Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm

7 men splashed around at Asylum this morning. One Q attempted to recreate a rather unsettling scene from American History X…all by himself. Here’s how it went down:

DiCCS issued and off we go at 5:15. 20 seconds into Mosey, we see Frack and circle back to pick him up only to see him run back to his vehicle 20 seconds shortly thereafter. Back he came, we were all back together and met up near the dumpsters by the new Novant facility across from Hickory Tavern.

Warm up:

15 SSH/10 LSS/Jimmy Dugan/Quad Stretch/Go


Dumpster by Novant to loading dock behind Petsmart = .25 mile. We did a modified burpee mile. 12 burpees at start/.25 jog/12 burpees/.25 jog/12/.25/12/.25/2 at end. 50 burpees and a mile. Mosey over to the side of Hickory Tavern for some Roasted Thighs

Ski School

1 minute wall sit/50 pulse squats/25 jump squats x 2

Jog to Wesley Oaks…But before we did YHC tried to curb stomp himself. As it turns out, an aggressive start, a curb, and a big toe leads to quite the wipe out. Tested all manual functions- Good. Ego? Bruised. Let’s go. Got to Wesley Oaks, made a right, and then at first left we got some more work in.

Alternate street lamps. 10 merkins/10 dry docks to first stop sign. Approximately 40 of each exercise. Wanted to go another half mile down the street, but time was running out. We turned around at stop sign and headed back towards Hickory Tavern.

30 second wall-sit at the end and we were done.


Daddy Daughter Dance- See Fuse


Great job today, guys. 38 and raining was fun. The Site Qs at Asylum led by example, big time. If I told you Transporter was out front, would you be surprised? Crushed it. First F personified, man. Great job. Damascus hates burpees but refused to let them beat him during the Burpee Mile. He did so well I almost audibled a reward of partner carries into the weinke…almost. Thank you both for pushing yourselves and by extension me. Asylum demands a difficult workout. I hope today’s was up to the task. Thank you both for the chance to lead.

Good to see my old buddy and partner in crime Frack again. It’s been too long. We need to plan our next set of dumpster fires to light. I’ll bring the accelerant; you bring the Frack. Swimmers showed again…on a horrible day and really pushed. In retrospect, he probably felt right at home in all that water. Fuse Box really seemed to enjoy the running this morning. He definitely has an extra gear. Don’t let him fool you. Get that shoulder right soon. Posse put up his consistent effort and I believe was the first to help me off the asphalt after the self-inflicted curbing. That’s all I got. Thanks to Damascus for taking us out. Have a great week, gents.

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