Bessie & Safety

Bessie & Safety

5:00 Pre-Run 1.3 mi loop w/ Fire Hazard, Bunker & Atlas
5:15 Main Event
Sprint Week
2 mi warm-up
Conlan to Ballantyne Commons to Ballantyne Corporate and down Harney to Rushmore
+ some of the usual form drills
Sweet Bessie @ Rushmore Dr.
400 m sprint, 400 m recovery
300 m sprint, 300 m recovery
200 m sprint, 200 m recovery
100 m sprint, 100 m recovery
Sprints speed = 1 mi race pace
x 3
not quite 1 mile run home and arrive to the Bagpipe pax writhing on the ground.

Thank you to Brat’s continued leadership and coaching. Please step up and offer to Q Swift.

Cars, bikes and water fowl, it’s more dangerous than ever running in South Charlotte. Wearing all black is no longer a responsible choice. Please invest in a high-visibility and lighted gear. Live to run another day.

Joe Davis Run Registration

Speed for Need – check here for upcoming race calendar

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