Cuthbertson Middle and High School Campus Tour

  • When:2/25/19
  • QIC: Rockwell

Cuthbertson Middle and High School Campus Tour


The PAX (including the Ignition crew): Hollywood, Draper, Trojan, Halfback, Stub Hub, Das Boot, BoBerry, Dana, Tupperware, Wolverine, Gerber, Turtle, Foundation, Deflated, Chicken Little, Rubbermaid(R), Fuse Box, Mad Dog, Mayhem, Banjo, Posse, Old McDonald(R), Dough Boy, Gator Cub (R), Chainsaw(R), Bottlecap, Recalculating(R), Rockwell, Limestone(FNG).

16 PAX strong showed up for Flash on a crisp Monday morning with NO RAIN in the forecast!  At the start line we stood in awe of Bottlecap as he graced our presence by skipping Ignition to graciously hang out with the Flash group.  After some safety comments and some fist bumps with the FNG we were off!

Here’s what went down:

Warm Up Lap

Circle Up

               SSHs x 20

               Imperial Walkers x 20

               Plank Jacks x 20

               Mountain Climbers x 20

               LBCs x 20

Repeat warm up exercises

Mosey to front of middle school benches

               Step Ups x 20

               Run to curb and back

               Derkins x 20

               Run to curb and back

               Dips x 20

               Run to curb and back

Mosey to the top of stairs at high school

               Donkey Kicks x 20

               Run to bottom of stairs and back

               Mike Tysons x 20

               Run to bottom of stairs and back

               Shoulder Taps x 20

Mosey to shed

               Wall sits

               Air Presses x 40

Jabs x 40 (Thanks Mad Dog for counting!)             

               5 count hand to wall Merkins x 10

Working our way back to the start – 2nd light pole do 5 Merkins, come back 1 light pole do 1 Burpee, out 2 light poles for 5 Merkins, back 1 light pole for 1 Burpee… so on and so forth — all the way back.

Parking lot sprints x 4

Mary for the final 3 minutes.

As always everyone put in hard work!  I always enjoy seeing guys push themselves and encouraging their brothers.  It was great to see Turtle back!  Cotters!  Also, shout out to Limestone (FNG) who found us on Facebook and had the courage to show up not knowing anyone and not knowing what to expect.  Awesome job pushing yourself!  It’s an honor each time I get to lead this group of great men.


  • Dash for Downs in Ballantyne March 23rd.  Speed for Need still needs people to push chariots.
  • This coming Saturday a free event in Rock Hill.  The Rooster.  5-man teams… Chicken Little looking for partners.

Thank you, Mad Dog, for taking us out!

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