Stupid rain

Stupid rain

8 ish pax came out for a moist Hawknest workout.  Here is what happened.

15 IW

Mosey to parking lot


15 MC

15 Merkins

Mosey up to school on the back side Partner up Partner one runs Partner two does called exercise Three rounds

1. Merkins 2. Squats 3. CDD

Mosey over to hill 7’s Merkins and squats

Head to cover – Dips, Derkins and Step ups – 30 each two rounds

Mosey back launch and down the hill. Rock work. Partner 1 lifts while partner two runs up to building and back 3 rounds 1. Curls 2. Presses 3. Tri cep extension – 150 each. 

Run back to launch

Mole of skin

Well, lots of texts and discussions last night about the rain.  Full disclosure didn’t want to really run a ton in the rain but this morning it was fairly dry. HIPAA of course jinxed it when he got out of the car talking about the lack of rain. #amateurmove. The run over to the other side was dry when we passed by a very confused security guard. The call for partner work was received with skepticism from Alf. I did have to alter my plan because that hill was looooong. After that and the 7’s we found some cover and decided to do the 30 each of dips, derkins, and step ups. Again lots of bad looks. Not gonna lie mid-way through I was rethinking it but decided to roll forward. The last portion was fun, rock work and running, the 150 each was a bit aggressive and there was a few bad looks there as well (seeing a trend). I kept asking HIPAA how many miles to see if we could get to three at least to not get made fun of by the fast-twitch crew. Good group of men out there, thanks for the opportunity to lead. Haze thanks for taking us out. Of

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HIPAAPosted on9:16 pm - Feb 12, 2019

Way to battle through adversity today. Solid Q. Enjoyed the smaller, more intimate, moister group. A lot of regulars missing today or masquerading as Fast Twitchers. A little drizzle but not bad. And tropical warmth.

Strava says we hit 3.0 miles, so there’s that.

I give this workout a Milton on the Herman-Willink Scale.

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