Double Up

  • When:2/27/2019
  • QIC: Rockwell

Double Up

The PAX: One Star, Illiterate (R), Knish, Run Flat, The Grease Monkey (R), Gator Cub (R), Fiji, Rudy, Long Haul (R), Dana, Easy Button, Posse, Goodfella, Ohno (FNG), Rockwell

15 PAX showed up at Dromedary for my 2nd Q of the week!  For those that attended Monday at Flash I apologize for a similar workout, but I’ve never been accused of being creative!  The weather was perfect for a workout with mild temperatures and no rain.   Everyone did an awesome job of welcoming Jonathan, an FNG, who heard about us through his church.  I covered a quick reminder of the safety topics (cell phones, CPR certifications and watch for cars/buses) and then at 5:30 am sharp we began with a mosey.

Here is what followed:

Circle Up

               SSHs x 20

               Imperial Walkers x 20

               Plank Jacks x 20

               Mountain Climbers x 20

Repeat warm up exercises

Mosey to first alcove along front stretch

               Donkey Kicks x 20

               Merkins x 20

               Shoulder Taps x 20

Run to curb and back

Repeat that sequence twice

Run to next alcove

               Jump Squats x 20

               Speed Skater x 20

               Lunge Walk x 20

Run to curb and back

Repeat that sequence twice

Mosey to benches in the back of the school

               Step Ups x 20

               Dips x 20

               Derkins x 20

Hot ½ lap

Repeat that sequence twice

Mosey to the wall in the back of the school

               Air Press x 20

               Jab x 20

Repeat twice

Mosey back to the parking lot

               Suicide to each tree and back all the way to the top of the lot

               Do 1 Burpee on each return

Return to COT

I tried to incorporate many different exercises for a full body workout.  I’m not sure where the “double up” came from but I made a conscious effort to do everything x 2 in the hopes of burring out each muscle group.  Thanks to Goodfella for giving me the opportunity to lead an awesome group of men!  Our FNG had a striking resemblance of the 8-time Olympic speed skating medalist Apolo Anton Ohno.  Plus, the workout included Speed Skaters… so naturally, he was given the name Ohno.  Great first F3 appearance Ohno, can’t wait to see you again!  Awesome push by everyone today!


  • Dash for Downs in Ballantyne March 23rd.  Speed for Need still needs people to push chariots.
  • This coming Saturday a free event in Rock Hill.  The Rooster.  5-man teams… Chicken Little looking for partners.

Thank you, Goodfella, for taking us out!

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