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Not a single complaint

DCCs given. with a new twist. No more Mary…you can either circle back around for he six or do burpee’s.

Mosey toward the railroad tracks, workout at each light.  Alternate exercise

10 x monkey humpers

10 x jump squats

Cross Street Together (some chose to hold hands and skip and hey, if it helps you get safely across the street, do what makes you feel right. I can’t promise you wont get shamed in the playhouse for that though). Mosey to Dream Chasers for warm-up:

Warm up

20 x SSH

15 x Mountain Climbers

10 x Merkins

10 x Plank jacks

10 x six inch plank jacks

The Thang

Partner up at big Tree in front of Dream Chasers.  Partner 1 run lap around block behind dream chasers.  Partner 2 exercises, then rotate until we have completed:

200 dips

150 step ups

100 derkins

Mosey over to N. Providence street (the street behind dream chasers) for a burpee mile.  10 burpees at stop sign, run ¼ mile to cones, 10 more burpees, return to stop sign. Rinse and repeat until we reached 1 mile.

Mosey over to Kim Jong un hill for some sevens.  Start 1 burpee at bottom of hill.  Run to top of hill for 6 merkins.  Then 2 burpees and 5 merkins….you get the idea. Up and down the hill until we reached 6 burpees and 1 merkin. 

Mosey to COT.  45 seconds left… abs to close it out.

The Moleskin

It takes the pressure off knowing that you are getting your Q feet wet at the 87th worst site in Union County.  I figured, What’s the worst that can happen and if I mess up no one will be there to see it anyway.  I did however have the pleasure of leading 8 pax today and I appreciate each and every one of you for showing up and allowing me to lead you.  You all pushed hard and stayed together which made the new no-mary rule easy to implement. Maybe it was the love in the air on Valentine’s day but there was no complaining or critiquing today which was odd.

Thank you Tupperware for taking us out


Zinfandel on Q at Impromptu tomorrow and according to him…”will bring the pain”

There is an F3 race each weekend in March

Father Daughter Dance March 1

Buckets Dough

The days have been long with a new job so sometimes you get a back blast written at the last moment that shares the pain and torment that was dealt out for the day. This morning, 11 people came to Chiseled to get more cut and build some muscle. What most didn’t realize is that my substi-Q for Recalculating was primarily focused on the 45 pound buckets of concrete meant to cause as much fatigue as possible.

Let’s Mosey,

Run to the entrance of Five Stones Church and back to get the legs warm. Do 25 side straddle hops to loosen up. Stretch the arms across each side because we are going to wear them out. Perform 25 Merkins to warm up the chest. Overhead stretch to finish out loosening up the arms.

Exercise #1- Bucket Brigade Line up in a single line, hold a squat while passing the bucket down the line and the last person run it up to the front. Repeat until everyone has run the bucket 3 times and find a way to stretch out the legs.

Exercise #2- Partner Up and choose a bucket. One partner performs the exercise with a 45 pound bucket while the other runs to the end of the parking lot. Complete two rounds per person for each exercise. The series consisted of curls, squats, shoulder press, alternating elevated merkins, and bucket swings. The group did 5 burpees between each exercise and filled the time waiting for the six doing Mary.


Everyone did a great job hanging in for the workout. What I can say is that we did a chiseled workout at Chiseled, not some portable version of another Site Q. Zinfandel was kind enough to remind me that Watchtower was worse last Tuesday so I will have to find a new threshold of pain. I was thoroughly worn by the end of the workout and had to make a trip to the Chiropractor. Welcome @Joe Selitto – Snooki to the PAX. Great opportunity to start with the group.

Upcoming Events

  • March 9th- Briarcrest Bridge 5K to raise funds for the swim team
  • Need for Speed March 29th- Reach out to Rubbermaid


Record turnout for the 2/13 edition to WAMRAP — or so I’m told. (It was only the second time I’ve posted at the new AO). I’m not naive enough to think that YHC had anything to do with it. It was probably due to the fact that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and a few good men needed to do some last minute body shaping. The format, and the challenge of it, is catching on! To paraphrase our fearless leader, Alf, “the beauty of AMRAP is that everybody goes all out – no matter how many times you complete the circuit.” Wisdom from our Naantan while we work out — a two – for- one special.

While leaving the AO last week after my first post and agreeing to Q this week, the rules of WAMRAP were laid by McGee, Alf, Flipper, and Purell — there are no rules! Well, there might not be rules but I did learn that there’s some strong tendencies. So, in sticking with those tendencies, YHC gave a disclaimer (though not a good one), skipped COP, and headed straight for the parking garage. After the PAX took the steps to the 3rd level, the circuit was laid out and explained. It went like this: 3rd level the PAX did 3 exercises — Heels to Heaven, Dolly, Freddie Mercury. 2nd level exercises — Merkins and Squats. 1st level exercise — pull-ups or burpees (PAX choice). All exercises were 10 reps each. To complete the full circuit, the PAX would run up 3 flights of stairs and start over.


YHC is really digging this Wednesday workout. It has kicked my tailed the past two weeks — although Flipper’s gear workout was worse than today IMO. Most everyone completed 9-10 full circuits with a few studs finishing 11-12. Thanks for the opportunity to lead. I’ll definitely be back!

A Nice Little Trip Around MRHS

23 men came to follow me around the Marvin Ridge campus on this damp morning.  After a quick review of campus conditions with some pre-runners, I gave the DICCS and we were off at 5:30.  The pack did a great job sticking together, did I run slow or did the Gazelles run slower?

Warm Up:

A mosey to the high school awning had an audible to turn and pick up Jingles and Shank N Bake. At the rear awning the disclaimer was given and we proceeded with:

20 – SSH

20 – Potato Pickers

20 – Merkins (civilian count)

20 – Mountain Climbers

The Thang:

Mosey to the front of the high school past the globe to the first island and partner up. While one partner runs to just past the small building by the busses the other is completing:

  • 150 Jump Squats
  • 100 Merkins
  • 200 LBC

Once completed we moseyed to the sidewalk (watch out for the mud boys) on the south side of the Jr. High and alternated 10 Squats and 5 Big Boys at each light till we circled back into the table area at the rear of the cafeteria.  

Partner up again (new partners), while partner one runs a flag route to the sidewalk chain (hang left a the busses) the other was completing:

  • 200 Derkins
  • 200 Dips

Once completed one more fun fill station which we almost got through before time was called. Yes I called for a Burpee on my modified triple nickel.  It was not 5- 5- 5. It was 10-5-1 so we can call it a Dime Nickle Penny.  From the lower lot by the football field we completed 10 Merkins, ran to the first island, completed a Burpee, then rinse and repeat 5 times.

Learned I need to step it up on intensity as there was not a lot of groaning going on and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Audiles can be a touchy subject in WUC, and I need to put the weinke on the phone or get a headlamp. I appreciate the post COT feedback and will incorporate that into the next Q.


Thank you Johnny Utah for taking us out.  


  1. Continued prayers for Johnny Utahs wife Ginger who is recovering from surgery.
  2. Prayers for Legalized 2 year olds son who is having an MRI this morning.
  3. There is an F3 race each weekend in March
  4. Be on the lookout for the Newsletter, make sure you are signed up on the website
  5. Father Daughter Dance March 1

You Can Do Anything For A Minute

Rolled up with only 2-3 minutes to spare. It was great to see another car (Car-Son) in the lot at Shiloh! Glass Joe rolled in right after me, and we literally started to mosey as our feet hit the pavement. Disclaimer given before we hit the first turn around the parking lot. GJ had his ever present cell phone on his arm and another reminder to “modificate” as needed was given. Low mileage today, so an extra lap around was in order.

COP: (more of a triangle today)

SSH x 20 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Hill Billy’s x 20 IC

Windmills (Abe Vigoda pace) x 10 IC

Arm Circles & Tricep Stretches

The Thing:

After a short Q&A with Hairband about what Interval Timer phone app he’s been using, I downloaded one, made up a workout around it and used my solo day last week at Conviction as a try out. It equated to a big ol’ Bucket O’ Suck, PERFECT!

The Intervals: 60 Seconds Exercise – 15 Seconds Rest

  1. Shoulder Tap Merkins
  2. Bomb Jacks
  3. Carolina Dry Docks
  4. Mtn Climbers
  5. Jump Squats
  6. Diamond Merkins
  7. Body Builder Burpees

RECOVER – Plank or run a lap (60 seconds)

  1. Merkins
  2. Jump Squats
  3. Dry Docks
  4. Peter Parkers
  5. Low Slow Squats
  6. Wide Merkins
  7. Burpees

RECOVER – Plank or run a lap (60 seconds)

  1. Wide Merkins
  2. Jump Squats
  3. Dry Docks
  4. Low Slow Squats
  5. Wide Merkins
  6. American Hammer
  7. Freddie Mercurys
  8. Flutter Kicks


The Interval Timer was linked to a playlist with:

  • Headlong Flight – Rush
  • Falling To Pieces – Faith No More
  • Soldier Of 3 Armies – Sabaton
  • Burning My Soul – Dream Theater
  • On The Loose – Saga
  • The Trooper – Iron Maiden

After all that fun, a quick mosey over to the entry way of the school and grabbed some wall, or in this case brick columns.

People’s Chair with arms straight out (60 seconds).

Recover – Stretch it out – Back on the wall

People’s Chair with 100 air presses. #’s 90-100 at a very slow pace.


The Dolly x 30 IC

The Back-Scratcher x 30 IC

Heels To Heaven x 15 IC

And That’s A Wrap!


Not much in announcements today. Prayers for everyone down with some sort of sickness, flu or the reemergence of the black death. Thanks to Glass Joe for taking us out in prayer.


Not much in the way of mumblechatter this AM either. Glass Joe was surprisingly quiet, except for a few well timed “TWSS”. Car-Son just returned from visiting family in Canada, sure he was enjoying the tropical weather back here in NC. The two Canadian bands in the playlist weren’t intentional though, especially since the whippersnapper never heard of the Canadian band Saga… Kids these days… Glad to see some numbers at Conviction! Slots for Q are wide open. I plan on being here every Wednesday, but we do need to watch our numbers. To borrow from US Rep. Hank Johnson, Shiloh Elementary may “become so overly populated that it will tip over and ahhh….capsize!”

The Broken Promise(s)

Promises were made. It wouldn’t be raining, we would stay on the pavement and it wouldn’t be leg day. But crazy things can happen at 5am in the morning on the drive to Anvil. I had it all ‘planned’. Well some of it at least. Fine, just a little of it. At the very least, I knew I wasn’t going to start out with what seems to be the least favorite called exercise amongst the pax currently, the vaunted SSH. And there def weren’t going to be burpees because, well, I refuse to do them. Sorry Mermaid and Runstopper. Nope, but the little I did have planned got tossed out the window when making a left onto Rea from Rea. There in his Hi Viz Spalding shirt and LuLu shorts gliding down the sidewalk was HIPAA. “Oh I see, Spackler is leading. Probably won’t get that good of a workout in so I’ll got ahead and get some mileage pre Anvil”. The F*&&*&?! nerve. As Gloss would say, I calmed my Tiattts long enough to get out a gentlemen like, well thought out, effective, probably the best ever in 2019, disclaimer and then we were off.

The Thing

Mosey to the front of the church

15 IW; 10 merkins, 10 Mnt Climbers, 10 LSS

Mosey to the hill that sucketh – Five Knolls

Partner up for what has become known as The Half Pipe

Partners complete 10 merkins a piece at bottom – Partner 1 runs up Five Knolls and completed 10 squats at top – Partner 2 runs other direction and ‘bangs’ a left onto Wood Whistle and completes 10 squats. Meet back at bottom and repeat going opposite directions – 3 total trips up Five Knolls per pax.

Mosey back with a few stops for stomache’, maybe an air chair was thrown in by the guy with short legs.

To the rock pile for some curls, push press and tea bags for a few min.

Back to cars through some quite moist fields (who knew??) to finish up with more stomache’ – favorite being the vaunted, soul crushing Back Scratchers. #urwelcome and #EADtm.

The skinny

I know many are patiently waiting for the return of TR. It’s gonna happen soon. Radar, almost had him back. Bounce, gone forever to OT. Spackler, well boys – rumor is true – I’m back for good. Might even have to awaken the Libated Camel. Still waiting on a signature form there. Buckle up.

Listen up – I’m just going to say one thing. That hill BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWS. “Great Q Five Knolls”. Give credit where it is due. That hill requires short legs, a healthy liver and maybe a above average dose of HGH – none of which YHC possesses……at the moment. Congrats to Haze, who rumor has it can check off all 3 requirements above. Lorax ,Brillo and Snooka (57?!) were others who appeared to perform well. The rest of us just suck. I mean that in the nicest way possible. Don’t let it ruin your day boys.

By the way, it wasn’t raining.


Joe Davis Run – sign up at

March 23rd – Dash for Down Syndrome in Blakeney. Looking for Speed For Need runners/pushers. Email

Be Still…

Third F
Be still, and know that I am God….” Psalm 46:10
I appreciate multi-tasking. Although it’s a recently added word to our lexicon, the feat of being able to do several things at one time didn’t begin with this generation. Millennials who text, type, and talk at the same time have nothing on the mother who balances a baby on her hip, puts in a load of wash, and instructs her 3-year-old not to run on the just-mopped floor, all while consuming a half-eaten sandwich. I’m afraid all the multi-tasking is making it harder to appreciate the beauty found in a singular accomplishment. It’s getting difficult to focus on the moment. What might happen if we took the time to not just hear what someone says, but pause to listen. Not methodically check items off our to-do list, but engage them. Not rush through obligatory morning devotions, but wait upon the Lord. No one accomplished more in his brief span on earth than Jesus. And no one was more fully present. Jesus said he did nothing but what he saw his Father doing (John 5:19). Constant communication with God taught Him how to value every single moment. He experienced no conflict between the stillness of knowing God and the efficiency of working His plan. If we hope to be more present in the present, I don’t know a better place to start than through emulating Jesus’ ongoing communion with God — of letting His presence infuse our present. Father, forgive us for rushing through our days without pausing to invite You in. Please help us be more aware of Your presence, whether we find ourselves in the mundane or spectacular. Be with us. Amen. Take Action Right now…let’s pause…be still…know He is God…and savor it…..

2nd F
Joe Davis race on March 9th
Dash For Down Syndrome March 23rd (Rubbermaid and Exit 54 on Q)

1st F (The Thang)
Dynamic Stretching Vinyasa Flow increased hold intervals
15 Seconds each:
•Start in Full Plank
•Move down to Chaturanga Dandasana (AKA 6 inches)
•Move into Up dog
•Move into Down dog
•Walk the dog

30 Seconds each:
•Start in Full Plank
•Move down to Chaturanga Dandasana (AKA 6 inches)
•Move into Up dog
•Move into Down dog
•Walk the dog

45 Seconds each:
•Start in Full Plank
•Move down to Chaturanga Dandasana (AKA 6 inches)
•Move into Up dog
•Move into Down dog
•Walk the dog

Tree pose

1 min each:
•Right arm across with left hand pulling in toward body
•Left arm across with right hand pulling in toward body

Mountain pose, Full fold, Half back up ,Full fold, Plank, Up dog, Down dog, Full fold, Half back up, Full Fold, Mountain

•Right arm up over should reach back Left hand on elbow pulling back further
•Left arm up over should reach back right hand on elbow pulling back further

30 seconds each:
•Frog pose
•Lizard right leg forward
•Warrior one pose
•Elbow Plank
•Child pose
•Frog pose
•Lizard Left leg forward
•Warrior one pose
•Elbow Plank

On your 6
1 min each
•Right leg in left leg straight reaching out to foot
•Left leg in left leg straight reaching out to foot

Get a Strap or rope
1 min holds each
Both legs flat on the ground rope around both feet as you stretch forward. •Laying flat Right leg down left foot in rope move left leg straight up at 90 degrees pulling resistance against your foot.
•Remaining flat using the rope gently roll your leg out away from your body trying to maintain a 90 degree or better angle.
•Back up to 90
•Remaining flat using the rope gently roll your leg over you right leg trying to maintain a 90 degree or better angle
•Back up to 90 Both legs flat on the ground rope around both feet as you stretch forward.
•Laying flat Left leg down left foot in rope move left leg straight up at 90 degrees pulling resistance against your foot.
•Remaining flat using the rope gently roll your leg out away from your body trying to maintain a 90 degree or better angle.
•Back up to 90
•Remaining flat using the rope gently roll your leg over you left leg trying to maintain a 90 degree or better angle
•Back up to 90 Both legs flat on the ground rope around both feet as you stretch forward.

Finish with loose Butterfly and into corpse.

It is “Free to Lead”… not “Free to Follow”. 
When asked if I could take lead on Gumby this week, my first thought was hesitation.  YHC had not ever taken a Q lead at this AO and was more than slightly intimidated by the idea.  However, with no valid reason to decline and having attended more than once at this AO my hesitation gave way to Q planning. 

F3 would not be what it is, if we as pax did not step up and take LEAD.. even when you are out side your comfort zone. 

This message needs to ring true for all of us.. Requests from Site Qs to the regular attending pax to take a Q have far to often been met with silence.  For those that do not step up, I simply ask you..  Are you free to Lead.. or do you simply Follow?

Swissmiss and Tweetsie:  Thank you for the opportunity to lead your AO this morning.


Just Wear The Dang Vest!

14 men came out to share in some misery as YHC made his second Q appearance at Watchtower. It was raining lighting as the PAX arrived and I quickly informed them that I planned to make no efforts to keep people dry. I made good on that promise as it start pouring about 25 minutes into the workout….but I don’t want to get ahead of myself so let’s take it from the top.

Warm up:

  • Mosey around PetSmart to Target Parking Lot / bear crawl the island section – Circle Up
  • SSH x25
  • Jimmy Doogain(??) / Walk out to a plank
  • Mountain Climbers x15
  • Merkins x15
  • Hold plank
  • Plank jacks x 10

The Thang: 

  • Reverse Deconstructed Burpee Ladder
    • Deconstructed Burpee = Squat, In & Out, Merkin, In & Out, Squat JumpReverse deconstructed burpee ladder w/ parking lot length run between reps 
    • Start at 10 reps of each and work down to 1 with a run between each
  • Mosey around PetSmart to Village Tavern / bear crawl the island section
  • Partner-up
    • Partner 1 runs the short lap around Village Tavern
    • Partner 2 exercise
    • Partner complete:
      • 100 Step-ups
      • 200 Squats
      • 300 Dips
  • Break into two lines for indian runs – circle around the lots and back to COT when we ran out of time.


I learned a few things this morning…

  1. Gerber gives 0 craps about safety if it means he has to wear a 1oz vest (Maybe that’s how he keeps his pace so quick)
  2. Adding any exercise to the opening mosey is sure to get groans
  3. Damascus does NOT like it when you spring bonus running on him the end of a workout
  4. Pax get very concerned about time when you say “One more lap”

But seriously, it was a great effort by everyone out there. I was pretty impressed when the Gazelles voluntarily added a burpee to their indian run.


  • Speed for Need 5k on March 24th. Rubbermaid is Q’ing the race and will communicate out discount code to anyone interested in pushing once he has it.
  • Father/Daughter Dance on March 1.
  • Doughboy on Q tomorrow @ Chiseled / Dana @ Dromedary

Stupid rain

8 ish pax came out for a moist Hawknest workout.  Here is what happened.

15 IW

Mosey to parking lot


15 MC

15 Merkins

Mosey up to school on the back side Partner up Partner one runs Partner two does called exercise Three rounds

1. Merkins 2. Squats 3. CDD

Mosey over to hill 7’s Merkins and squats

Head to cover – Dips, Derkins and Step ups – 30 each two rounds

Mosey back launch and down the hill. Rock work. Partner 1 lifts while partner two runs up to building and back 3 rounds 1. Curls 2. Presses 3. Tri cep extension – 150 each. 

Run back to launch

Mole of skin

Well, lots of texts and discussions last night about the rain.  Full disclosure didn’t want to really run a ton in the rain but this morning it was fairly dry. HIPAA of course jinxed it when he got out of the car talking about the lack of rain. #amateurmove. The run over to the other side was dry when we passed by a very confused security guard. The call for partner work was received with skepticism from Alf. I did have to alter my plan because that hill was looooong. After that and the 7’s we found some cover and decided to do the 30 each of dips, derkins, and step ups. Again lots of bad looks. Not gonna lie mid-way through I was rethinking it but decided to roll forward. The last portion was fun, rock work and running, the 150 each was a bit aggressive and there was a few bad looks there as well (seeing a trend). I kept asking HIPAA how many miles to see if we could get to three at least to not get made fun of by the fast-twitch crew. Good group of men out there, thanks for the opportunity to lead. Haze thanks for taking us out. Of

Tartarus Wins Again

YHC rolled up to find most of the usuals already in place. A pretty mild morning, ready to get to work.

A disclaimer was given, and off we went.


Mosey to the top of the deck. Knowing we were about to Paula Abdul down it, we were supposed to take the stairs. But Scabby distracted me and we missed them. So we got a little more mileage in.

IW x 15

Plankjack x 15

Peter Parker x 15

Mountain Climber x 15

Parker Peter x 15

The Thang:

Paula Abdul – From the top of the deck, the idea being to run two segments forward, 1 backwards. At the end of the forward run, 10 jumpsquats. At the end of the backwards run, 10 walking lunges each leg. A brief wall sit and we were off.

Mosey to the parking lot beside the aquatic center and find a parking space. YHC gave perfect instructions to plankwalk down the lines, at every other parking space line 5 merkins, at the other one lunge walk to the end and back. This quickly turned into a cluster so we moved on. There was a round 2 to this, but you’ll never know what it was.

Mosey to the rock pile across the street and grab a lifting and moving rock.  Mosey back to the bottom of staircase 3 of Tartarus deck.

Starting at the bottom with your rock, do 10 overhead press, 10 tricep extensions and 10 curls, drop the rock and take the stairs to the top.  At the top, 10 donkey kicks, 10 air press on the wall and 10 burpees.  Run over and back down the middle staircase to your rock.  Take the rock to level 2 and perform rock exercises there.  Each time running to the top, exercise, and back to your rock (exercise) and taking it up 1 level to the top.

After dropping off the rocks, YHC asked Hops (the king of the bootcamp) what we should do with our last 6 minutes. Was there any chance he wasn’t going to say 6 minutes of Mary? So we did, mosey back to launch.


Flutter x 20

Rosalita x 20

Freddy Mercury x 20

American Hammer x 20

Hold Plank for last minute


Joe Davis run 3/9/19

Prayers for 2nd Mission Trip Team to Peru

There were others, but I forgot. Brushback? Post below.

YHC with the take-out prayer


Always a great group at Centurion, one of my favorite AOs. Pretty good mumblechatter, just not where I expected it. I fully expected the talk to start early after calling 4 plank exercises in a row on the cheese grater floor of the top deck. Maybe I’ve just got better at tuning it out. But call a few exercises in a parking lot space and everyone is confused. Glad it worked out that way as we had time for the full deck work. Mermaid, Brilleaux and Snuka out front, but pretty much everyone stayed together. Hardly any waiting around. Scratch apparently borrowed his son’s gym shorts. My plank faced away from him. Those backwards runs that hit an incline hurt extra bad, will feel those. And the storage space next door messing up the view from the top of Tartarus, oh well, til next time.