Banjo Wine Co. is open for business!!

Banjo Wine Co. is open for business!!

Coming this summer for your sweaty pleasure is Banjo Wine Co’s first release, a light & refreshing Zinfandel. Best enjoyed out of a mason jar filled with ice because it tastes awful. Sadly Banjo was hurt and I jumped at the chance to Q. (We get points in the weight loss competition for Qing & posting, sorry!) Moving along….

This morning was 47 degrees and what looks to be the last day without rain for a while. A ton of bros showed up this morning to get their swole on.

Knowing Friday’s are busy and we got a great group of new guys, I planned a weinke without any teaming up. I have some new focus on rescuing the 6 while still giving the gazelles room to gallop until they can’t gallop no more! Luckily in WUC everyone does a great job of staying together and the idea of #NoMoreMary is after visiting a lot of sites that leave the 6 all by themselves. It will be a work in progress.

  • DCCS reviewed and disclaimer about circling back for the 6 given. I missed telling everyone not to sue me or the school, rookie mistake. Sue me.


Mosey around lot, down sidewalk to the back of middle school near picnic tables

Circle Up:

  • 20 x SSHs IC
  • 20 x Imperial Walkers IC
  • 20 x 6” Plank Jacks IC
  • 20 x Squats CC
  • 20 x Merkins CC
  • 20 x Bobby Hurley’s
  • 20 x Derkins CC audible called, nope
  • 20 x Carolina Drydocks CC
  • 20 x Inclined Merkins CC

Mosey towards Tennis Courts, OYO Up and back 3 times, 10 jump squats at the bottom and 20 Jumping Lunges at the top.

Mosey to Circle, 12 burpees a minute at the top, down to other circle for 11 burpees a minute at the bottom and then back to the top for 10 burpees in a minute.

Mosey to big lot for 4 corners, start with 10 monkey humpers in the center, and repeat MHs between each corner:

  • 20 Merkins
  • 40 LBCs
  • 20 Diamond Merkins
  • 40 Speedskaters

Long Mosey around parking lot, over to Wooden Benches, 2 rounds of 50 dips & 1 round of 25 step ups at the picnic tables,

Mosey towards covered stairs, 20 x Mike Tyson’s on the wall

Mosey towards buses, bear crawl covered sidewalk.

Back to COT. 30 seconds over.


30 brothers in total posted this morning, which is the size group I was hoping for. Lots of familiar faces and a massive amount of new guys. Great work was had by all and it was my pleasure to lead this AM.

I saw a lot of the gazelles getting in extra rounds where they could and it was great to see everyone finishing each section strong. Keep pushing….

Continued thanks to those that circle back for those in the 6 or even just hang with a few new guys each workout. 8 months ago when I started I was right where a lot of the newer guys are and those “rescues” meant a ton to me. Both mentally and physically each workout it was a huge motivator. Keep it up fellas!

Enjoy your Friday, ice up son, take some ibuprofen and while enjoying your drink of choice after a long days work make a few phone calls to friends/family to encourage them to join us ASAP.

Thanks to Old MacDonald for taking us out.


  • Tupperware has a rain soaked Q tomorrow! We take off at 6:30AM for 60 minutes. Followed by Coffeeteria and Qsource at McDonalds.
  • Sunday at 5 Stones @ 7AM – Men’s Bible Study
  • Speed for Need – March 23rd in Blakeney, see Rubbermaid for more details! They are planning to push 4 chariots and would like to have at least 12 folks running with.
  • Mark This Moment – Friday, March 1st – Daddy Daughter Dance coming up, see Fusebox for more details. A great group of guys going. Visit to buy tickets as this will sell out
  • Sign up for the local F3 newsletter via the and you can view the one that went out recently. Great story about our very own Shake & Bake!

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