for a little Starfish action:

4 Corners: Squats, tricep extensions, Rows and Rope jump over and burpees. In center perform the “Hoff” P1 elbow planks while P2 jumps over him. 5 times each partner

Audible to sprint station after 1 full round of Starfish: Groups of 3: One person is always sprinting, had to get the heart rate back up.

Finish up with some abs and more merkins and Time.


Good group of nine guys this morning for a gear workout. My goal was to keep the explanations down on stations so we eliminated any down time and heart rates starting to drop. It was also good to see all the equipment that has been donated out at Chiseled. It’s a great problem when you have to get another bin because we outgrew the last one.

Thanks for taking us out Doughboy.

Tyson – Sentence Reduced

There was a whiff in the air this morning; wasn’t sure if it was DoughBoys gloves, the diesel bus fumes or the alcohol seeping from Zin’s pores…nope it was the sweat scent of the monthly AMARAP beat-down at Impromptu. Each station has been painstakingly thought out, planned and implemented -however there was a lot of babble that 20 Mike Tysons were just a bit too much. So the competition committee reviewed and approved 15 reps. 19 present for the March edition of the Amrap

The Results

The goal of the AMRAP has always been to measure and encourage progress for each of the PAX. If it is your first time, use it to set a baseline; go for small improvements; maybe one more station than you did last time, then 2 and then a lap. Forward progress is a good thing. And sometimes you just don’t have gas in the tank- that’s OK .. OK for The Floater, FLASH, Chiseled, AssIsland, WatchTower… But its NOT OK for the AMRAP—ha – just kidding..maybe…just a little…yes

Check out the results – post them on your Fridge..use it as motivation.. or for your grocery list or an important phone number… heck I don’t care- just print it out


Christina Latini – 8K Memorial Race – we’ll be doing it Virtual @ Commitment – $15 –

Christ Closet- moving location- could use help this Saturday – see Akbar

Sunday Open Door and Monday Brooklyn Pizza Bible Study

Welcome FNG – Quack- another young buck EH’d by My Pleasure. Comes to us from the Pacific Northwest – Oregon.

FYI – Glider/Glida in attendance as well – couldn’t find him in the system…we’ll work on that -Kotters

Crushing kettlebell cards

Today was a good day…because I didn’t have to use my AK.

Friday is the best day of the week. Not only is it the end of the work week (for most of us), but it is OVERDRIVE. A chance for men to wake up early and do amazing silly things with kettlebells and other gear. A 6 pack of PAX crushed a kettlebell card workout that went something like this:


Everybody who has been to workout that I’ve been at knows how much I love running. If you haven’t been at the same workout as me, I’ll give you a hint: RUNNING SUCKS. Since I’m in charge for the workout, there will be none of that running nonsense. That’s right we covered exactly 0.0 miles. No warmup mosey today.

25 side straddle hops

15 windmills

10 arm circles in each direction

The Thang

In an attempt to get the Facebook lurkers to a workout and of their normal routine, I teased that we would playing with a gift I received for Christmas (not the PAX, but the holiday). If you’re crazy enough to still be reading this, you may be wondering what my gift was. I’ve obviously told friends and family about F3. My parents came across a deck of cards with kettlebell exercises on them and gave it to me. You can order your own on Amazon. I don’t know which cards / exercises we pulled, but only made it about halfway through the deck. We ended with a little bit of Mary. In a plank position pull the kettlebell from one side to the other.

Naked Moleskin

As always it was an honor to lead this band of misfits brothers. I also have the expansion pack so there are still plenty of exercises left that we haven’t tried yet! These cards had some different moves that we don’t typically do in a gear workout. It was a great change of pace. These cards are so great. They are color coded with each color representing a different part of the body to focus on. They have the recommended # of reps, a picture showing the basic form, words describing the exercise, and even a barcode you can scan on your phone that will take you to a youtube demonstration if you’re still lost.

There was some mumble chatter on the facebook page about the workout being easy. The poster didn’t show up for the workout. I guess it was a little harder than the ole fartsack. There was a lot of grunting and not a lot of mumble chatter, so it couldn’t have been too”easy” of a workout.

Bernanke – at the end you said “is that it?” I don’t know if it was a compliment that time flew by so fast you lost track of time, or it’s the fact that you came in hot about 5 minutes tardy. It may be a combination of both.

Lamont – apparently he is working on projects around the house. His M asked him to recruit F3 brothers for help. Sounds like a terrible idea.

Unplugged – Good to see you in an NC State sweatshirt. I’m still not sure if you’re an alum, a fan, or just wearing it to be ironic. Either way it is better than seeing that ugly color of the Tarholes.

Edison – strong work as always. I think I might have heard a record 10 words come out of his mouth today. I noticed you were wearing a Penn State sweatshirt. Too many inappropriate jokes came to mind and I just let them fall by the wayside. Respect the Respects.

Glass Joe – Thanks? for choosing to come out. The alternative still sounds like it might have been more fun. The only workouts you regret is the one you don’t go to. We may all need to look at getting braces after hearing about the orthodontist. Thanks for taking us out in prayer at the end.


Monroe needs a Q for tomorrow. Reach out to Glass Joe if you’re interested. He won’t be there (something about a follow up for his gender reassignment consultation) but would appreciate any help

We had no idea who the Q for Outland is tomorrow. I’m sure it will show up on social media at some point today.

Thoughts and prayers for Hoffa’s continued recovery. Bambi – 1 Hoffa – 0. He may have taken up hunting after this run in. Don’t be surprised if you see a deer head mounted in his living room next time you come over

One last note. I wanted to make this last so it is fresh in your head. In the COT at Conviction, Rubbermaid made the comment that F3 is trying to focus on mental health. As men, we carry the burden of having to provide for our families in addition to many other stressors (work, family, spouse, etc.). Also as men, we typically keep things bottled up inside because talking about them is a sign of weakness. I encourage each of you to bring your challenges to the circle of trust at the end of a workout. We may riff on each other during the workout but I am confident that if one of our brothers is going through something rough that we will have fully support any way that we can. If you need to talk to a professional, reach out to one. My wife is a psychologist and can help. If you need her information, reach out to me. She may give a “friends and family” discount if you tell her that I referred you. She doesn’t talk about her clients to me so your privacy is guaranteed. If your worried about this, she can refer you to colleagues in the area. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it.