Today was my 4th year anniversary of F3, I started at Commitment. A site led by Snowflake and Ice Nine. What started it was Bourbon or Whiskey, I’m not sure, but our neighborhood was new and exciting, we had a little world all to ourselves, and while we were imbibing Derek says, “Hey! lets do a Spartan Race.” O.K., lets do it! everyone says as the brown juice was flowing. Then a week went by and then a another and the energy faded as quickly as the hangovers started the next morning. So, I decided to do it, I put together a power point and walked door to door to the neighbors that stood boastfully and said they wanted to do a spartan and presented the plan. So we did, we all committed and we had a blast. Back to F3, my brother Alvaro, wanted to start training for the spartan race and he googled “how to train for a spartan race,” you know what came up? F3, and Alvaro started to go. He came to me and said “Sean! you got to check this thing out, you will love it!” and the first couple times I said, “No, I’m good, got my Insane Asylum, P90X, I don’t need that F3 thing.” But he was persistent and finally I said yes. That was 4 years ago, Dasher kicked my ass, Snowflake modeled leadership and Ice well, he was just a beast as we all know. I WAS IN!

F1 today: We worked out, Bang and go boot camp, simple yet effective, Done.

Back to more to the more important discussion. I started F3 because it was physically challenging, it was a bit competitive and I was hooked. I STAYED at F3 because of the brotherhood. Furthermore, I’m here today because of the bonds of faith, trials and LIFE that will hit you. Yesterday, one of our F3 brothers and a dear friend to a number of the F3 pax lost his wife to a long, tough battle with cancer. She was an amazing woman, if you want to see her, she is in both of the Speed for need Susan G Komen video’s. She’s the spunky Italian lady with the thick New York accent, you can’t miss her. She meant a lot to a lot of people and whether you knew her for a short time or a long time she made a positive impact on your life. She was a true woman of impact, Lynnmarie will forever be missed.

So how does that relate to F3? LIFE, I believe life is a boxing ring, sometimes your in the ring and your dominating, you can handle everything coming your way, great! You may even get knocked down, but you get right back up, and in those times it’s “cool” to have a couple of brothers around you to say nice job, or you need help? You say, “nope, I’m good, I got this.” BUT, sometimes in the ring of life, a twenty year old Mike Tyson steps into the ring with you and he will knock you the hell out. In 30 seconds your whole world can change, you have a wayward kid, you have a marriage crumbling, you lose a job, your driving down the road in a race and your wife calls you to tell you she has cancer. Or, in our brothers case, you fight a tough battle side by side with your M and you watch her take her final breath.

That’s a tough blow! That’s why F3! That’s why you let men into your world, your insecurities, your stupidities, so when life hits you, and it will hit you, you have men around you that care about you, that will pick you up when your bleeding. Men to carry you out of that ring so you can come back to fight another day. I have screwed up more times then I can count in leadership, more times as a father, and more times as a friend, but I know I have brothers I can count on to help me. Brothers that love me in spite of my quirky personality. Brothers that will give you an ear when you don’t know which end is up. Brothers that will be there for you when you know they’re dead tired and would rather be in their beds sleeping. Brothers that will feed your family for a month after your wife had surgery. Like I said in the COT, I don’t have all the answers when it comes to Faith, but, I do know that that as we spin on this giant ball called earth there has got to be something more, I KNOW there is, I have seen it in the Men of F3

That is WHY I do F3

Thanks for being my Brothers~ Tranporter

Prayers to the Longo Family

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Husband to an amazing wife, father of 3 daughters, recipient of grace I don't deserve. I got it good!

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