You’ve heard of beer can chicken but what about Zin Chicken??

You’ve heard of beer can chicken but what about Zin Chicken??

“Mmmm, that sounds nice. I’ll have the Zin Chicken.”

Small, weak and frail is how I would best describe Dancing Bear’s excuses ankles. I guess the pressure I put on him not to embarrass us with a weak Q at The Floater was just too much for his ego cankles. Get well soon miss, I would suggest more rest but  I’m not sure how you could fit more in your life…..moving along

An APB was put on the Crests of Briars private messaging homing pigeon service letting us know of the need for a new Q due to pansy injury. Two men quickly started texting in excitement of happily taking the lead.

After I had already had my co-Q cherry popped with a guy that’s been around the block way too many times, I was ready prove I really know my way around there. I was just in need of a younger man to share the skills I had learned and I knew just the man for the job…..

CLUCK. CLUCK. CLUCK. Chicken Little mentioned recently he was ready to get back out there on Q. And ohhhhh boy did he….

DCCS reviewed with a focus on safety


Decently long nosey through darkness fog and line up across the side of Dreamchasers:

1. 20 x SSHs IC

2. 20 x Imperial Walkers IC

3. 20 x 6” Plank Jacks IC

4. 10 x Merkins CC

5. 10 x Carolina Drydocks CC

Mosey to across bridge and cross street together, at 1st parking lot, 5 burpees on your own at each corner

Mosey to snow cone shopping center, 20 LBCs, lungs walk to other side, 20 big boy sit-ups, bear crawl back. Complete 2 times.

Begin mosey towards elementary school, @McCain St complete 10 Bobby Hurley’s….

Hand the car keys over to Chicken Little for the start of the CHICKEN SHOW!!

@King St complete 20 Merkins and at @Arbor St complete 15 squats

Arrived at Waxhaw Elementary. Break into groups of 4. Plank-Merkin-Bear Crawl Ladder. Complete BC 3 times.

Team Up for partner runs and meet in the middle for 5 x hand slap merkins. Complete 3 times.

Start Mosey back with exercises to keep group together. Sprints inbetween a few light poles.

Back at shopping center find some wall, Mike Tyson cycle: 10x, break, 5x, break, 5x

Continue Mosey back to start. Found some curb. 50 x dips. Throw in inclined merkins if you completed early. Back to COT


After taking 8 days off I was a bit apprehensive about how I would feel/breathe/run/etc. Luckily only having to Q half the workout with my main man Don was a relief. I texted him a rough layout of a new part of campus we should try to hit and it worked out pretty well.

We had 16 total guys post today but oddly when we started we had 14. From the fog One Star arrived out of nowhere and then our newest FNG showed up potentially regretting his decision to listen to after being invited by Wedding Singer.

Thank you all as always, on behalf of the Chicken Man and myself, it was our pleasure. We both had fun and I think we should see more co-Qs in the future just to break it up a bit. Good times

Not a ton of mumble chatter when you are on the tight sidewalks of downtown Waxhaw. We came, we saw, we conquered. It’s good to be back!

Welcome Slip! Your 1st day always sucks. Push through the soreness and any possible frustration, join us again!

Good to see another speedskater join us for his 2nd post this week, nice to meet you Apolo!

Thank you Doughboy for taking us out.

Lastly thank you to everyone for rocking bright clothes, vests, headlamps, cell phones, etc. The Floater doesn’t lead in much when compared to all other sites except when it comes to safety…easily #1 in that category.


  • Soaking wet Clyent Dinner this evening with Bottlecap on Q. Park at the front of the middle school for semi-covered area to workout in.
  • So many friggin Deadwood Qs coming up….Friday, Saturday, Monday, (checks notes….) and TUESDAY??
  • Christ’s Closet – Truck loading 4pm Friday, 10/1 and Delivery 10am-3pm Saturday, 10/2
  • Funeral services for Lynn Marie Longo will be this Saturday at 5 Stones starting at 11AM. You can also donate to Lynnie’s Silver Lining. 5 Stones is collecting for the family and donating to a charity of the families choice. Link can be found here:

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