A Clydesdale Leading Ignition?!

A Clydesdale Leading Ignition?!

I wasn’t sure what today would bring with a Clydesdale leading the hardest workout in WUC (according to Ignition Site Q’s). Would the fact that a Clydesdale is leading get some of those that were on the fence to take the plunge? Or would a Clydesdale cause the gazelles to push out to find greener faster pastures?

I arrived a little early (5:07) to an empty parking lot. I was a little worried, but it was still early – wait, this thing starts at 5:15, its not THAT early. Soon there after Banjo came bouncing in (his air ride suspension is gone so its like riding in a rough roller coaster when you clown car with him). Noticed our meeting light was out so I jumped out to report it to Union Power. I turn around to find a line of cars streaming in. Hollywood proclaimed it was the largest ignition crowd ever. About the time I was getting the big chest he followed up with “I guess some of the slow guys think it won’t be as hard as usual”. Thanks for bringing me back down to earth Hollywood.

The plan today was for the Clydesdales to get at least the site minimum of 4 miles with the hope that the faster gazelles would get upwards of 5 miles in.

5:12 – DCCS given. 5:14 a second more abbreviated DCCS given for some last minute folks that showed. 5:15 Lets Mosey

WARM UP (Kind of)

Mosey to middle school entrance and grab a bench. 20 Up and overs. Side Straddle Hops when your done until the 6 is finished.


Mosey to side road that connects the middle and high schools. Dodge cars along the way – a great way to sure up the reflexes and fast twitch muscles (I’m kidding). Paula Abdul’s (2 up, 1 back). 20 Speed Skaters on the up, 10 jump squats on the back. 3/4 of the way through my legs were burning. It was around this time that Bottle Cap decided he had had enough and headed to Flash (actually he was kind enough to support me for 15 minutes having already committed to support Rockwell at Flash). I asked the Gazelles to come back for the 6 when they finished so that they would get additional distance in.

Mosey to bottom of entrance road (the one that connects the main entrance and the football field). 10 Incline Merkins at bottom of hill. 10 Decline Merkins at top of the hill. 3 rounds. Clydesdales go to the middle school side road. Gazelles continue on further to the top speed bump. I attempted to do Merkins the first round and was met with more pain that I had hoped for. Shoulder still giving me problems. I did find however that if I go all the way down (similar to a hand release merkin) it didn’t hurt as bad. There is something about that transition from down to up that gets me. I typically feel it more during burpees (thus why I usually modify the push up) and I’ve always assumed my shoulder just doesn’t like 230 lbs quickly changing directions. For some reason, Foundation decided to pull back the reins and run with me during this time. At first I thought it was because my breathing was so hard that he was scared I was about to drop dead. Instead he asked about the shoulder and we talked about how client dinners are a weight loss killer. I appreciate you checking in on me and the shoulder. There have been a few to ask and it means a lot, especially when typically all I hear is grief from the pax about modifying (I guess they think I’m faking it???).

Mosey to center light pole for deconstructed burpees. 1 burpee at center. Run to a corner for 20 squats (I asked the gazelles to do 25 to handicap them a bit). Run back to center for 2 burpees. Run to another corner for 20 Merkins. Back to center for 3 bupees. Run to another corner for 20 In/Outs. Back to Center for 4 burpees. Last corner for 20 Bobby Hurley’s. Return to center for 5 burpees. I modified the Merkins here as well as skipped the last round of 5 burpees all together. Shoulder had developed a dull ache (which has since gone away), but I didn’t think I should risk it. Alright – enough about my 14 year old girl shoulder.

Indian Run to the traffic circle. Gazelle partner up with a Clydesdale. 1 partner runs to the cul de sac while the other partner does an exercise. 300 Parker Peters, 150 fence hold deep jump squats, 50 supines. I had expected the supines to take longer, but many of the gazelles were knocking them out on their own before the clydesdales returned. Someone led marry while we waited on the six (I believe it was foundation, though it was dark – insert deflated/foundation joke here).

We had about 7 minutes left and by my watch we still had a half mile to go to reach 4 miles. Quick mosey to transporters shed. 20 donkey kicks on your own.

5 Carolina Wolfpack Dry Docks at each light heading back to start. Circe back for the six me.

Arrived back at the starting parking with 4 minutes to go and I still had 1/4 mile before I hit 4 miles. Several Gazelles spoke up (almost begging me not to call our a run) saying they were well over 4 miles. Too bad, the Q was not. Circle the parking lot. Got back to start and we still had a minute and a half and I still needed a tenth of a mile…..reverse it and run the parking lot again. Arrived back to COT’s just in time for the 6:15 call. Checked my watch and was thankful to see 4.01 miles. Glad I won’t have to get that verbal reprimand from Half back for not hitting the minimum.


Thankful for the guys that showed up today. It was a good group.

Thanks for allowing me to lead from the back and not giving me too much hell for my shoulder modifications (which are starting week 5 now). My first F3 shoulder injury took 2 weeks to heal. My second one took 4 weeks. So based on that, I’m hoping (fingers crossed), I will be back to doing merkins in another 2 weeks. I’m about 90% sure the bad shoulders (yes its both, just one is hurt currently) came from football. Was I just hitting with bad form, or do I have naturally week rotatory cuffs? On my first shoulder injury I went to the doctor (this was about 18 months ago), and found out I had a collar bone dislocation and relocation. Unbeknownst to me, my collar bone was broke at the shoulder joint and reattached about 2 inches lower than it should have. When the doctor told me this, I knew exactly when it happened – senior year LB intercepted the ball and I met him shoulder pad to shoulder pad at almost full speed in what was the second biggest hit I took (the hardest being my sophomore year on kick off return). I remember running off the field hurting, but not enough to tell the coach. I always wondered why when I did shoulder shrugs at the gym, my right trap was way bigger than my left. The doctor said it was because the reattached collar bone pushed my trap higher….and here all this time I though I had hulk hogan traps. Football was hell on my body. Would I do it again….years ago I would have said yes without hesitation. Today I say yes with hesitation. There may come a day when I say no. (sorry for using the backblast as my own therapy session)

Thanks for Hollywood for giving a Clydesdale an opportunity to lead a 4+ mile site. The plan was to keep it as much in the bootcamp style as possible, while still running. I think that was achieved. Not sure what they gazelles reached, but I’m hoping at least one of you touched 5 miles.

My legs are smoked. There was an audible grown when I called out 150 fence squats. I guess I wasn’t the only one hurting.

Wolverine giving Hollywood and Halfback a run for their money. Was at the front most of the day today.

Halfback and Stub Hub doing their best to hold the average WUC F3 age down into the high 30’s. Together they help to cancel out Chainsaw.

Dana continues to amaze with the drive and push he has.

Chicken Little was flapping his wings towards the front as well. In his words he “popped his ignition cherry today”. Nice job.

I asked deflated for a 10 count…he gave me 6. I would make a joke about the New England education system, but he would counter with the fact that he was simply counting championship rings.

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